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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Taming the Cowboy - FM Wild West Spanking Story

"DARN!" Todd muttered to himself as he sat high in his saddle to get a good look at the valley below him.
He had just finished repairing the stretch of fence separating his ranch from his neighbour and now it was broken again and three of his steers had wandered through to drink from the river.

His neighbours , the Blackwell sisters,  were young , stunningly beautiful but stubborn and very territorial with the land they had inherited from their Uncle.
Upon arriving they had given Todd strict instructions not to dare step a foot on their land without their permission 
However , for the moment he needed to get his cattle back on his side of the fence so he steered his horse downhill for a closer look.
His eyes squinted in the sun and he could see the horizon was clear for miles .

Satisfied the coast was clear , he prompted his mount to cross over the shallow stream that divided the properties and began corralling his steers for the brief journey back onto his land.
It would only take a few minutes and then he could repair the fence to make sure they would not stray again.
Then his horse reared up , startled  when out of the blue ,  Susan Blackwell galloped up to them.
It appears she had been concealing herself behind some bushes ,waiting to see if her handsone neighbor would trespass.
Susan placed a hand on the aging shotgun  perched on her saddle and with a cursory glance , postponed any greeting until she had examined the trespassing steers.
Satisfied that the cattle were Todd's ,Susan rode over to him with a determined look on her pretty face.
“Well Mr. MacNeil ....just what are you doing on our land ? You have been warned and there are plenty of signs to warn trespassers !” she warned , pointing to a hand painted sign beside the stream which read ; ‘KEEP OUT. TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT;.
Todd smiled at her, albeit nervously ,as he warily eyed the shotgun on her lap.
“Sorry but a few of my cattle strayed on your land Miss Blackwell so I thought.....” he began.
Susan picked up her Uncle’s antiquated shotgun and pointed it menacingly at Todd who raised both hands to placate the young lady.
“Careful now Missy.....those old guns can be touchy...I’m sure you don’t want to shoot me any more than I want to be shot!” he reasoned.
Susan’s reaction was to click off the gun’s safety latch.
“First of all I’m nobody’s ‘Missy’ , and the sign says Trespassers will be shot , and by my reckoning you’re a trespasser mister so I intend to shoot you! Now get off your horse...NOW!” Susan bellowed.
“Now Ma’am you can’t go around shooting people for no reason.” Todd replied.
“I have a reason so you had better  get off that horse!” Susan repeated , tightening her grip on the trigger and prompting To
dd to quickly dismount and raise his hands in the air.

“OK ....OK...Now will you put that thing down or so help me I’ll.....” Todd warned.
“.....or you’ll what Mr. McNeil?” Susan challenged defiantly.
Todd was bristling now , “.....or I’ll haul you  off that pony you’re riding , put you over my knee and paddle your l'il keister 'til you can’t sit for a week!” he warned , taking a step closer to her.
Susan laughed at his threat.
“Your gonna be the one  who won't be able to sit for a week Mister McNeil....Turn around!”
Todd hesitated ,"You’re Uncle would’t be happy if he knew you shot a man in the back Miss Blackwell.” Todd said , looking earnestly at Susan over his shoulder.
“Don't worry Mr. McNeil ,  I have no intention of shooting you in the back....I’m aiming  just a tad lower.
“WHAT?” Todd exclaimed jerking his head around to see Susan aim her weapon at the seat of his pants.

Susan gritted her teeth and squeezed the trigger.

The sharp sound of a gunshot echoed across the prairie and 

Todd felt a powerful thud against his rear end which sent him staggering forward .
It felt like his backside had been pieced by a thousand red hot needles.

Thrusting both hands back , he began hopping around as if his rear was on fire.
“YOU SHOT ME YOU LITTLE WILDCAT!” he howled incredulously , looking back to inspect his smouldering rear end.
Susan laughed uncontrollably at the sight of this tough cowboy with a backside full of buckshot.
“It’s mostly peppercorn Mr. McNeil but it's gonna burn like heck even after you take it out so I would hi-tail it over to Doc Thompson’s if I were you!”
Todd believed her .....the pain in his backside was almost unbearable now!
“I’ve a good mind to report you to the Sheriff for shooting an unarmed man!” he raged , waving a fist at her.
Susan leaned forward on her horse , “.......and let the whole town know a woman shot you  in the butt....I don’t think so!” she laughed , “Now get off my land before I give your backside another blast Mr. McNeil.....and there’s more where that came from if you ever trespass again.!”
With that , Susan turned and galloped back to her ranch , leaving Todd to nurse his wounds and his pride.
Todd rode high in the saddle for the painful ride home.
He had thought about going to Doc Thompson for first aid but was too embarrassed , so decided to try and treat himself instead.
Back at the ranch ,he shucked off his jeans and long-johns to inspect his behind in the mirror.
It was indeed a mess ,with dozens of peppercorn pellets lodged in both cheeks and upper thighs. His skin was a blazing red and the stinging and burning intensified.

