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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Couples Retreat - FM Spanking Cartoon

It seems theses husbands  had a completely different expectation of the 'Couples Retreat' weekend their wives  planned for the two couples.
It's going to be a long , painful drive back home  for the pair after two days of this !

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Spanking Request - MF Spanking Cartoon

She's acted like a brat all day long and he finally decides to take her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking.
This is when her excuses will begin , and admittedly they can be convincing , but it's important to stay on task and give her exactly what she deserves.
This naughty wife makes her best pitch to mitigate her spanking , but her husband has heard it all before and knows exactly how to respond....

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Keep Counting - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife has declared ' 50 of the Best ' for her naughty Husband , so to make sure he gets his full measure she has him count each stroke , accompanied by an earnest 'thank you' for her efforts.
Counting to 50 should not be a difficult task for him , but as the whacks add up , he is genuinely struggling to keep up.
Despite the distraction of the brush stinging his backside , he must not lose count or she might carry out her threat of starting over.
Something tells me she will be giving him a lot more than 50 whacks......

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Chauvinist ....part 2 - FM Spanking Story

Kate sat comfortably at the breakfast bar while Roger knelt on the floor scrubbing vigorously "I want to be able to see my reflection in that floor Roger or you'll find yourself back over my knee! she declared firmly."Yes Ma'am!" Roger replied.
She stretched her neck to inspect her husband's work before nodding her approval.
"Can't you see that my wine glass is almost empty? Are you neglecting me again?" she scolded.
"No Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am!" he replied , promptly rising to replenish her glass.
"That's more like it !" Kate remarked.

Kate waved the hard wooden brush at Roger  , "Alright then Mister....are You ready for the rest of your spanking?"
"Yes Ma'am!" Roger responded.
Kate regarded her husband's already reddened rear with satisfaction " You poor thing! Your poor bottom must be so sore....but it's gonna be sorer!" she teased.

Carefully placing her wine glass on the counter , she patted her lap "Get over my knee young man.......I am going to blister your butt !" she announced .
Her naked hubbie carefully draped himself over her inviting lap.
Roger winced when she raked her long nails across his tender rear before raising her arm and snapping the back of the brush against Roger's right cheek.
Kate giggled at Roger's girlish yelp.
"You're not such a big shot now are you mister?" Kate admonished

Alternating from cheek to cheek , she snapped the brush against Roger's red cheeks  , producing loud yelps and howls from her humbled husband.

Roger struggled to stay in place , squirming and kicking his feet as the brush descended again and again , transforming his already red cheeks to a smouldering dark crimson.
Kate was determined to make sure her naughty husband would not be sitting comfortably for days!
It would be so much fun teasing him about his reluctance and inability to sit and reminding him it was all her work.

Satisfied with her work , Kate released her grip ,"OK that will do for now but you've still got a good leathering to come later!" she announced .
"Yes Ma'am!" Roger replied , just relieved his ordeal was over .....for now.

Kate sat back on her chair , beaming proudly at her handiwork.
"That's what happens to Chauvinists young man!" she teased , giving his bare butt a final , resounding smack which made him hop .

She pointed to the floor , "Back to work Mister!" she ordered.
" I have to Ma''s gleaming!" Roger protested , furiously rubbing his rear.
Instinctively he dropped to his knees and began kissing and caressing his wife's bare feet.
"Well maybe there is another task you could do for the bedroom ..." Kate cooed.
"Anything you desire Ma'am!" Roger replied.

The next morning , Kate awoke to breakfast in bed from her still subservient and contrite husband.
Kate chuckled when she saw Roger's red and still very sore backside.

"I think I'll need to give your bottom a touch up Honey," she teased , "Go fetch the bath brush."
"AW No Kate! Not the darn bath hurts like heck and my behind is aleady so sore!" Roger pleaded .
Ignoring his please , Kate continued to nibble at her toast before replying, , "If you prefer , I could have you get over my knee for another dose of my hairbrush ....before your 40 big ones with the bath brush ?"
Roger sighed and his shoulder slumped before he reluctantly trudged to retrieve the bath brush.

A short while later , Roger stood at the sink washing the breakfast dishes ,wearing nothing bit one of Kate's aprons and his mult-colored rear on full display. .
"Hurry up Sweetie .My girlfriends  will be here soon , and you wouldn't want them to see  your sexy red butt in that little apron would you?" Kate giggled.

