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Friday, May 17, 2019

A Quiet Night Out - MF Spanking Story

Beth peered through the patio door to watch her naked husband swim in the pool.
"You naughty boy John.....skinny dipping without me !" she said to herself.
The sight of her handsome husband's chiselled , glistening body in the clear water  sent sexual sparks through her veins.
She quickly wiggled out of the expensive new outfit she had just purchased and wanted to show off to her husband , tossing it on the ground in her haste to join him in the pool.

Beth managed to enter the water without John seeing her , and she skillfully  swam to him under the surface before suddenly springing out of the water.
“You naughty boy….how come you're not at work? ...and how dare you go skinny dipping without me !” she giggled , wrapping her body around his.

A surprised John  drank in the sight of the wet , shimmering beauty before him.
“I finished the job early and was waiting for you.... so now we can have some fun.!” John smiled , scooping Beth up into his arms.
Their passions sparking , the couple frolicked in the pool before John carried his wife inside where they made frenzied love together.

As John dressed for dinner , he noticed the new clothes  Beth had just purchased.
“Another new outfit , shoes  , designer jeans , lingerie …….and that looks like another new coat……exactly how much did you spend on that little shopping trip today Beth ?” he asked.
Beth kissed him on the cheek .
“Not that much dear……let me handle the finances as we agreed .” She cooed  , pouting her full lips.

John frowned and took his still naked wife by the arm to face him.
“ Out with it Beth. How much did you spend? We talked about your spending habits before we got married and you promised to stay on budget.I believe that budget was $200 a month ….so did you stick to it  ?” John asked firmly.

Shirking the question , Beth tried to pry herself from John's iron grip .
“Oh don’t be such a tightwad John,  I ..……wait now ,  John….take it easy……” Beth said when John tightened his grip on her  wrist .
“How much Beth ?” he asked again.
“OK ! $250….…or more….I’m not sure..” came the meek reply.
Her husband’s brow furrowed , “Truthfully Beth!” he warned.
Beth sighed , dropping her head in resignation , “ OK OK !....around $500....or was it $650? $800 tops!” she reasoned with a nervous giggle.

John’s jaw dropped and before Beth could react , he picked her up off her feet.
“What you need is a lesson in budgeting young lady…...and that’s what you’re gonna get right here and now !” he scolded .
“Put me down this minute John  ! I demand it !” an outraged Beth screamed when John scooped her up by her waist ,  easily tucking her dainty frame under his muscular arm .

Sitting on the bed ,  he tossed Beth head first over his lap.
Beth’s shapely bare bottom jiggled and her long  legs flailed and kicked wildly .
“How dare you John ….don’t you dare spank me  !” she screeched.
“Just be glad I'm not using the hairbrush !” he replied.
 John raised his arm and proceeded to give his  wife a well deserved spanking.
He loved the way Beth’s cheeks jiggled and slowly changed colour from lily white , to pink , to red and then to a deep crimson while his palm danced all of her shapely globes.

“Oh John….pleeeeease stoppit….it really burns ….my bottom is soooo hot.!
I’ve learned my lesson ….honest I have !” Beth pleaded , kicking her legs and wiggling her curvy hips in an attempt to distract John from his task.
John paused for a moment .
His wife’s curvy , hot , red bottom sure did look inviting , and all her wiggling exposed a glistening triangle of delight between her legs while his erection rubbed on her soft underbelly .
Some how he resisted the temptation and stuck to his task of warming his pretty wife's bottom.

A final flurry of hard spanks had Beth yelping and bucking on his lap until he released her and stood her on her feet.
“OOOOOOH IT BURNS SO BAD! “ Beth pouted , rubbing her bottom furiously while hopping from foot to foot.

John pulled Beth close to him and planted a long lingering kiss on her lips.
An indignant Beth struggled in protest at first , but soon became absorbed in their kiss and melted into John’s arms.
The pair made love yet again , this time with Beth on all fours , begging John to enter her from behind  , which he gladly obliged.
Emotionally and physically drained they snuggled in the bed together , "Do you still want to go out for dinner ?" John asked.
"Yes, but let's just walk to Tony's bottom is way too sore for a car ride to the city!" Beth replied with an impish grin.

Beth and John settled into their usual table at Tony’s Restaurant and ordered drinks.
Police Chief Clint Darkley , and his wife Laura were sitting at  the bar and raised their glasses to welcome them..