Using his fingers he gingerly began to pry a pellet from his right buttock.
“AAAARGH!”  he cried out in pain and examined the item he extracted.
This was going to be a long , painful process .
He turned to look in the mirror again and was startled to seen a pretty female face. 
"I'm Julie Blackwell Mr. sister told me what she did to you...don’t worry I’m a trained Nurse and I’ve done this sort of thing many’s important you don’t get an infection.” the young lady explained in a soft , caring tone.
Todd’s first instinct was to order this Blackwell woman off his land , but he knew he needed her help, and she seemed sincere.

Julie was undaunted by the sight of a bare male backside.
“Oh my...that’s very nasty.....please lie face down on the bed Mr. McNeil. I’m afraid this will hurt but I’ll work as fast as I can...” Julie instructed.
“You can call me Todd.....” he replied to the older Blackwell sister .
“Bite on this.” Julie said , handing him his leather belt.
Almost a full agonizing hour later , Julie had removed all of the buckshot and dressed Todd’s wounds.
“ won’t tell anyone about this will you Julie?” he asked.
Julie nodded and gazed into Todd’s steel grey eyes.
For a moment their lips came close enough to kiss ,but both hesitated uncomortably.
“Don't worry about that Todd...and I will be having harsh words with my little sister about what she did to you....” Julie said.
Todd grimaced , “Thanks Julie......and tell your sister I’m still going to give her that spanking !”
Julie grinned, “That I would love to see
It was a few days before Todd could sit comfortably in the saddle again to be able to return to the broken fence to check  on his herd.
Once again , Susan Blackwell was waiting for him.
"Good morning Todd , you can go get your steers now" she told him.
Todd hesitated and looked to the pretty redhead for clarification.
Susan giggled.
"Don't worry , I promised my sister I wouldn’t shoot you this time" she assured him.
Nonetheless ,Todd  kept his rear-quarters out of range while he fetched the steers and quickly remounted his horse. 
Susan watched him , smiling mischievously and leaned forward on her mount to give Todd a teasing glimpse of her ample cleavage straining against the undone buttons of her shirt.
Todd tried not to look but failed miserably.
"Actually I hope  I do find you trespassing on our land again…" Susan told him.
Todd stared at her with stunned disbelief.
"Yea...I'm sure you're just itching to fill my britches full of buckshot again aren't you ?" he replied.
Susan laughed mockingly.
"Now you mention it , I did rather enjoy doing that ….and my big  sister had an even better time plucking the shot out of your cute little keister…but next time I had something else in mind for my favorite trespasser …." She teased puckering her full lips. 

Todd raised an eyebrow quizzically when Susan reached into her saddlebag and produced a large wooden hairbrush.
"…..the next time you trespass on our land you'll find yourself across my knee getting a good old fashioned spanking , and if you thought that buckshot burned then just wait
until I tan your bare backside with this" Susan announced brandishing the hairbrush with a glint in her eye. 
Todd was rendered momentarily speechless .
"Don’t make me laugh …… no woman is going to put Todd McNeil over her lap .....especially not a little hellcat like you!" he responded indignantly.
Susan smiled arrogantly and dismounted ,standing  before Todd holding the brush.
"Oh yea? Think you’re man enough to find out McNeil?" Susan challenged , firmly planting her feet on the ground awaiting Todd's reaction. 
Todd's nostrils flared and he leapt from his horse.
"That's it Susan Blackwell– I've had enough of your damn insults and threats ! If anyone one needed a spanking its you!" he threatened taking deliberate steps toward her.
Susan felt a charge of excitement pulse through her veins  but held her ground , steadying her stance as a furious Todd approached. 
Thrusting out his right hand to grab Susan's wrist she anticipated the move , quickly stepping aside forcing Todd into a stumble .
As he did , she delivered a sharp kick to his shin and another to  his standing leg with enough force to knock him on the seat of his pants with a thud.

Todd scrambled to get back to his feet, but Susan surprised him by leaping  onto his broad shoulders and pushing his face into the dust .
Taking hold of his right wrist , she  roughly twisted it behind his back.

