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Monday, June 3, 2019

Rodeo Spankin' - FM Spanking Story

Clay tilted his cowboy hat and adjusted his bolo. 
"Let's get going Emma." he called out.
His wife Emma emerged from the bedroom and stood with arms folded.

Clay had seen that pose many times before and knew what it meant.
"Not so fast Clay...we have something to discuss first!"
Her husband's jaw dropped.
He knew the game was up.

"I had wondered why the rubber plant in our bedroom was looking sickly lately I know why! 
I found some of these in the soil..."she said tersely , holding out her palm.
Clay stretched his neck to examine the small , dirt covered pills.
"Oh...Yea! " he mumbled nervously.

"Aren't these the pills Doc McIntyre prescribed for you a few weeks ago?" Emma asked , her voice rising.
"Uhm....I guess so...." her husband replied , his face flushing red .
" know how I hate taking pills Emma....they don't work anyway...." he added defensively.

" Clay , it's bad enough for you to be neglecting your health , but deceiving me like this is not acceptable!" she scolded.
Clay flashed her a disarming smile , "Come on Emma....let's go to the Rodeo and we can talk about this when we get back." he said.
His suggestion was met with a determined shake of his wife's head.
"No Clay! We'll take care of this right now. Go fetch the hairbrush !" she ordered .

"Aw come on Emma...please not now..." Clay reasoned but Emma was already moving a straight backed chair to the middle of the room.
Taking her seat on the chair Emma  looked sternly at her husband , "Clay Wheeler! If you're not back here with the hairbrush in one minute you are going to get it a lot worse!" she warned.

Fighting his stubborn male pride , Clay stood frozen momentarily ,before reluctantly making his way to the bedroom to fetch the dreaded brush which sat in its usual place on Emma ' s dresser.
It looked harmless enough , to the untrained eye it would pass as a necessary grooming tool for Emma's long mane.
However , closer inspection would reveal it was in fact a clothes brush , with a thick cherry wood back and a longer handle than the brush Emma used for her hair.

No,  this brush had a unique purpose and it's business end was the glossy wooden back which Emma would soon expertly snap against Clay 's bare behind until he was unable to sit.
Clay ' s backside tensed at the very thought.
Pensively Clay handed the implement to his smirking  wife.

Placing it on her lap ,Emma reached over and undid Clay' s large silver belt buckle.
A smile danced on her pretty face when she noticed the growing bulge in her husband's jeans.
Slowly she slid down the zipper to tug Clay ' s tight jeans down to his knees.
Clay tried his best to remain stoic as Emma peeled down his 'tightie-whities' to join them and releasing his huge erection from its restraints.

Emma could not disguise a girlish giggle.
Tightening her jaw ,she scooped up the brush and leaned back in the chair.
"Over you go Honey!" she ordered patting her lap.
For Clay , this was the most difficult act of the event.... the formal transfer of power to Emma.

While she sat imperiously on the chair ,Clay lowered himself over her awaiting lap,head down , hands on the floor and his bare bottom high in the air.
Emma enjoyed the feel of her husband's burgeoning manhood throbbing against her thighs.
Clay enjoyed the momentary pleasure also but they both knew it would soon dissipate once her brush began its work on his backside.

Focused  on her task , but in no great hurry , Emma adjusted the position of Clay's muscular rear to her satisfaction.
She smiled when she saw his cheeks clench in anticipation .
"So do you know why you are getting this spanking Clay?" She asked while teasingly circling the back of the brush across her husband's pale cheeks.

"Yes Ma'am.It was wrong to not follow Dr McIntyre's instructions and to deceive you like that!" he replied.
"What do you deserve Clay?" she asked.
"I deserve a good hard spanking Ma'am!" Clay replied.
Emma gritted her teeth , " Then that is what you're going to get.....I am gonna blister your backside till you can't sit down!" 

Placing the back of the brush on the 'sweet spot' of Clay's right cheek to refine her aim , she tapped the spot lightly.
Then she moved the brush to the same spot on Clay's left cheek , repeating the movement.
When she raised her arm above her head ,her husband's entire body shuddered in anticipation.

