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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

An Ear Pulling Spanking Cavalcade !

One of the best ways to start a spanking is to take a good hold of his/her ear and lead them to the spanking zone.....they will follow every time!
Here is a collection of classic ear pulls taken from earlier posts....

This Wife takes a firm grip to make sure Hubby will join in their 'discussion' 

Here's an enticing Cowgirl leading her big Cowboy off to the barn for a good dose of the strap !

 This no-nonsense wife uses the ear pull to ensure her Husband endures  a humiliating exit from the party ....everybody knows what's in store for him when she gets him home !

The ear pull is employed to make sure this naughty wife gets in position for her punishment .... 

These kids are amused to find out that when Mom takes hold of Dad's ear he is in for spanking!
 This Wife leads her reluctant Husband by the ear to bend over the couch to receive his paddling !

A pair of naughty Cowboys being led by the ear to the spanking chair where their women will give them what they deserve !
 This naughty Husband is so terrified of his Wife's paddle she needs to tweak his ear to get him to assume the position !

It's no joke when your wife has to take you by the ear and march you off for a spanking while your Boss and his wife looks on......
 This guy is caught watching his Mother-in-law blister her misbehaving Boyfriend's bottom , and his Girlfriend now has a firm grip on his ear and will lead him off for similar treatment !

Dad broke the pool rules and now Mom has a firm grip on his ear to lead him inside to pay the penalty..... That paddle sure is gonna sting on a wet bottom !

Doctors know that an ear pull is the best way to get their patient's attention when they are reluctant to take their medicine !

These feisty Ladies are being led home by their Husbands for a well deserved bottom warming ....but only one of the Husband's employs the ear pull technique!

 Another naughty Husband being led by the ear to bend over the sofa....this time for a good leathering !
 Her Husband knows just how to get her to leave the Hot Tub when she misbehaves looks like the tub won't be the only thing that will be hot !

Just in case he attempts an escape , his wife keeps him at her side  using a classic ear grip and tug!
For his friend , his ears are the least of his problems at the moment ....

This Bride deploys the ear tug early in their marriage.....and the first Marital spanking will be shortly after the 'I Do's' !

He was rude to her Girlfriend so she leads him by the ear  for a lesson in manners !

An ear pull prevents any of her attempts to escape from this spanking .......

It's his turn so she will soon be releasing her grip on his ear ,so why is he not happy about it ? 

Mom has Dad by the ear again , and the kids know exactly where she is taking him and what she has in store's way more entertaining than any video game !

When your wife is scolding , hands on hips and holding the hairbrush you just know the ear pull will soon follow !

Be aware that it's not only naughty Husbands who can be led to bend over the sofa for a thrashing ladies....

This strict Wife does not waste any time taking hold of her Husband's ear for another spanking !
 Another Husband learning that a sore ear will soon be followed by a sore bottom !


  1. What a tour de force! In more ways than one:
    a) cartoon artistry
    b) spanking ritual delights
    I guess it's only fitting since all the subsequent spankings will be very forceful too. Yeeeoowch!

    1. The ear pull is my favourite intro to a spanking !

  2. fun collection of previous posts. Thanks for the fine art and spanked bottoms.
    bottoms up

  3. Yes! Absolutely love the spectacle of a strict wife taking her obstinate husband firmly by the ear.

    1. The ear pull gets his attention every time!