"AAAARGH!" Todd cried out  in pain ,grunting  loudly when Susan twisted  his arm,  digging her knee into the small of his back.
"AAAAHHH!" he hollered when she grabbed a bunch of his hair with her free hand ,  hoisting his head up out of the dust.

He was well and truly hog-tied!

“Not so tough now are you Mr. McNeil?” she teased. 
Todd struggled violently in an attempt to shake Susan off his back but found he couldn't without hurting himself further.
Tightening her grip , Susan determinedly held Todd in place until he and tired from his struggles.

"DAMMIT !Let me up Susan Blackwell!" he spat in frustration.
Keeping a tight grip on Todd's hair , and his arm firmly behind his back ,Susan nimbly stepped back , allowing Todd to rise to his feet.
Todd rose quickly and spun  around to face her.
Steadying himself , he was now facing a very determined looking young woman standing confidently before him with her hands on her hips.
"Are you ready to take your punishment like a man  Todd ? “ she asked with a glint in her eye.

"WHAT?" Todd gasped.
“Over there…march mister…...I promised you  a good old fashioned BARE BOTTOM spanking !" she ordered pointing to a nearby tree stump.
Indignant and embarrassed ,  Todd considered refusing Susan’s command .
He towered over her,  and she would be hard pressed to stop him walking away. However , something inside him  compelled  him to stay .
After all , the young lady had beaten him in a fight fair and square !

He kicked himself for making such dumb , fundamental mistakes , underestimating his opponent , and attacking her with anger and without thinking .
There was no denying that the  wily young lady had outsmarted him and he had stupidly fallen for it .
So , a  proud but despondent Todd dropped his shoulders and trudged over to the tree stump.

"Now get those britches down!" Susan ordered.
Once again Todd's male pride urged him to refuse , but that would be cowardly and humiliating.A real man would stay and take his medicine .
His only hope was to reason with Susan .
"Aw Susan …come on…you’ve had your fun....can’t we call it quits?
Darn it I'd prefer another dose of buckshot instead of going over your knee for a whuppin’!" he whined.
Susan impatiently repeated her command .
“Your gettin; a spanking that your never gonna forget mister stop your whining and get those britches down.” 
A satisfied grin played on Susan’s face when Todd sighed and reached for his belt buckle .
Savouring her victory , she picked up the hairbrush and tapped the Maplewood back against her palm.

Todd looked at the brush nervously , blushing as he lowered his tight jeans .A beaming Susan made herself comfortable on the tree stump before curling a finger to beckon him to her.
Susan chuckled when she spied Todd’s erect penis straining against the front of his shirt .
There would be no need to lower any undergarments –  Todd was not wearing any !
An embarrassed Todd put both hands in front of him in a vain attempt to cover the massive bulge under the front of his shirt.
Susan's eyes scanned Todd's sculpted body up and down while she tapped the back of the hairbrush against her palm.
Todd gulped and stood silently at attention until Susan patted her lap.
"Over you go" she said curtly. 
For a moment Todd stared at Susan's shapely , denim clad thighs and did his best to cover his embarrassment when he draped himself over her.
He placed both palms on the ground to steady himself and stared at the dusty ground only inches from his nose.He had never felt so humbled , vulnerable ......and aroused, 
Susan cooed when she felt Todd's erection nestle between her legs.
Her eyes opened wide with anticipation when she raised his shirt tail to reveal a taut , muscular backside.
She felt like she was in heaven allowing her palms to explore Todd's lily white rear-quarters.