Roger panicked at his wife's announcement , "WHAAT? You didn't mention anything to me about that? he protested.
Kate laughed , "Silly boy! Who did  you think all that wine and appetizers were for ?  ....and make sure you wear those tight pants I like.!" she added.
Roger's brow furrowed , " I'm staying? I don't want to sit here chatting with you girls ....especially since my butt is way too sore to sit !" he replied indignantly.
Kate giggled again at his response , "Oh you will be staying alright , but don't worry about sitting're going to be way too busy serving us to sit ! Now go upstairs and lay out the strap before you get changed !" she barked.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Chauvinist - MF Spanking Story

Roger stood with hands on hips as his wife vacuumed the bedroom, "Did you vacuum under the bed?" he asked firmly."Yes Sir!" Kate replied.
Her husband  inspected the freshly made bed before nodding his approval.
"Are the dishes done and put away?" he asked.
"Yes Sir!" she replied.
"....and the bathrooms?"
"All cleaned Sir!"

Roger  scooped up the  big wooden spatula he had brought from the kitchen and sat on the bed , "Alright then Missie....are You ready for your spanking?"
"Yes Sir!" Kate responded.
Roger teased his wife by tapping the spatula against his palm , "Ouchie! This is gonna sting!" he grinned.

"Get over my knee young lady.......I am going to set your butt on fire!" he announced , tapping the spatula again for emphasis.
His naked wife carefully draped herself over her husband's lap.
Massaging her shapely , smooth , lily white cheeks he knew  they were not going to be white for long!.

Then , raising his arm , he brought the spatula  down smartly on Kate's right cheek.
Both were surprised  , Roger at the loudness of the  'WHACK!', and Kate at the sharp sting in her rear.
He loved the way Kate's round globes jiggled and wobbled upon impact.

Alternating from cheek to cheek , Roger snapped the brush against his target , producing loud 'WHACK 's' and lots of high pitched shrieks , "OW's!" and "OUCH's" from his squirming wife.

Kate was struggling to remain in place as the burning in her cheeks mounted.
The spatula had already transformed both of those cheeks from that Lily white hue to a glowing red.
For his part , Roger was thoroughly enjoying himself and 'warming' to his task.

He was determined that his naughty wife  would be feeling the effects of this spanking for the next little while !
It was going to be fun teasing her later . when he spotted her rubbing or  wincing when she sat , and reminding her that he was responsible for making her bottom so tender.
While Kate gritted her teeth and wished for the spanking to end , Roger had no intention of ending it anytime soon.

However , he did allow for a couple of pauses to let Kate catch her breath .
During each break  , he lectured her  , reminding her why she was over his lap having her cute bare bottom roasted.
Finally , Roger decided It was time to bring Kate's spanking to a conclusion.
"OK ! You've got 10 more coming and they're gonna be real stingers...." he announced , ".....and you're going to count  and thank me for each one!"
"Yes Sir!" Kate replied , clenching both cheeks and tightening her grip on her husband's leg in anticipation.

Roger made sure each of the final 10 stingers landed on the spot where Kate would feel it most when she sat.
He could tell by her shaking , trembling voice that he had done a thorough job.
"TT..TEN! THANK YOU SIR !" Kate gasped with relief when the final spank landed.

Roger grinned and carefully inspected his handiwork.
His wife's bottom was a fiery ,bright red , her skin hot to the touch.
"That ought to do you for a while young lady!" he teased , giving her butt a final , playful smack.

Releasing his grip he allowed her to get up.
He could not help laughing when Kate performed a cute little spanking dance,  hopping around , rubbing her bottom shrieking , "OH OH OH OH OMIGOSH THAT BURNS!"
"You're not finished yet Missie !" Roger said , undoing his pants.

"It's  time you thanked me properly!" he said , undoing his fly.
Still rubbing her sore rear , Kate dutifully dropped to her knees , began caressing her husband's member before opening her mouth wide , sliding her lips slowly down his shaft.

Tossing his head back , Roger gasped with satisfaction.
Here was his beautiful  naked wife , kneeling before him ,her head bobbing , lips wrapped tightly around his penis and her bottom bright red from the spanking he had just administered.
The sense of power was intoxicating for Roger , as was the sense of serving for Kate.
She gobbled hungrily at his shaft sending him int a frenzy.
After a few minutes , Roger exploded in her mouth and Kate  gulped and swallowed his load , anxiously licking and sucking up any residual with her lips.

Placing a palm on his wife's gloriously glowing red cheeks , he could feel the heat rising from them.
"God your good!" he exclaimed.
"I know!" Kate replied , her eyes looking up at him impishly.
Snuggling closer she gave her husband a hug and they both kissed passionately.
"Hmmm....I wonder if there is anything else you can do for me today ?" He mused with a grin.
"I'm sure you'll think of something...." Kate giggled.

