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Sunday, July 21, 2019

A Strict Teacher - FM Spanking Comic


  1. As it should be. No spanking should be postponed simply because the recipient was recently spanked
    bottoms up

  2. I love the rules on the blackboard, imagine sitting at your desk reading that every single day!

  3. When a spanking is due don't delay.

  4. I was at first delighted (because I love spanking that is followed by more spanking). And then I was delighted again (because I first thought it was a different women. I only later recognized that it was the same woman. And so that showed me how much she loves to spank. Then I delighted over all the rules she made which of course make it possible for her to spank as often as she likes. :)

  5. Very good cartoons. It reminds me of a video I saw on the Internet some time ago. The soundtrack was not in English so it was difficult to follow, but it seemed to be taken from a film or a tv series about a young woman teacher at a high school in a southeast Asian country where the cane is used. The teacher's partner is a student there (it is not clear whether he is younger than her or just pretending to be for some reason) and in the scene I saw she canes him on his bottom in front of the other students. That's the way a relationship should be!

    1. That would be an interesting one to watch Richard.

  6. While Miss Blackwell appears to be teaching an adult education class (in that her husband is a student), there is something magically delicious about a high school culture in which boys are paddled, but girls are not (very common in the 50's 60's & 70's). Especially when paddling is utilized as a ‘nip it in the bud’, first response to misbehavior in lieu of or in addition to other non corporal punishments. For instance, even when a boy and a girl are engaged in the same bad behavior, even misbehaving together, the punishments are different. Consider these examples:

    Dress Code Violation(Minor)
    Girl: 1 lunch detention
    Boy: 1 swat paddling in VP’s office

    Teacher Disrespect:
    Girl: 2 lunch detentions
    Boy: 2 swat paddling in VP’s office

    Skipping School:
    Girl: 2 days after school detention (ASD)
    Boy: 1 day ASD & 3 swat paddling in detention

    Cheating on Test:
    Girl: 3 days ASD
    Boy: 2 days ASD & 5 swat paddling in detention

    Public Display of Affection:
    Girl: 3 days ASD
    Boy: 2 day ASD and bare-bottom OTK spanking in female VP’s office in front of girlfriend (OK, I can dream, can’t I?)

    Of course, female buttockal (is that a word?) immunity extends only to the school grounds. It does not extend to her Mother’s kitchen, her Father’s study, or in the case PDA, the backseat of her boyfriend’s car on Friday night!!!

  7. That was certainly the case when I went to school Carl. Boys got the cane or the slipper on the backside for very minor offenses while the worst a girl might get would be a whack on the hand.
    Usually they got away with a warning but loved getting us boys into trouble!