Across the room  Judge Farley sat at a table with his wife Martha  and Reverend Brown and his wife Jane.
Martha looked over at Laura and Clint in distain , “Just look at  those two sitting at the bar downing whiskey like a couple of  farmhands!” .
Jane tutted and nodded in agreement , “Indeed ...and him our Police Chief!”
"Well they've hardly broken any laws Martha!" the Judge scolded .
Martha bristled , "Well to us they have! Haven't they Jane?" 
"Indeed they have!" Jane agreed.
The Reverend reached out and touched his wife's hand , "Please Jane , let's have a quiet night." he asked meekly.

Laura , with  a little too much to drink , noticed the dour looks from the ladies and called out , “If you two have something to say why don’t you just say it to my face 'Ladies' !” 
Jane Brown bristled and opened her mouth to respond but Martha signalled  her to stop.
“Just ignore her Jane. There will only be trouble.” She advised .

Judge Farley leaned forward , “Martha’s right about causing trouble , but you two need to mind your business .” he whispered.
“Yes ! Turn the other cheek my Dear!” the Reverend added .

Clint glared at his wife , “Cool it Laura! You know what those two can be like...and that’s your last drink.” he warned her.
Nonetheless , Laura defiantly stood up , pointed an accusing finger at the table , “Do you really think you’re better than us ?’ she raged.

Meanwhile John and Beth watched it all in stunned amazement .
"So much for a quiet dinner!" John sighed.
“I’ll go talk to Laura..she’ll listen to me !” Beth declared.
John wagged a finger at her , “No way Beth !Sit down and stay out of this !” he warned.
Reluctantly , Beth agreed but the scene was quickly escalating into an angry confrontation .
So despite John’s warning , a well meaning Beth felt she had to intervene.

Fingers were pointing , feet were stomping and taunting female voices were chirping non-stop.
The room became so tense that Owner Tony stepped in to calm things down , “Ladies, ladies please return to your seats and I’ll send over  desserts....on me !” he offered , realizing it wasn’t going to take much to set this tinderbox alight.

Tony’s offer was ignored and catty comments , name-calling and personal put downs were the order of the day  as the womens' tempers flared.
“You’re a weakling just like that husband of yours Jane Brown !” Laura yelled at the Reverend’s feisty wife.

Trying her best to obey the advice of the good book to turn the other cheek , Jane  was unable to harness her fury and the room was momentarily silenced by the sound of Jane’s right palm slapping Laura’s face .

She was momentarily stunned  but  firebrand Laura reacted by leaping on Jane with both arms flailing wildly.
All hell broke loose and even the portly Martha piled onto the brawling pair .
Beth tried her best to pull them all apart but with lots of  hair grabbing , eye poking  , kicking and scratching , a full scale catfight had erupted !

As the melee intensified , Sheriff Darkley rose to intervene but soon realized this was not a situation he should handle alone.
His attempts to extract his Amazon-like wife Laura from the the combined tag team of Martha and Jane and the determined Beth failed miserably , so John and the Judge went to the Chief's assistance.

It was a tough job trying to restrain the furious ladied , but as the women  tired, the melee became a slow grappling match,  the combatants clinging  to each other clawing and ripping hair and clothing.

Beth was no longer neutral and taking the side of her outmanned friend Laura , she had straddled the older Jane Brown who was now lying face down o the floor frantically  grabbing for  a fistful of Beth's hair.
The onslaught was stopped when John stepped forward with a pail of water which he  promptly dumped over his wife’s head , shocking the two soaked , indignant women into clambering to their feet.

Reverend Brown’s jaw dropped at the sight of his soaking wet wife , clothes torn , one shoe missing and long  hair  hanging undone from its usually tight bun .
He seized her by both wrists , hauling her away from the fray.
“This is so un-Christian … should be ashamed of yourself Jane Brown !” he scolded.
“But..but…dear…I  know I should have turned the other cheek but I  was just defending your honour…….she called you a weakling !” Jane  pleaded.

Unimpressed , Her husband responded by delivering a sound swat to the seat of her dress .
“I don’t need my wife to fight my battles , especially in this manner....and when I get you home I'll be turning the other cheek alright..….in fact I'll be warming both of your cheeks with a good spanking! ....and you can be asssured it will not be a case of ‘sparing the rod’  Jane !” the Reverend declared , pushing  his repentant  wife out of the Restaurant.

John’s task was not as easy as the Reverend's.
Beth  had assumed a defensive stance holding a candlestick !
 John maneuvered toward her ,  knowing that an angry woman could be as dangerous as a wounded bear.
"Don't you dare come any closer John or so help me I'll clock you with this!" Beth warned.

