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Friday, May 10, 2019

After a Fall - MF Spanking Story

"Are you still on the phone Jane ?" Bart remarked to his wife , picking up his briefcase and downing the rest of his coffee.
Jane glanced over at him , nodded and continued to whisper into the receiver.
Bart shook his head , chuckled and gave Jane a sloppy kiss on the cheek as he left for work.

He was still curious about the mystery call when he returned home that evening,  and even more surprised when he saw Jane dressed up for a night on the town.
"Are we going out tonight ?" Bart asked , thinking he had forgotten an appointment.
Jane paused to look in the mirror as she applied her lipstick before replying."I have to go meet someone downtown ." she said looking at herself in the mirror.

She went on to explain that the call she had received in the morning was from an ex-boyfriend from years ago , Doug Felton
He was having some personal problems and needed someone to talk to , so Jane had agreed to meet him at a downtown bar to try and help him.

Bart took the news well at first , but inwardly he was hurt and angry.
He knew Doug Felton and wasn't worried about the competition , but was upset that Jane hadn't discussed it with him first.
However , Jane was the ultimate do-gooder , unable to say no to anybody who needed help – even Doug Felton.

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to go out alone downtown and meet a guy you haven't seen in over 10 years Jo." Bart reasoned.
Jane shrugged off her husband's concern as she combed her hair ,"Don't be silly Bart ! I'll be in a bar with lots of people in it .Doug needs my help to get his life back in order. " she explained.
Bart sighed and tried a different approach,"I don't want you to go Jane – I'll call Doug and tell him you can't come." he suggested.
Jane walked purposefully to her husband and planted a kiss on his lips , "You'll do no such thing – I'll be back by 10." She said firmly and left,

Watching the clock on the wall was torture for Bart , and he scolded himself for not being firmer with Jane.
She was always bossy like this , and it was his fault for letting her have her own way all time.
When it was past 10pm and there was still no sign of Jane, he decided to call her cell phone and sighed with disgust when he heard it ring in the bedroom!
Bart shook his head at his wife's foolhardiness for not even bringing her phone with her  in case of a problem.

He considered driving downtown to look for Jane's car but realized it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and he needed to stay near the phone in case she called.
11pm came around and Bart sat nervously by the phone trying not to worry.
He had read the same paragraph of his book four times and had not comprehended a word,"Damn you Jane.....where are you?" he blurted throwing the book on the floor in exasperation.

Finally, just before midnight the phone rang and Bart picked it up on the first ring.
It was the local hospital informing him that Jane had an accident.
Bart felt a lump in his throat and his heart pumped , but the Nurse quickly assured him that Jane's injuries were minor and she was fine.
They just needed someone to pick her up and bring her home , so Bart quickly grabbed his keys and sped off to the hospital , all sorts of thoughts warring in his mind as he drove.
Part of him was worried about Jane and another part wanted to wring her neck!

 When Jane had met Doug,  he had been drinking all day and clearly had other designs on Jane than just talking.
Stubborn and bullheaded as she was , Jane still stayed with him ,  trying her best to counsel and advise him.
However, when Doug's hands began to wander too much , she realized she had to make a quick exit , but in her haste , a heel caught on the floor  , Jane lost her balance , falling down a few steps and banging her head on a wooden railing.

The useless and drunk Doug did not even have the decency to get her medical help ,  so Jane drove there by herself , her leg throbbing and her head bleeding. 
A relieved Bart arrived at the hospital and patiently listened to Jane's story.
She needed stitches for the cut on her head , and wore a cast on her lower right leg up to her knee.
In her hand was a small container of painkillers.
"She's pretty banged up so she may need to take those for a couple of days until the pain subsides.After that she should be fine." The nurse explained to Bart.

It was a quiet drive home from the hospital.
Bart was still seething and holding back his anger , while Jane was looking sheepish.... but not in the least bit apologetic about her little escapade.

It wasn't until Bart had made his wife comfortable at home that he finally let it all out.
He firmly reprimanded Jane on her irresponsible behaviour , and for the first time in their marriage , an astonished Jane did not interrupt. 
Jane had never seen Bart act like this before and she actually liked it !
For once he was not going to let her off easily and she knew she deserved it and the retribution actually made her feel better.

But Bart had more in mind for his wife than a long , firm lecture.
When the scolding was over he handed her a painkiller and a glass of water , "I'm not done with you yet Jane.You need  a couple of days to heal up , but once you're done with these painkillers I'm going to give you the spanking of your life!" he announced.