The next morning , Roger awoke to breakfast in bed from his adoring , and still naked wife.
Kate planted a sloppy kiss on his forehead before placing the tray , complete with a newspaper, on his lap.
Raising a finger , Roger twirled it in a circle ,  gesturing for her to turn around.
He smiled with satisfaction when he noted his wife's bare bottom still bore a nice pinkish and red hue from the spatula.

"I think I'll need to give your bottom  a touch up Honey," He teased.
Kate glanced over her shoulder to examine the damage , "Don't you dare! It's sore enough!" She replied.
"I'll be the judge of that!" Roger warned , wagging a finger and taking a sip of his coffee .

He pointed to the hairbrush sitting on Kate's night table , "Once I've finished eating , your bare butt will be taking the place of this tray and you'll be getting a taste of that!!" he warned her .
"AW No Roger! Not the hairbrush...pleeeze?" she pleaded ,stamping a foot and rubbing her tender bottom.

Roger did not even pause from his breakfast , "If you prefer , I could have you bend over for 20 big ones with the bath brush instead ?"
Kate shrugged with a scowl   ," No Sir, I would not prefer that thank you very much..."
Her response spawned an impish grin from Roger, " You really hate that bath brush don't you ?" He said before biting into his toast.
His wife nodded nervously.
"Then the bath brush it is!" he announced.
"AW SHIT!" Kate exclaimed.

A short while later , a still naked Kate stood at the sink washing the breakfast dishes while Roger sat at the table browsing through the newspaper .
Occasionally he would glance  over at the myriad of shapes , colours and textures that dreaded bath brush had painted on her bottom.
A smile spread on his face when he saw Kate shifting uncomfortably and placing  a palm back to comfort her roasted rear .
"Hurry up Honey .The guys  will be here soon to watch the game , and while I'm sure they would be thrilled at the sight of your cute little red caboose , it may be a tad embarrassing for you!" he teased.

Kate panicked at Roger's announcement , "WHAAT? You didn't mention anything to me about that? she protested.
Roger laughed , "Silly girl! Who did  you think all that beer and snacks were for you?  ....and make sure you wear those  tight skinny jeans I like.!" he added.
Kate's brow furrowed , " I'm staying? I don't want to watch the game....and my bottom is way too sore to squeeze into those jeans !" She replied indignantly.
Her  response produced another cackle from Roger , "Why of course your staying are going to be our server! Now go get changed before I get the wooden Spoon!"

Friday, April 5, 2019

The Soccer Moms - MF Spanking Story

Tyra leaned closer to the mirror to put the final touches to her makeup.
Batting her stunning green eyes, she powdered her cute little impish nose and applied a final touch of gloss to her full lips.

Practicing her seductive smile , her perfect teeth glistened after their latest expensive whitening treatment.
Opting for a casual look, she tied up her long, blonde hair in a ponytail and stepped back to take a full-length view.
Her slender , tanned legs were hi-lighted by the tight, white jean shorts she had squeezed into , causing Tyra to smile with satisfaction when she spun around for a rear view.

She loved the way her firm, round cheeks looked encased in those tight shorts.
Her black tank top offered a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and  a bare mid-rift revealing  a tiny waist.
A few wisps of expensive perfume in the right places and Tyra was ready for her evening out.

The excited voice of Tyra's 10-year-old daughter Cassandra caught her ear.
"Hurry up Mom ....Coach Todd wants us to be at practice 10 minutes early" .
Tyra felt a schoolgirl thrill in the pit of her tummy at the mere mention of Cassandra's handsome soccer coach Todd Marley .

Despite being twice divorced at only 43 ,  Tyra was not going to pass up the prospect of landing the desirable Todd.
He was the town's most eligible bachelor, tall, confident, athletic and the owner of a flourishing Accounting firm.

Bachelor Todd's niece Brandy was in the team and he had volunteered to coach the team when nobody else would .
A lifelong athlete , Todd gladly obliged and was really enjoying his assignment, especially when he met some of the attractive soccer Mom's.
He did have a reputation as something of a Casanova , and had managed to remain single to the ripe age of 41.

As Cassandra hustled her Mom and her soccer bag into the van, a few doors down their neighbour Janet Whelan was already packed for practice and waiting for her daughter Emily to emerge from the house.
"Come on Emily we're late!" Janet called out impatiently glancing at her watch.

