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Monday, August 26, 2019

Royal Revenge - FM Spanking Story

Queen Annabella chuckled at  Sir Cuthbert , "You may regret that Sir Cuthbert ,  Princess Aria will be intent on revenge."
Cuthbert was unrepentant , "The Princess is a spoilt brat and it's about time somebody gave her what she deserved your Majesty." he explained.
"I do not disagree Sir Cuthbert , and I admire your courage , but I would watch my back if I were you." the Queen advised.

Sir Cuthbert bowed when King Adrian entered the room .
"So what has Sir Cuthbert done to amuse you so much my Queen?" he asked , taking his seat beside her.
"Sir Cuthbert was not happy with our daughter's poor behaviour when he escorted her back from Castle Clancy so he gave her a good spanking!" the Queen told him .
King Adrian let out a loud bellow of laughter , " A spanking ! That I would love to have seen ....but be warned that my daughter will not rest until she has evened the score Sir Cuthbert!"

The room was silenced and Sir Cuthbert stiffened when Princess Aria stormed angrily into the room.
She stopped to glare angrily at her assailant , "What is he doing here ? He should be in the dungeon after what he did to me and you just stood there and watched!" she raged .

"Sir Cuthbert is informing the King regarding his assignment to Castle Clancy and I must say it was very enlightening . You behaved like a spoilt brat and got what you deserved Aria." The Queen replied haughtily.
"Indeed you did !" the King cackled loudly.
"But Father....he placed me over his knee and....and..." Aria hesitated.
"...gave you a good spanking ! Which is what you deserved for causing Sir Cuthbert such trouble! " King Adrian scolded .

Noticing the young man's uneasiness , the King nodded at him , "That will be all. Please leave us Sir Cuthbert." he said ,  his daughter still fuming beside him.
"Yes your Majesty" Cuthbert nodded back , bowing before  hastily taking his leave .

The Princess's eyes widened , "That man dared lay his hands on my royal person Father. I demand he be punished." she declared indignantly.
"Be quiet Princess or I will gave your spoilt royal bottom a spanking myself !" the King said.

"Mother!" the Princess blushed , placing a hand on the seat of her satin gown.
Her Mother simply laughed in response.
"Mother ! I'm serious ....this is not funny! It hurts when I sit!" the Princess pouted.
"Because Cuthbert spanked you properly.....on your bare bottom!" the Queen laughed , "What would you have us do daughter? Cuthbert was tasked with keeping you from danger and you chose to defy him. He had good reason to punish you." the Queen explained.

The Princess was still not satisfied , "Well if you will not do something then I will !" she declared boldly.
"As you wish my dear and Sir Cuthbert has been duly warned." the King said.
Her long hair swirling , the Princess spun around and marched purposefully from the room.

"She reminds me of you when you were her age my Queen." the King grinned lovingly at his wife.
"And as I recall you treated me in the same manner as Sir Cuthbert  !" Annabella recalled fondly.
Her husband took her hand and kissed it ," Perhaps it is time I started treating you that way again?" he asked.
"As you wish my King." his Queen gushed.

Late that evening , Princess Aria slipped out of her chamber and walked confidently towards the two guards standing outside.
One of the burly men  stepped forward and bowed , "Princess Aria. The five men you asked for await you at the south gate." he said.
The Princess nodded her approval , "You will be rewarded well for this Captain....and my parents are asleep?"
The guard grinned , "No Princess but it does appear they are occupied ." he said ,escorting Aria past the huge doors of the King's Chamber .
"It's been like that since they retired Princess. I doubt if they will notice your absence." The Captain smiled.
"The Queen must have been very naughty indeed!" Aria giggled before continuing with her escort.

An exhausted Sir Cuthbert , hung up his sword and filled a goblet with wine.
His attention was soon drawn to a noisy commotion  and he peered outside .
He immediately noticed  the carriage and horses outside bearing the Royal insignia and , before he could retrieve his sword , five Royal Guards burst into his room .
There was a brief scuffle but Cuthbert was hopelessly outmanned and soon two of the guards held him by his arms while the others stood guard in front of him.

Footsteps echoed on the stone floor and the shapely figure of Princess Aria entered the room.
Her long yellow mane of hair was tied back with a velvet ribbon and she wore a green tunic , thigh high black leather boots and satin britches.
A wide leather belt was fastened over her tiny waist.
"Princess Aria! What is the meaning of this?" Cuthbert asked .

"Oh I think you know very well the purpose of my visit Sir Cuthbert!" Aria replied.
Cuthbert struggled in vain to release his arms , "Surely you are not still angry about the spanking I gave you Princess? Even the King and Queen agreed you deserved it!" he reasoned.
Aria paced imperiously in front of her captive , "There is a price to be paid by anyone who dares lay a hand on my royal person Sir Cuthbert!"

Cuthbert's eyes widened when one of the guards brought forward a container full of long thin branches.
Aria carefully selected one and swished it menacingly through the air , "This one will do nicely to start." she grinned.
"What are you going to do?" Cuthbert asked , beads of sweat and worry appearing on his handsome face.
Aria looked seriously at him , "You are going to receive a sound thrashing Sir Cuthbert, and it will not end until I have worn out each one of these stout switches on your backside!" she announced.