There was a brief pause as Emma savoured the moment and admired Clay's manly white cheeks.....they would not be white again for quite a while!
'CRAAACK!!' She brought the brush down on the target area with venom.
Clay grunted and grabbed the chair leg with one hand.

'CRAAACK!!' The brush revisited the exact same spot.
Years of practice had honed Emma's skillful accuracy with the brush and she knew exactly where to apply it for maximum impact.
Another loud 'CRAACK!' produced a restrained  grunt from Clint.

Emma admired her man's fortitude to take his spanking like a man , but she knew that would not last long.
Clay always did his best to take his spanking in brave  silence but never could.
His wife knew he would be hollering at the top of his lungs before the first 10 swats had landed.

'WHAACK!' This time the brush landed on Clint's left cheek , taking him by surprise.
"MMMMPPPH!' he gasped
'WHAAACKKK!' The next swat landed on the same spot and he bucked on her lap for the first time.
Emma noted the angry pink oval blotches appearing on both cheeks.

For the next 6 stinging whacks she alternated quickly  from cheek to cheek  .
Clay moaned and began squirming around for the first time.
She returned  her attention to that favourite spot on Clay's right cheek to deliver a brace of roundhouse swats that sounded like thunder when they landed.

Emma chuckled to herself , 12 whacks in and Clay was already crying out.
Pleased with the result , Emma intensified her assault on that right cheek  , this time with a trio of real stingers!

Returning to his left cheek she landed six rapid-fire whacks that had her man wailing and bucking like a bronco.
Settling into her task now , Emma spanked crisply and non-stop , alternating from cheek to cheek.
It didn't take long to turn Clay's cheeks bright red and had the soles of his cowboy boots drumming the floor.
Emma paused after about 40 whacks to catch her breath and examine the damage.
Clay's cheeks were hot to her touch. He was going to be feeling the effects of this for the next few days .
She was already looking forward to teasing him about his inability to sit and reminding him why!

Meanwhile , at he entrance to their ranch , an SUV roared in sending dust billowing everywhere.
The driver was Clay's nephew Cam .
"Take it easy Cam! You're gonna kill us before we get to the rodeo ! If you hadn't kept us late and  picked up the saddle last night instead of drinking with your buddies we would already be at the rodeo. You know my riding event starts in an hour and I  have to prepare!" his fiance Dixie scolded.

"Oh be quiet Dixie! I know how to drive....and don't worry you'll be there on time... but I need to get that saddle from Uncle Clay before they leave!" he replied boldly.
Dixie scowled , "Didn't I warn you about speaking to me like that Cam McDaid?" this time her voice had a firm edge to it which her fiance took note of.
"Sorry Sweetie....I didn't mean to be rude......" , he paused when he noticed Clay's pick up still parked at the ranch house, "....good! They're still home!" he grinned , jolting Dixie with an abrupt stop.

As they made their way to the house , Dixie took hold of Cam's arm and stepped in front of him , "I wasn't kidding Cam! We need to have a serious discussion about your behaviour and how you speak to me!" she told him earnestly.
Cam shrugged , "I said I was sorry Honey...let's just get the saddle and we can talk after the rodeo ....ok?" he replied.
Dixie relented but was clearly not pleased , "OK Cam , but just be warned that it's might not be the type of discussion you're expecting!" she told him .

When the pair entered the big hallway of the ranch house , they paused when they  heard noises coming from the main room.
They looked at each other in puzzlement , neither of them able to decipher the sound of Emma's hairbrush connecting with Clay's bare backside, accompanied by scolding , yelping and apologizing.

It was Dixie who finally figured it out and giggled loudly , "OMIGOSH! Surely  Emma's not......I think she is!" she gushed , putting a palm to her mouth.
Still confused , Cam shrugged , "She's doing what?"
"It sounds to me like your Uncle is getting a spanking!" Dixie giggled.
Cam frowned in disbelief and took hold of her arm , "Don't be silly Dixie....let's go , I need that saddle!" he said , marching purposefully forward.

Their eyes widened and jaws dropped at the sight which met them in the main room.
A red-faced Clay gazed up at the young couple and Emma stopped in mid spank.
"Cam! Dixie!" Emma exclaimed.
"AW NO!" Clay whined , vainly looking for a place to hide.
"I knew it....I tried to tell him you were spanking Clay Emma but...." Dixie giggled.