Janet was the Gym Teacher at the local school and also owned her own fitness business.
Her looks were a stark contrast to Tyra.
Tall , toned and athletic, she kept her dark hair short and her big brown eyes, high cheekbones ,full lips and long elegant neck gave her a natural beauty which required no  make-up.
Janet looked good in anything , but for soccer she chose a team t-shirt which hugged the curves of her firm torso, skin tight yoga pants and a baseball cap.
Looking in the mirror , she loved how the pants cupped each of her shapely globes.
Like Tyra, single Mom Janet was much more interested in coach Todd than the soccer practice.

Todd cut a fine figure in his red coach jersey and matching shorts.
His soccer socks were rolled down to his ankles , displaying his powerful calf muscles and he impressed everyone with his athleticism ,  fully participating in all the drills he put his young charges through.

All the girls loved him, as did their Moms as they sat on the sidelines drinking in every view of Todd's tanned, muscular , athletic frame.
Tyra and Janet had not been overlooked by Todd,  and he responded to their blatant flirting with smiles and a winks at every opportunity.
The moment Todd blew his whistle for a water break both Tyra and Janet grasped the opportunity to get closer to him.

The more athletic and appropriately dressed Janet got off the mark faster, bounding toward Todd as Tyra struggled to free herself from her folding chair without disturbing her appearance.
"Have a drink honey.....I'll be right back " Janet told Emily , stuffing a water bottle in her daughter's hand while continuing her jog over to Todd .

Janet stuck out a hand , "Hi Coach Marley.... I'm Janet ....Emily's Mom...number 7?" she said nervously.
Tyra sighed when she saw Janet already talking to Todd as she approached,  balancing  awkwardly on her stilettos.
"Darn you Janet!" she muttered under her breath .

Todd smiled back at Janet and shook her hand , "Emily is quite the little defender Mrs. Whelan" Todd said.
Janet's heart pounded , her mouth going dry as she pondered a response.
The normally confident woman felt as giddy as a teenager in front of this handsome man.
She realized her dating skills had become quite rusty.
"It's ‘Ms.’ actually ....but please call me Janet . I'm a trained gym teacher and personal trainer so I’d be glad to help you with the team....if you like of course ..." she asked nervously.

Janet wanted to kick herself for sounding so lame , and her talk with Todd abruptly ended when Tyra arrived .
Tossing her head back seductively to allow her pony-tail to bounce, she gave Janet a discerning smile. 
Todd's gaze immediately went to the outrageously flirting Tyra "I'll just be a minute Tyra " he chirped before returning his attention to Janet.
"That would be great Janet. Why don't you give me a call later and we can chat about how you can help."
Janet felt victorious , casting a triumphant glance at her rival who was trying hard to conceal her jealousy.

Todd couldn’t avoid  enjoying the sight of Janet's swaying hips and firm derriere chewing against her sleek spandex yoga pants as she departed.
His lusty gaze did not go unnoticed to Tyra , but being a lifelong tease  she had no trouble recapturing his attention with a flutter of her eyes, a tilt of her head and a soft hand on Todd's arm .
"Hi Todd......did you enjoy your day at my spa?" Tyra purred.
Tyra had emerged from her two failed marriages with quite a financial windfall and had  invested in  a very successful spa business.

She had asked Todd for some business advice and allowed him to spend a day at he spa for helping her.
"Yes was great. In fact so great I think I'll go back again ... this time as a paying customer!
How are you doing with that new accounting program I gave you ?" Todd asked.
Tyra pouted , flickering  her long lashes  "Not very well I'm afraid Todd , that's why I came to ask you a favour. " she said in a sultry tone.

Todd was eating out of her hands now , so when Tyra asked if he could come to her house to help with her accounting he just couldn't say no.
"Well sure...why not.... I'll zip home for a quick shower after practice and be there around 8ish?" he suggested.
Tyra nodded acceptance , flashing her expensive smile before giving Todd an ample view of her delectable little derrierre as she turned to leave.

Todd continued the practice while Tyra and Janet stood uneasily together until all the players and drooling soccer moms around Todd finally drifted away.
"So I'll see you 8ish Todd?" Tyra waved to him in a clear attempt to make Janet and the other ladies green with envy.
Todd looked up from his clipboard and confirmed their meeting with a wave.

Janet managed to get Todd’s attention , "Could I ask you to help me with a non-soccer issue Todd?" she asked.
She went on to tell Todd about her personal fitness business and asked if he could help her with her accounting.
Todd laughed , "It seems all of you ladies are accounting challenged! Actually I'm helping Tyra with the same problem so how about I stop by your place afterwards around 9 and see what the problem is?"