Jane almost choked on her water and looked at her husband in disbelief.
"A spa….spa….spanking ?" she squeaked.
Bart nodded.
"Yes Jane  , something I should have done years ago  , but now you're finally going to get it …and it's going to be hard….and on your bare behind….. and I'll include a good dose of the strap for good measure! You'd better bring a pillow when you return to work , because I expect you'll be having some trouble sitting " he concluded taking the water glass from his stunned and speechless wife.

Jane was still silent when Bart touched her lips softly with a good night kiss.
The painkillers soon relaxed Jane , but she could feel her bottom tingle with anticipation at the prospect of her strong husband warming it with his hand and the strap.
After 15 years of marriage it was a long time coming but Bart was finally taking charge and would soon give his wife the discipline she needed and craved.

The next morning Jane was able to use her crutches to hobble into the bathroom to clean up.
As she did , she eyed the supple leather strap hanging on the wall.
It was her Father's , and although it was no longer used , it added to the classic look of the bathroom along with other antique items on display.
She thought back to her childhood when her Father had used that same strap on the seat of her dress and she remembered how much it stung.
Instinctively she put a palm to her bottom and quickly withdrew it when Bart poked his head in the half open door.
"Feeling better?" he asked.

A subdued Jane simply nodded in reply.
There was a new energy with Bart now as he relished having finally taken charge of his errant wife.
"Breakfast is on the table, come and get it while its hot" he chirped.
Jane was able to manoeuvre herself onto her seat at the table , commenting on how difficult it was.
"Don't worry Darling , after tomorrow you're going to have trouble sitting for a quite a while !" a beaming  Bart reminded her .
 “ You’re not serious about spanking me are you Bart?” Jane asked uneasily.
“Oh I’m serious alright !” Bart replied , and Jane felt that tingling in her bottom again.

 After two days of rest Jane was feeling much better.
The pain in her head was gone as were most of the bruises.
She had even dispensed with her crutches and was able to walk, somewhat tentatively, with her cast.

Covering the cast with a plastic bag, she took her first shower since the fall.
The hot water beating against her skin felt great as she massaged shampoo into her hair taking care to avoid the stitches in her head.
She sighed loudly , thoroughly enjoying the experience.
It was only when she finished wrapping a towel around her head that she noticed the leather strap was missing from its place on the bathroom wall.
Jane could feel her heart pounding and that tingling feeling in her bottom returned yet again.

Wrapping herself in a towel she hobbled to the master bedroom , and gasped when she saw Bart sitting on the bed with the razor strap  beside him.
Jane's jaw dropped and Bart did not need to say anything.
They both knew what was to happen next.

Dropping both towels on the floor Jane stood naked before her husband , "I guess we better get this over with!" she sighed.
It had been a long time since Bart had seen the bossy Jane looking so vulnerable, beautiful - and sexy.
He eyed her long, slender legs, the curve of her hips, pert breasts and firm nipples.
Still silent, he patted his lap and Jane carefully draped herself over it.

Bart allowed his wife the luxury of adjusting her position to accommodate the cast on her leg,  but he made the final adjustment to ensure her shapely , round bottom was in the right position to receive her chastisement.
 Jane could already feel the moistness between her legs when Bart teasingly rested the strap on her cheeks.
Both of those cheeks tensed when she felt the strap slowly slide off ,  replaced by the palm of Bart's hand.
He caressed her milky , soft skin and explored every area of her bottom and thighs.

Jane moaned when she felt Bart's finger slip between her legs ,lingering there tantalizingly.
In an instant it was gone and then Jane heard a loud slap.
At the same time she felt a sharp sting in her right cheek.
She yelped like a puppy and bucked on Bart's lap.
Another slap . Another sting , this time on her left buttock and she yelped again.
There was a pause , just enough for her to feel the burning in her cheeks commence , before Bart peppered her entire bottom with a non-stop series of stinging spanks.

He noticed Jane's bottom was quickly turning red now as he continued to spank briskly.
Jane squirmed , puffing her cheeks and exhaling and , as  the spanks rained down and her bottom became hotter and hotter , she became more vocal.

Once his wife's rear-quarters had turned a fiery red , Bart paused again , this time to pick up the strap.
He draped it over Jane's smouldering cheeks to let her know what was coming next. 
Jane braced and tightened her grip on her husband’s leg.

