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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Dinner Guests - MF Spanking Story

Simon and Dana loved it when their friends Nigel and Michelle visited.
The couple were such a contrast , Nigel a typical 'stiff upper lip' Englishman with a wickedly dry sense of humour , and the bubbly , vivacious blonde Michelle who entertained everyone by sharing hilarious stories about the eccentric clients at her Law Office.

Michelle was relating a story about a boringly , fussy older lady who simply would not leave her office , "It was supposed to be a 30 minute consultation  , but she just went on and on and on...and to make matters worse , the whole time I was squirming in my chair because of the spanking Nigel gave me the night before!"she said..

There was an uncomfortable pause before their guest looked nervously at her husband who was regarding her sternly.
".....ooopsie! I guess I let the cat out of the bag Sweetie?" she smirked innocently ,  her big eyes widening.

Not in the least bit embarrassed by her slip , Michelle didn't miss a beat and went on to openly and humorously describe how  Nigel resolved issues between them with Michelle by giving her a good spanking.

She was so open about it that Dana and Simon laughed along with their guests,  wondering if they should share a secret of their own.
After Michelle concluded her case in favour of wife spanking , Dana spoke up , "Actually Michelle , you don't need to convince us....Simon has been spanking me for years...." she blurted.
"In fact she'll be getting one heck of a bottom warming this weekend to discuss her credit card bill!" Simon added firmly.

Everyone in the room seemed relieved that their spanking activities were now in the open .
Over another bottle or two of wine , inhibitions were parked and the two couples shared spanking stories with each other.

As the evening drew to a close , Michelle turned to Nigel , "I don't know about you Honey , but all this talk about spanking has made me 'reaaallyyy ''s time you took your naughty little wife home and gave her a long , hard spanking !" she gushed.
"With pleasure Madam!" Nigel replied wryly.

"Why wait until you get home Nigel. Driving home sitting on a well spanked bottom can be very therapeutic....can't it Sweetie?" Simon piped up glancing at his red-faced wife.

Dana giggled and raised a hand , "I certainly can! In fact it happens almost every time we visit my parents. My Mom thinks it's hilarious when he takes me upstairs for a spanking before we leave !"

Michelle raised a brow , "I'm not sure that's a good idea Dana...there is a lot of noise when Nigel spanks me ,  it sounds like thundedclaps when his hand connects with my big,  wobbly bottom....not to mention my squealing ! I'm afraid  we might disturb the neighbours."

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that Michelle , I'm one hell of a screamer when I get spanked ,so it won't be anything new for our neighbours.In fact we've heard our next door neighbour Jack spank his wife Lucy on occasion so if would probably be free entertainment for them!" Dana assured her.

"Yea! You guys can go ahead and use our bedroom....and when you're done ,  you can hang around while I take Dana in there for her sense in delaying Sweetie." Simon grinned at his wife who excitedly feigned surprise.

Nigel grinned and looked at Michelle , "I think that's a great idea...come with me young lady! " he said, standing up and taking his wife's hand.

"Oh by the way.....there's a nice big hairbrush on my night table if you need it Nigel!" Dana called out as their guests made their way down the hallway.
"TRAITOR!" Michelle yelled back at her.

Simon and Dana took their seats at the table , their ears eagerly trained on the pending soundtrack coming from down the hall.
At first there was silence , then Nigel's firm , elegant English voice scolding his wife.
They could hear the occasional response from Michelle in a girlish tone that was barely audible.

More silence followed but was broken by a resoundingly , loud 'WHACK!' and an even louder , high pitched scream from Michelle.
Their friend wasn't kidding,  her lungs were almost bursting with all the howling , helping and squealing she was making as the loud spanks rained down on her substantial bottom.

At first the spanks were crisp and sharp like skin on skin , but later the sound had  more depth suggesting  Nigel was now using the hairbrush!

Their assumption was confirmed when Michelle howled , "Jesus ! Take it easy with that thing really hurts!"
The noisy chastisement continued for a few more minutes and ended with a flurry of rapid fire spanks that had Michelle screeching.
If neighbours Jack and Lucy were home they were hearing quite a show!