"You wouldn't dare!" Cuthbert challenged , "Release me now and I will say nothing of this to the King." he offered to the guards.
"Hold him over the table and down his britches !" Princess Aria ordered.
Sir Cuthbert struggled and fought but soon his face was pressed against the rough wood of the table while two guards unbuckled his britches and yanked them down to his ankles.
"Hold him down Guards!"Aria ordered , taking up her position .
She took a moment to admire Sir Cuthbert's muscular bare backside.
"It's indeed a fine target  !" Aria cooed , raising a brow and caressing  Cuthbert's smooth cheeks.
"I'm going to enjoy this more than I expected ! " Aria laughed , raising her switch high over her head.

Back at the Royal Chamber , Queen Annabella stood at the mirror examining her shapely , red bottom.
"Don't look so pleased with yourself Majesty . You yourself said that Aria and I are alike , so know that I too will have my revenge." she warned.

King Adrian put a soothing palm to his wife's glowing cheeks , "That will prove difficult my dear as it is forbidden to lay a finger on my Royal person."
His Queen smirked at him ,"I have no intention of laying a finger on your royal person , but I will use my royal hairbrush given to me by your Mother for that very purpose my King!"

King Adrian blushed when Queen Annabella reached for the heavy , oversized antique hairbrush on her dressing table.
"Your Mother told me that even a powerful King requires discipline sometimes does he not?" she asked firmly.
"Now Annabella ..." the King stammered , raising both palms to placate his advancing wife.
Annabella tapped the brush against her hand , " The time has come for me to even the score Adrian!" she scowled.

The floor of Sir Cuthbert's chamber was now littered with a dozen broken and frayed switches as Princess Aria studied her handiwork.
Cuthbert's hindquarters were no longer lily white and would not be again for some time.
Angry raised welts from the switches criss-crossed his rear end down to his upper thighs.
"Release him!" she ordered.
He remained prone over the table for a moment after the guards released their grip.
Aria grinned , looking on in satisfaction.
"Rise and face your Princess!" she commanded.
Attempting to disguise his agony , Cuthbert slowly rose .

"Leave us!" Aria barked at the guards prompting them to bow and quickly leave.
 Cuthbert reached to restore his modesty, "Your breeches will stay where they are Sir !" The Princess scolded .
Cuthbert froze , " Hands at your sides and turn around to face your Princess!" Lia ordered , the corners of her pretty mouth curling into a mischievous grin.
Slowly the embarrassed Knight turned  , unable to hide his burgeoning erection.
The Princess gasped , tittering giddily at the sight.

Raising her gaze to look at Cuthbert she spoke firmly , "The scores are evened now Sir Cuthbert , but know that I will not hesitate to personally thrash you should you displease me again ." Lia warned.
For a moment their eyes met and the attraction they felt for each other was obvious.
Both of them longed to embrace and touch lips but momentarily hesitated.
Lia's gaze drifted back to Sir Cuthbert's quivering shaft , "Methinks the thought of me thrashing your backside excites you Cuthbert!" she teased .
Cuthbert blushed and remained speechless before replying
"I am at your service my Princess.

It was late by the time Aria's guards escorted her past the King's bed chamber after her successful mission .
The sound of her Grandmother's hairbrush being applied to bare skin was unmistakable but the accompanying howls , screeches and apologies from none other than King Adrian surprised and amused her.
Her Mother was waiting for the day when she would exercise her royally decreed right to apply the hollowed brush to her husband the King's regal backside and it had finally arrived.
She looked forward to the day when Queen Annabella would bequeath the hollowed brush to her and she would use it to discipline her own husband....perhaps the handsome Sir Cuthbert?
Aria smiled at the thought before making her way to her chamber.

"You look radiant this morning Aria.Your night must have been a restful one ." Queen Annabella asked , wincing as she carefully took her place at the table for breakfast.
Aria beamed a smile , "Hardly restful Mother , but most satisfying. I hope you don't mind but I have invited Sir Cuthbert to join us."
Queen Annabella raised a brow , "Is he now? After he spa....'touched' your royal person ?"
"Oh that matter has been settled now Mother.....where is Father? He is never late for breakfast." Aria replied.

It was Queen Arabella's turn to smile broadly , "His manservant is applying some balm to his ...royal personage."
"You finally did it Mother didn't you?" Aria chirped excitedly.
"I most certainly did and not before time. Yes the royal brush was steadfastly applied to the King's royal appendage last night !" the Queen boasted.
Aria applauded the news excitedly.

As if on cue , King Adrian arrived for breakfast and the servants hurried to arrange a plate before him on the table.
The King waved them away , "Place my plate on the mantle this morning.... I won't be sitting at the table!" he raged.
The two ladies tried vainly to hide their smiles from their angry Monarch.
"He means he CAN'T sit at the table!" Queen Annabella whispered .
"Don't say a word, either of you , I warn you!" King Adrian fumed with a grimace.

"Sir Cuthbert your Majesty!" the manservant announced when Cuthbert walked stiffly into the room.
He approached to the Royals and bowed , "I apologize for my tardiness your Majesties but it was quite a...difficult ride for me this morning." he explained.
Queen Annabella laughed , "It appears Princess Aria did achieve her revenge Sir Cuthbert. I did warn you."
The young knight blushed and rubbed the seat of his britches ,"She certainly did my Queen."
King Adrian laughed also , "You had best join me at the mantle for breakfast then Cuthbert!"


  1. Well this is certainly an improvement on the usual costume dramas :D
    Though the King and Sir Cuthbert probably didn't spank the ladies hard enough, otherwise they would be joining them at the mantle!

    1. I always suspected there was lots of spanking going on at the Royal Court Q. Stay tuned for some more regal bottom warmings later this week!

  2. fun story to read. thanks
    bottoms up