Delighted with Todd's response Janet agreed , although she was a bit disappointed on the short notice as Emily would  be home.
Just then, Janet's mood changed when Emily called out to her from the van.
"Come on Mom ......I've got a sleepover at Brittany's tonight ...did you forget?"
For a moment Janet wanted to leap up and punch the air but restrained her reaction to a muted "YESSSSS!" .

"Bye Cassandra. I'll pick you up at 10am sharp tomorrow!" Tyra called out as she watched her daughter climb into the van to go to her sleepover.
A few moments before , the same scene had played out at Janet's house when Emily hopped into the same van.

Both Tyra and Janet wasted no time in readying themselves for their ‘date’ with the hunky Todd.
Tyra decided to stay with her chosen outfit, figuring that her tight white jean shorts were already a hit with Todd.

Janet was undecided on her attire.
She knew she looked good in those yoga pants , but thought she should give Todd a more feminine  look.
As she soaked in the tub she decided the best outfit would be a short, summer dress to show off her long , tanned legs and firm physique .
Todd was in for quite an evening .

If Todd already had an inkling that Tyra had other motives to invite him to her house , other than accounting problems,  it became clear as soon as he entered her house.
Soft music played in the background, lights were dimmed and scented candles were burning everywhere.

"Have a seat and I'll fetch my laptop " Tyra cooed, ushering Todd over to the table where a bottle of wine and two glasses awaited.
Tyra fired up the computer and then poured the wine without even bothering to ask Todd.
"Sorry Tyra but I don't usually drink when I'm working." He told her.
Tyra just giggled, " Oh Todd! This can hardly be called work can it?"

Meanwhile a few doors down Janet cursed while trying to install the accounting program on her computer.
She had told Todd a `little white lie' about having problems with it , but she had not even taken it out of the box yet!
She took a big gulp of wine , "How hard could it be?'" she told herself, glancing at her watch.

Back at Tyra's, Todd was becoming a little frustrated at her poor attempts at producing a simple invoice.
"I find it hard to believe that a smart woman like you is having so much trouble with this Tyra .You'd better not be doing this on purpose?" he warned her .

The wine bottle was almost empty now and Todd's one glass was still half full.
"And what if I was doing it on purpose?" Tyra teased , pouting her lips and placing her hand on Todd’s lap close to his crotch.
Todd lifted her  hand and placed it back on the table.
"I would put you over my knee and give you a good spanking!" he informed her.

Tyra felt a surge of excitement pulse through her veins and a tingling sensation in her bottom.
His response excited her,"You wouldn't dare!" she challenged , her eyes lighting up in mischief.
Todd figured a good spanking was the perfect excuse to get Tyra's sumptuous little bottom out of those tight little shorts !

A mischievous Tyra stood up and made a spirited , but half-hearted, attempt to escape from Todd's grasp.
He did not have to pursue her for long , catching her wrist before she made it from the table.
Seizing  her other wrist he easily pulled her to him .
Tyra struggled to free herself when Todd pulled out a chair and sat down , "OOOOH NOOOO! You wouldn't dare !" she squeaked when he tipped her effortlessly, face first over his awaiting lap.

"Noooooo! What are you doing Todd! Not on the bare !" Tyra squealed ,feigning outrage when she felt Todd's fingers undo the snap on her shorts.
Todd slid down the zipper and laughed as the petite blonde kicked her legs and flailed helplessly.
"These shorts are coming down so I can spank you properly on the bare bottom Missie!" Todd informed her.
"OMIGOSH!!" Tyra gushed as  Todd's fingers tugged on the waistband of her shorts and slid them over the curves of her hips and bottom and down to her thighs.
Underneath the shorts , she wore only a white thong and felt a cool breeze on her bare skin .

Todd took in the wondrous sight before him.
Two of the most beautiful, tanned, jiggling globes he had ever laid eyes on where there before him.
For a second his mind wandered to things other than spanking but he snapped himself back to reality , placing a palm on Tyra's bare bottom .
Seductively he caressed her twin globes and Tyra cooed with delight.
Between each caress he introduced a playful smack , generating a cute little yelp of surprise from the blonde.

“Oh My!” Tyra gasped , partly in surprise and partly in delight when Todd’s palm smacked her jiggling cheeks.
Todd continued spanking each lovely cheek , picking up the speed and intensity of the spanks until a nice pink hue appeared .