A short while later , the bedroom door opened and their guests emerged.
Nigel looked relaxed , his demeanour suggesting he had thoroughly enjoyed himself.
Michelle's cute face was bright red and contorted in a grimace.
Both of her hands were busy behind her back,  furiously trying tob rub the burning in her bottom.

As they came closer , Dana and Simon noticed that the back of Michelle's dress was still hoisted as she rubbed unabashedly.
Surprisingly she spun around and proudly showed her hosts her glowing  well-spanked cheeks .
"Does my butt look as bad as it feels Dana?" she pouted.

Simon drank in the sight of Michelle's big ,round , curvy bottom framed in a lacy black thong. Both cheeks were  a blazing red hue , with those tell tale white circles on her sit spots left by the hairbrush.

"WOW! I'd say it sure looks bad Michelle!" Dana said sympathetically.
"I'll fetch you  a pillow for that long drive home.." Simon added.

"I left the brush on the chair,  so you're all set to go mate!" Nigel told Simon.
"OUCH!" Dana yelped when Simon propelled her forward with a firm smack to the seat of her skinny jeans.
"Let's go Missie!" Simon ordered.
"Good luck taking those jeans down Simon!" Michelle chirped ,cupping her sore cheeks in her hands.

"If you don't mind we would love to sit and listen in." Nigel asked , then corrected himself , "....well ...I'll sit and listen .....Michelle will prefer to stand!"
Michelle scowled at him and rubbed her bottom again.

Nigel and Michelle thoroughly  enjoyed the auditory show that followed and openly applauded their hosts on their performance when they returned.
 Simon acknowledged their appreciation like a performer , while  Dana grimaced and clutched her cheeks tightly with both hands.

Their guests raised their brows when they noticed Dana was no longer wearing those skinny  jeans. The tiny triangle of her red  thong provided only the slightest hint of modesty.
"My butt is way too sore to put those jeans back on!" she winced , forcing a grin.
"WOW! I don't blame you !" Michelle agreed , examining her friend's spanked bottom.

Now that the much awaited wife spankings were completed , there was a momentarily , uneasy silence in the room.
"Well we had best be going now Michelle..." Nigel finally said.
Dana looked at Simonher before speaking.
"It's late and you've had a few drinks so it's better if you just stay over?" she suggested.
Their guests readily accepted , almost as if they had been expecting the invitation.

"May I ask what the sleeping arrangements are?" Nigel asked in his most formal of English tones.
Simon grinned before tentatively replying , "Well.. you and Dana can have the master bedroom  and Michelle and I can use the guest bedroom...." he suggested.

Michelle giggled , "I had a feeling that wife spanking wasn't the only thing we had in common!" she said , offering her hand to Simon .
Nigel bowed and elegantly took Diana's hand and kissed it, "Shall we retire my lovely?" he asked.


  1. fun adventure, with more fun for the rest of the evening. Hearing or watching someone be spanked can be very exciting. truly a male fantasy of then swapping spanked wives for the evening.
    bottoms up

    1. ...and lots of fun for the spanked wives as well...or perhaps an opportunity to turn the tables on their hubbies?

  2. Next time the spankings should be swapped and done in unison.

    1. They have already swapped so there will be more spankings!

  3. Fun story to read.
    Is there anyway to communicate with you via email?
    bottoms up

  4. Love the naughty twist at the end! Would love to see a picture of that...

    1. I'm sure picturing it in your mind will more than do it justice Q!

  5. I love how the story keeps saying how round and curvy Michelle's bottom is. Even she talks about it! And it clearly shows how much Simon loves it .... so no need to guess what he's going to do now that the swap has occurred :) :)

    1. I didn't complete the drawing and the story at thd same time so I think I'll revisit the drawing to make Michelle' bottom closer to the description in the story....not that anyone will notice!

  6. Love the story, and it plays even better in the mind if you put yourself and another couple you know that you wished were in a spanking relationship, and both couples had shared the information. That would be an amazing step, but husband sharing would not be in the cards.
    Keep up the entertaining scenes.
    bottoms up

    1. If they share spanking then the next logical step is to share partners....