The strap cracked against her tender skin .
The sting it delivered was intense and Jane howled loudly ,  kicking wildly with her one good leg.
"AAAW GAAWD!" Jane gasped as the strap lashed against her backside a second time.
Before she could react , Bart delivered another trio of whacks in quick succession .
Jane could feel the tears in her eyes now and just lay over Bart’s lap sobbing and blubbering as he delivered four more hearty whacks with the strap to conclude his wife's punishment.

Jane was one sorry wife now ,  apologizing and making promises to her husband as she looked up at him with a pouting , tear stained face .
Her bottom and upper thighs were a blazing crimson now and bore thick stripes where the strap had landed.
Bart helped Jane to her feet , pulled her into his arms and hugged her.
After a while her sobbing subsided and she felt secure , safe and loved in her man's embrace.

However , her ordeal was not completely over , as Bart steered her over to the corner where she stood in silence for a full 15minutes with head bowed and her glowing red bottom on display. 
Bart sat nearby on the sofa reading his book and occasionally glancing up at his wife's chastised bottom .
He chuckled to himself as she shuffled her feet , trying to stay in place as the burning in her bottom intensified.
Finally he went to her and Jane collapsed into his strong arms once again ,  their lips locked in a lingering kiss. 

Jane gazed seductively into Bart's eyes before dropping to her knees and fumbling with his zipper.
Bart gladly helped his wife release the growing bulge in his pants and he groaned loudly as she took his erection in her mouth and gave him the blow-job of his life!

"Aren't you forgetting something Jane?" Bart asked with a smirk as he watched his wife dress for work the next morning.
Jane glared at him while carefully stepping into her skirt.
"Panties are not an option with an ass as sore as mine!" she announced , grimacing as she wiggled and pulled the skirt over the curves of her hips.

Bart could not hide a chuckle as he imagined Jane going to her stuffy Law office, pantie-less , and sitting on a well spanked bottom . 
Jane did not share his amusement and endured a very long ,  uncomfortable day at the office  sitting on a soft pillow she was able to smuggle in.

"There's a message for you on the answering machine Jane." Bart told her when she came home that evening.
Bart stood with arms folded listening to the message as Jane played it back.
It was Doug again , apologizing profusely and asking to meet her again.
Jane paused to think for a moment , glancing over at Bart , then she smiled and  pressed the delete button on the machine.
"My poor bottom is so hot and sore darling......sitting all day was murder! Would you put some nice cold cream on it for me ?" she purred , hoisting her skirt and wiggling her voluptuous and still glowing bottom.
"With pleasure my dear" Bart replied and he followed a giggling Jane as she scurried into the bedroom.


  1. He should have made her put on her panties, I would have, one who is spanked does not make the rules. If she resisted that bottom of her's would be warmer and redder.

  2. Ah memories of when I had to go into a cast from a badly twisted ankle. No spankings for me at that time though, or by me either. How boring!! But this imaginative story nonetheless brought back memories of those awful crutches and using a plastic bag to take a shower, and just what a "pain in the ass" it all was (not the good kind) till you returned to normal. :)

  3. As soon as I saw the drawing at the start of the story I knew we were in for a treat (and our heroine was in for a good hard attitude adjustment). Excellent work! Jane will certainly remember who's in charge in this house...for a while, at least. I particularly love the descriptions of all the post-spanking activities!

  4. Swell as always Glenmore, thank you. Makes me look forward to the strap from Hubby...minus the casualty. Oh my :-)

    Jane gotten the strap from her father "on the seat of her dress". Lucky Ol' her !
    I always gotten it on a bare hiney, growing up in the 1960s in Atlanta - just par for the course Glenmore.

    Actually it was a thin, rattan cane (flexible switch) in our house not the strap, & my mother was the main spanker. Always panties down on the bare botty for sister and me automatically - no exceptions or debate allowed. Whoopings were a normal, routine, fact of life in our strict, religious house.

    And for sure, I used that same lil' spanky-stick ("the hornets nest") to tan my two young daughters' bare bottoms when they told lies or gotten bad. That's how it was. Salutary & harmless.
    And it was a long time ago now - all debts gotten paid, Glenmore...apart from those never-ending ones I owe my strict hubby ha-ha, naturally. Oh my !
    Brenda xx