Emma looked at the pair as if she were baking a pie instead of spanking her handsome husband's bare bottom , which by now , was as red as one of Emma's cherry pies.
"I was just taking care of some domestic discipline matters with Clay before we left for the Rodeo.....isn't that so Sweetheart?" she asked , looking down at her embarrassed husband.
"I guess you could say that!" Clay winced.

"I for the saddle you were repairing for me Uncle Clay." a stunned Cam asked.
Despite his undignified position , Clay responded firmly ,"You were supposed to pick that up days ago to make sure its fine. Don't you know its dangerous to just use it without trying it out first sonny?"

Dixie replied on Cam's behalf , "I've been telling him that all week Cam but he's too busy carousing with his buddies .....and he almost killed us driving over here you know!" she blurted , arms folded and glaring at Cam.
"Shut up Dixie!" Cam snapped.

This time it was Emma who spoke up , barely containing her anger , "How dare you talk to Dixie like that young man! Once I've finished dealing with your Uncle here I've a good mind to take you over my knee as well!"
Even Clint managed to laugh at that one.

"Actually Aunt Emma . I just mentioned to Cam that we need to have a serious 'discussion' about his attitude. Perhaps now would be the perfect time for that .....considering you have everything already set up?" Dixie said.

Cam looked at his fiance in astonishment  , "What are you talking about Dixie?" 
Emma chuckled , "Oh I think you know exactly what Dixie means Cam. I certainly do! Let me just finish off with Clay here.....I'd say another couple of dozen good zingers should do it ......and then you can have the chair and the brush Dixie!" 

Clay was just thankful that his ordeal was almost over , "OK . Get on with it Emma ...then I'll go get that saddle for Cam while Dixie is having that 'discussion' with him!" he said forcing a grin.
"Neither of you guys  are going to be able to sit on a saddle for the next day or two anyway!" Emma laughed along with Dixie.

She looked down at her husband , "I think I said another 2 dozen Clay?.....slow or fast?.....your choice!" she smirked.
Clay sighed , "Fast! We've got a rodeo to go to!"
Emma raised the brush , "Your wish is my command Honey!"
The crescendo of noisy , stinging licks took everyone in the room by surprise , especially Clay who kicked , bucked and yelped throughout.
"GEEZ THAT HURT EMMA!" he complained.
"That was the first dozen dear....hold on for the final instalment!" Emma declared with a grin.
This time Emma delivered the entire dozen to Clays beleaguered sit spots on each cheek leaving both scorched and blistered.

When she finished , she gave her husband's rump a playful swat and he leapt to his feet , turning away from his audience to perform a very undignified spanking dance as he rubbed his cheeks furiously.
Emma and Dixie laughed heartily but Cam was looking very worried now.
"Stop those antics and pull up your pants Clay!" Emma teased , standing up and smoothing her jeans.

She handed Dixie the brush , "Over to you Sweetheart!" she quipped , eyeing an increasingly apprehensive Cam.
Dixie twirled the brush in her hand and slapped the hard back a couple of times against her palm , "Ouchie! That Stings!" she giggled.
Taking her seat on the chair , she looked up at Cam and curled a finger , "Come here Cam. It's time for that discussion!"

Putting both hands out defensively , Cam tried reasoning with his determined Fiancee , "Now reasonable...we need to get to the Rodeo.....this can wait!" he reasoned.
Emma smiled at him , "Oh don't worry about that Cam dear.....the Rodeo organizer is an old friend of Clay's and we'll be sure to let him know you've been ...
....lets say......delayed ? Dixie has all the time in the world to spank the daylights out of you!" 

By this time Clay ,having restored his pants and some of his dignity , put an arm around the younger man , "It's best to just take your medicine like a man son. If you're going to marry this little gal you'd best get used to it!" he advised.
Still grinning , Dixie curled her finger at Cam again , "Clay's right Honey. Best get used to it  because there's gonna be a lot more if get over here and lets get on with it !"

Shoulders slumping , Cam let out an exasperated sigh and made his way over to Dixie.
"Let's leave the young folks alone to have their 'discussion' Clay." Emma smirked , sliding her arm under her husband's and guiding him out of the room.