Todd's heart pounded , his erection throbbing as Susan's soft hands explored his nether regions.
Snapping out of her trance , Susan  took a firm grip on the hairbrush.
It was time to get down to business and she knew she would have to use the brush  efficiently to make any sort of  impression on Todd's Cowboy hide , toughened with long days on the saddle. 
Todd gulped  when he felt the back of the brush lightly tapping his buttocks as Susan prepared to start his spanking.
She decided to begin with power to get his attention ,  so gritting her teeth she raised the brush high above her head and brought it down on Todd's right buttock with all the force she could muster.
Todd yelped and bucked on Susan’s lap when the ferocious swat landed .
Susan followed up with four more powerful swats to the same tender spot.
She then selected a spot on Todd's left buttock and proceeded to give it the same treatment.
It was an effective technique and certainly got Todd’s full attention.
It felt like the brush had seared his skin and the burning gradually spread over his backside until Susan took a brief pause. 
For the next phase Susan picked up the pace , delivering sharp rapid-fire volleys making sure she covered every inch of Todd's cheeks and upper thighs.
Todd was squirming , bucking and howling on her lap now as his behind was well and truly blistered from the non-stop barrage of spanks.
His legs kicked wildly but Susan spanked harder and faster , revisiting the tenderized spots again and again.
Todd's cheeks were decorated with oval shaped outlines of every red hue .
Susan paused again to lock a leg around Todd to hold him in place.
"I just need to turn up the heat a bit more and this man is done !" she chortled proudly.
"WAAAAAAH!" Todd emptied his lungs with a loud bawl when the brush cracked against his tender skin in a final crescendo of hard ,stinging swats. 
When it finally ended Todd puffed his cheeks and exhaled loudly .
A satisfied Susan released her grip indicating the spanking was over.
Todd immediately leapt to his feet and tried to sooth his flaming rear by rubbing it furiously while dancing around like a whirling dervish.
Susan found it all quite amusing and noticed Todd's erection bobbing  and peeking in and out of his shirt .
Clearly in some distress Todd's eye spotted the inviting coolness of the river .
His pants still at his ankles , he hobbled toward it , launching himself into the cool waters  - backside first.
Todd's face filled with relief as the cold water soothed the burning in his rear.
By now Susan was doubled over with laughter watching Todd's embarrassing predicament. 
Her laughter was infectious and  Todd  laughed along with her.
Playfully ,he began splashing Susan with water to entice her to join him.

Susan needed no encouragement and leapt into the river to join Todd .
Ripping off his shirt , she threw herself into his arms , locking her lips onto his.
They embraced in a long , passionate kiss while Todd fumbled to kick his jeans off. 
Susan yelped with joy when she took hold of Todd's erection with both hands and pulled him to her.
They kissed again before Susan giggled and quickly disappeared beneath the surface of the water.
Todd looked at the water with a confused expression.
"Susan….where are you…..oooooooo…..aaaaaaahhhh!" he screamed when he felt  female lips clamping around his penis.
Todd yelled in ecstasy while Susan remained underwater sucking , licking and caressing his huge erection with her lips and tongue. 
The water exploded when Susan came up for air .
Ripping her shirt open , he hungrily kissed , sucked and caressed her full breasts and nipples while Susan moaned loudly and begged for more.
Scooping her effortlessly into his arms Todd carried a giggling , kicking Susan to the riverbank.
Laying  her down gently on the soft grass and positioned himself on top of her while Susan wiggled out of her tight ,wet jeans.
"YOU’D BETTER RIDE ME  HAAAAAARD COWBOY !!" Susan groaned hoarsely , thrusting her legs apart for Todd to enter her.
She squealed and dug her fingers into his broad shoulders as if she were riding a bucking bronco .

Todd pumped and pounded her hard until , like a fairytale ,they climaxed in unison , their screams of passion filling the valley. 
Afterwards , they lay there on the riverbank ,exhausted and naked.
Susan slid her fingers slowly down Todd's broad back , resting them  on  the still smouldering , hot skin of his well spanked backside.
"OOUCH…careful Susan ....I’m tender back after that whuppin’ you gave me!" Todd yelped.
Susan smiled."Boy ! Your skin sure is red hot there…let me kiss it..." she asked excitedly.
Todd raised his behind and allowed Susan to examine her handiwork."It's going to be a while before you can sit on that comfortably !" she teased proudly. 
At that moment they were both startled by the sound of horse hooves and dust rising in the distance , signaling the untimely arrival of Susan's sister Julie on the scene.
The pair scrambled to their feet ,untidily  restoring their wet clothe jusf in time for Julie’s arrival. 
Julie looked at the pair suspiciously "What have you two been up to?" she asked.
Susan giggled , opening her mouth to speak before  Todd put his palm in front of it to silence her , "Don't you dare say a word Susan Blackwell  …" he whispered , looking innocently at Julie.
"Susan was just me...uhm... round up some strays Julie….thanks Susan….I'd best get these steers back …"he stammered , wincing visibly as he hobbled to his horse.
The course , wet denim scratching against his well spanked backside made it very uncomfortable to walk.
"Are you hurt Todd …you're limping ?" Julie asked sympathetically.
Todd shook his head , and  let out a yelp when he planted  his tender rear firmly on the hard saddle .
Julie spotted  the hairbrush still sitting on the tree stump and looked at her sister with disbelief.
"Tell me you didn't?" she asked.
Susan let out a girlish giggle "I sure did !"
Julie shook her head "You sure are something Sis' !" she declared . 


  1. I love it, thank you, can you please continue this story? with more embaressing and erotic moments and more severe punishment from this no nonsence lady?

    1. You will find quite a few FM'Western'stories elsewhere on the blog.