Using his long reach , John placed a  hand on his wife's forehead , holding her at bay while she  punched air and swung the candlestick in his direction.
It didn't take long until she was drained of energy allowing John to take the weapon from her.
Pulling her to him, John gently brushed the hair from her faceto calm her down . 

Beth looked into his eyes like a tamed horse , "Im sorry John."
John scowled at her , “I told you not to get involved Beth you’re  going over my knee for a good dose of the hairbrush this time !”he declared.

Beth’s shrieked when John picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder  , her expensive skirt rising up to reveal her equally expensive undergarments .
The men grinned when they saw her tiny thong  revealed the blush  in her cheeks from her earlier spanking!
“Aw John …...not the hairbrush…..please…my bottom is already sore!” she pleaded , reaching back  to cover up her dignity.
Pounding her tiny fists on John’s strong back , she kicked her feet  wildly as he carried her off .

Meanwhile , Laura Darkley still had a firm grip on Martha Farley’s hair ,  sitting on top of the plump older lady.
She looked up tentatively at her husband who was standing over her with arms folded.
“Let Mrs. Farley go Laura !” the Sheriff ordered .
“AW Shucks! “Laura sighed , releasing her grip , “....can’t I give her one more lick? “ she asked , already knowing the answer.

Shaking his head , Clint hauled Laura to her feet.
Pouting , she bit her lip , trying to avoid her husband’s silent gaze.
“I guess I’ll be getting the strap when we get home ?” she asked meekly.
Tapping his foot her husband nodded in agreement.
“By the time I’m done tannin’ your backside you won’t sit for a week !” he warned her.
Laura gulped , putting both hands on the seat of her tight jeans in anticipation of her fate.

Martha was still sprawled on  her back , her dress ripped at the seams exposing a  black girdle and stockings . Her silk blouse was in tatters allowing a generous glimpse of her substantial cleavage.
The Judge helped her stagger to her feet.

“Martha Farley ,you are hereby found guilty of disorderly and unladylike behaviour!” Judge Farley announced to his surprised wife.
“Oh My! What is my sentence  going to be this time Henry?” she blurted  , as if this had happened to her before.
Her stern Husband pulled her towards him.
“It will be long and severe Martha...very long and very severe! I think you know what that means?” He told her ominously.
Instinctively Martha placed a palm on ths seat of her girdle , "Yes I most certainly do your Honour." she pouted.

Luckily ,apart from a few scratches , bruises,  and a fair amount of damaged pride there were no major injuries as a result of the altercation .
However , each of the combatants would incur substantial  damage to a certain part of their anatomy which would  be very , very sore for some time!

Back at the Dillon household , Beth sat silently in her brand new lace undies holding an ice pack on her swollen eye while John tended to the scratches on her face and arms.
Beth could not avoid staring at the hairbrush sitting on the dresser knowing that it would soon be an instrument of extreme discomfort to her.
“Better get me another ice pack Honey.” She asked .
“Oh I think this one is all you need for that eye….it’s not that bad Sweetheart...” John replied.
Beth looked seriously at her Husband. “It's not for my eye John!” She groaned , glimpsing again at the brush.

John picked up the hairbrush and took his place on the chair , while  Beth obedienhly rose to stand beside him.
Taking her hand he guided her head first over his lap until her palms touched the floor and her bottom was elevated above her head and her legs were raised off the ground.

Her skimpy undies would offer little protection for what was to come ,  but nonetheless John  eased them  over the curves of her hips and creamy white globes.
"You know you deserve this Beth?" John asked , raising the brush.
Beth clenched her cheeks , closed he eyes tightly  and tightened her grip on the arm of the chair , "Yes Sir!"

Over at the Police Chief's house , Laura’s bare bottom was  already high in the air as she lay over her husband’s lap.
Clint had enjoyed the sight of his shapely wife wriggling out of her tight jeans to present her gorgeous bare bottom for punishment.
Grasping Clint’s leg , Laura gritted  her teeth and awaited  the first stinging lick of the razor strap.

She heard a whisp of air , followed by a loud crack when the strap wrapped across both her cheeks.
"Ouch!" she yelped at the intense sting quickly  let out an involuntary gasp.
Again and again  the leather razor strap wrapped around her firm bottom ,  quicky turning it a maze of blazing red stripes.