Later at the BBQ ,Emma and Dixie giggled together as they watched Clay and Cam leaning on the bar nursing their beer bottles.
"A couple of cute butts you have to say Dixie!" Emma observed.
"If only people knew how red those butts are under their jeans and that they can't sit because we gave them a good spanking!" Dixie remarked.

Emma nodded and took a swig of her own beer , "Oh they'll know soon enough...I'll be giving a full report at the WDWC meeting next week." she said nonchalantly. 
Dixie ' s cute little nose wrinkled , "WDWC? What is that Emma?" 
The older woman chuckled , "'Western DIsciplinary Wives Club' .....and , after earning your spurs  today , you are now an official member Dixie!
Pretty much all the ladies in the room right now are members you know!" 
Dixie ' s jaw dropped , "You mean all these gals spank their guys?" she asked incredulously. 
"Darn right they do ! Why do you think men prefer to stand at the bar!" Emma laughed.


  1. My type of women, hairbrush does wonders no matter the age of the naughty party.

    1. Cowboys admire a strong woman...with a hairbrush!

  2. A trip to the woodshed would have been the proper place. One leaving the shed, one entering. I know a strong woman would enjoy that slow walk back to the house, her man rubbing a bare spanked bottom.

    1. I'm sure Clay hax made that humiliating walk from he woodshed a few times !

  3. I like the story, especially the fact that Emma spanked Clay for neglecting his health and not complying with the doctor's orders. I would like to make a serious point, if I may.

    A few years ago during a routine medical examination, the doctor noticed that my prostate gland was enlarged. She said it tends to enlarge with age, but it could be a sign of cancer and she advised me to consult a specialist. Had it been left to me, I would not have done anything, I dislike going to the doctor and I thought the test might be painful. My girlfriend thought I should have it done however. After much urging (including the threat of a severe spanking!), I reluctantly made an appointment with a urologist.

    I went to the appointment very unwillingly, thinking it was a big waste of time. A few days later the urologist telephoned me and said the test had revealed prostate cancer in an early stage. He said it was good it had been found so early, he recommended that I have an operation before it spread further.

    I had the operation a few weeks later. The surgeon telephoned my girlfriend immediately afterwards to tell her that it had been successful. He said that the operation can sometimes cause impotence, but this should not be the case with me. As the cancer had been detected at an early stage, the operation had not been so extensive as to damage other organs.

    As far as I am aware, my girlfriend did not mention her threat of spanking. I don't know for sure though, I was still under the anesthetic when he called her. If she did, I can imagine an article appearing in a medical journal "Use of spanking as a means of ensuring compliance in male patients".


    1. With all the information and treatments available now there both men and women should not need the threat of a spanking to go to get things checked out. For cancers , early detection is critical.
      Kudos to your girlfriend for her persistence , its something we men sometimes lack.
      Thanks for sharing Richard and I am glad your situation worked out well.

  4. You are right that men are often not as sensible as women when it comes to having checkups. Most women have regular checks for breast cancer etc. Not long after the operation I met a woman I used to work with who I had not seen for a year or so and I told her about it. I asked her if her boyfriend had had a check done and she said "Oh yes, I send him for checkups regularly." I found her choice of words interesting: "I send him". She is a dominant personality and earns more than her boyfriend. I don't know the details of their relationship, but I can quite well imagine that if he didn't go the doctor when she wanted him to, he would soon find himself across her knee having his bottom soundly spanked. That's the way it should be!

    1. You shouldn't need the threat of a spanking to make you take care of your health.

  5. Love stories about strong women and cowboys getting spanked. A hairbrush will teach any man a lesson he won't soon forget, and I love how the women smile while spanking!

    1. It's too bad we didn't see more of those strong women exercising their authority over their unruly men in those old Western movies.

  6. There really ought to be real life disciplinary clubs like this. I'd love to join that's for sure!

    1. Sorry but you can't join the club....but your wife can!
      In the wild west they needed organizations like this to keep the menfolk in line !

    2. No such club I know of either, but in my home my wife takes me across her lap when needed, it is the bathbrush and not a hairbrush. She was raised in the country, strong mother, but applies that today and we live in the city.