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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Head Mistress' Study - FM Spanking Cartoon

At the prestigious Blackwell College , even though all the students are 21 or older , corporal punishment is still employed to maintain order.

Headmistress Miss Janet Blackwell administers the punishment herself in her private study.
At Blackwell , the fairer sex , is given more leniency so most of the young ladies can expect to be assigned to write lines or an essay as punishment , or for more serious offences , they may also receive up to two strokes of the cane , one on each hand.

For the young gentlemen , Miss Blackwell applies the full letter of the law , six to 12 strokes of the cane applied to the seat of the trousers.
For more serious offences , the young man will be required to lower his trousers before receiving his caning.
Miss Blackwell is rumoured to occasionally stretch the definition of 'trousers down' to also down the young man's underwear and apply the cane to his bare backside!

So when the mischievous Miss Penelope Leclair teased her boyfriend Jack Brown to skip classes and meet her behind the bicycle shed , she knew his punishment would be much worse than hers and was actually hoping they would be caught.

When the pair are ordered to report to the Head Mistress' study for punishment , Penelope knows that her bottom will be exempt from the cane , whilst Jack's will certainly not be!
In a foolish attempt to save his spoilt girlfriend from punishment , the chivalrous Jack tells Miss Blackwell that the escapade was all his idea .
While his action saves Penelope's delicate palms from the cane , his 12 strokes of the cane will now be administered 'trousers down' !
 Jack finds out that the rumours about Miss Blackwell are true.

Not only that , his punishment will be carried out in the presence of his pretty girlfriend who will no doubt giggle throughout and tease him incessantly about the stripes the Head Mistress  applied to his bare bottom and his difficulty to sit afterwards.

In the meantime , Penelope will sit and enjoy the show and then 'convince' Jack to write her essay for her later.
Her plan worked to perfection..... 


  1. Poor Jack. I predict his bottom will be bared and disciplined many times throughout the semester. I say this because Penelope seems to be (a) a trickster and (b) a spanko too.

    1. The girls always find ways to get a boy spanked don't they , especially when Miss Blackwell enjoys caning a male bottom so much!

    2. Ha ha! I was going to say that too, i.e. I suspect Blackwell is a spanko as well. It doesn't take rocket science to arrive at that conclusion.

  2. Great always. Would love to see Jack getting his bottom thrashed by his girlfriend in Part 2. Penelope surely had to make some effort to 'convince' him to write her essay for her. Peter

    1. Penelope does have a mischiefous glint in her eye......

  3. Always gives me a kick to see girls enjoying boys getting caned, knowing that they themselves are exempt from corporal punishment!

    1. ...and the boys fall into their trap every time!