Her bottom felt like it was on fire and she just could not keep her composure , wailing and howling while she bucked and squirmed on Clint’s lap.
Afterwards, with her  bottom throbbing , she performed  quite animated  ‘spanking dance’  hopping from toe to toe while furiously rubbing her red , swollen cheeks..
“Just you wait ! I’ll get ya back for this Clint Darkley !” she warned indignantly as her husband  doubled over in laughter.

Judge Farley had already passed sentence on his wife Martha and was busy carrying out her sentence.
Martha dangled over the back of the big sofa , her ample , round posterior completely bare and perfectly positioned.
“OW!” YEOOW!  MY POOR BOTTOM ! OW ! OUCH !” she cried as Henry roasted her cheeks with stinging swats of a leather slipper.

After one particularly stinging swat Martha sprang up ,rubbing her cheeks furiously.
Henry slapped her hands away from her rear and promptly pushed her back into position over the sofa.
“You just earned yourself another dozen whacks for that Martha .....and remember you still have the wooden spoon and the razor strap to come!” he informed her.
Henry shook his head and chuckled.
“I wish I’d done this years ago.” He declared ,  laying on another solid whack to his target.
"OUCH! Me too!" Martha yelped.

Jane Brown was seeing a different side of her mild mannered husband for the first time .
For the past 10 years he had tolerated her temper tantrums , nagging and complaining like a true man of the cloth , never even thinking of chastising her ,even though she truly deserved it.

Her Husband  had  whacked the seat of her dress all the way home , but once in the privacy of their home , that dress was quickly hoisted , panties downed and a good old fashioned , bare bottom spanking began for real!
Jane was barely able to catch her breath as the Reverend peppered her jiggling cheeks with spanks that set her bottom on fire.

True to his word the Reverend did not spare the rod!
With his wife nursing a thoroughly  spanked rear , he produced the school cane.
“I’m far from finished with you yet woman!” he informed her.
“Where did that come from ?” she asked in astonishment , staring at the implement.
“It’s standard issue for all Parishes my dear and it's about time I started using it ! Now keep that dress up and bend over that chair!”
 Obediently Jane bent over the chair and dutifully  receive a full dozen  strokes of the cane leaving angry red stripes across her virgin bottom.

Upon arriving for Church the next morning , the quartet of naughty ladies shared  dented pride and  rosy red , sore bottoms.
“Aren’t you forgetting something Beth ?” John asked , watching his wife step into her Sunday dress.
Beth chuckled at her panties still sitting on the bed.
“I’m afraid my bottom is  much too tender to wear those to Church .“ she explained , pointing to her tender red bottom.
John just smiled and shook his head.

Jane Brown stood dutifully beside her husband outside the church , greeting the congregation .
Under her conservative  summer dress , her bottom was  a bright red  , adorned  with crimson stripes from the cane.
Thoughtfully Janne offered her fellow Ladies a pillow  , which they gratefully accepted to the amusement of their men.

John grinned , watching Beth shift and squirm on her pillow , searching for comfort when Martha and Judge Farley took their usual places beside them.
Martha let out a gasp when she eased her sore bustle onto the cushion “I’d like to apologize for my behaviour last night Beth .Please forgive me.” She asked politely.
Beth took her hand, “There’s no need to apologize Martha. We all behaved terribly last night and got what we deserved.” 

Martha moved closer and whispered to Beth.
“I know I sure did! Henry gave me the thrashing  of my life last night! The slipper was bad enough but that wooden spoon....and that awful strap.....OUCH!  You know....strangely I’ wish he’ had done that to me years ago... but it's better late than never!” the older lady chuckled and grimaced again , “Ouchie…sitting on these wooden pues is agony. I’m so glad Jane gave us these pillows.”

Beth smiled in agreement and winced.
“I got the hairbrush …….and boy did I get it good ! “ Beth confided.
Martha tittered and pointed at the Reverend’s wife.
“Poor Jane ! She got the first spanking of her life..... and then a dozen with the cane……I’m surprised she can sit at all the poor thing! The Reverend took out 10 years of frustration out on her bottom last night!”

Judge Farley frowned and pulled his wife closer.
“Really Martha ! Giggling in church like a schoolgirl! You do know that  I’ll have to give you another spanking for that  when we get home !” he whispered.
"Yes Dear! Sorry Dear!" Martha replied , winking at Beth. 
"I can't wait!" she whispered.


  1. Replies
    1. There are lots going on in them so are fun to draw.

  2. The last line:
    "I can't wait!" she whispered.
    is my favorite line in the whole wonderful story.

    1. I doubt if any of these naughty ladies will have to wait long for another spanking!