Tyra squirmed and moaned on Todd's lap as he briskly spanked her quivering cheeks.
The heat in her bottom  intensified but Tyra loved every minute of it , grinding her hips rhythmically against Todd's groin.
Feeling  his erection beneath her made her even hotter and she gasped with delight.

Having turned her bottom a nice bright red , Todd spanked harder and methodically, landing stinging smacks to Tyra's sensitive sit spot.
She cried and yelped as these punishing spanks landed , bucking and squirming
to avoid Todd’s relentless  palm.

"OH GAAAHD THAT BURNS!" Tyra bawled as the spanking started to take its toll on her tender skin.
Todd paused again to caress Tyra's bottom giving her a temporary soothing relief.
Her skin was so soft and smooth yet hot to his touch , and once again his mind wandered.

Refocusing he took a firm grip on the waistband of Tyra's skimpy white thong.
"Noooo... ..noooo....please don't Todd !  “ Tyra protested.
Todd wondered why she was so outraged.
Her cheeks were already fully exposed to his view , but the lowering of her last line of defence added to her indignation .

Todd moved the spanking to its finale, paddling Tyra's bottom briskly as she squealed and kicked her tiny feet.
With a final flurry of short, sharp spanks he concluded a very comprehensive bottom warming.

They were both out of breath when Todd rose and stood Tyra on her feet.
Instinctively he pulled her into his arms , and she nestled her head on his strong chest as the pair  embraced.
Tyra grimaced , rubbing her hot bottom to relieve the sting , "Oooooh that really burns.." she moaned.
The spanking had stoked a fire elsewhere in her , so she kicked off her shorts and undies ,placing a hand between Todd's legs in search of the erection she had been grinding on while over his lap.
She didn't have to search for long and Todd groaned when her hand took a firm grasp on his shaft.

Boldly she took Todd's hand , placing it between her own legs.
His erection grew when he felt the moistness of her womanhood ,allowing his fingers to explore deep inside her and Tyra let out a loud moan when Todd found her sweet spot.

Their lips locked together in a long lingering kiss before Todd picked her up and sat her on the table.
Tyra yanked Todd's shirt over his head and undid his jeans as he unceremoniously yanked her top off allowing her pert breasts to spill out .

Todd frantically helped Tyra remove his jeans and underwear as their lips met again.
Gasping in anticipation , Tyra’s eyes widened when Todd's massive erection sprang out from its constraints.
Lying back on the table, she spread her legs wide  and pulled Todd to her.

Todd needed no encouragement , eagerly climbing on the table on top of Tyra.
Tyra urged him on as he guided his erection deep inside her.
A loud gasp exhaled from deep in Tyra's lungs when Todd began thrusting.

The antique wooden table was solid , but its legs wobbled as Tyra and Todd made love lustily on top of it.
It moved slowly across the room and almost toppled when they both climaxed violently in unison .
Somehow the table survived the test and Todd and Tyra lay quietly on top of it, catching their breath.

"WOW!" Tyra exclaimed and Todd nodded agreement , Tyra snuggled closer to him , "Stay the night Todd ..please?" she purred.
Todd glanced at the clock.
"Geez !. Its 9.30! I  promised Janet I'd stop by her place to help her with her bookkeeping!" Todd announced.

Tyra sprang up indignantly ," WHAAAT ? You made a date with that bitch too?” she yelled angrily.
Todd put a finger to her lips to silence her , "I promised Janet...there will be other nights  Tyra." he told her , hopping off the table and hurriedly hoisting his pants.

Tyra slid of the table ,  wincing when she inspected her red , glowing bottom.
Todd laughed " A good helping of Aloe Vera will cool that down " he advised , planting a kiss  on her forehead.
Tyra stamped her tiny foot angrily.
"I was hoping you would do that for me !" she fumed.
"Sorry ! Gotta go!" Todd replied , tucking in his shirt and was gone out the door before Tyra could reply.

Janet's heart sank when she looked at the clock , "DAMMIT! I  should have known once that little minx Tyra got her claws in Todd he wouldn't be coming to see me!" she fumed.
At least her time had been well spent setting up her accounting program , but Janet's real interest was Todd.

Just then the doorbell rang and Janet's heart pounded when she saw it was Todd.
"Am I too late?" Todd asked meekly.
Janet smiled and beckoned him inside.
Unlike Tyra, Janet's attempt at seducing Todd was more subtle.There were no candles , music or wine,  but he had never seen the usually dressed down Mom look so good.

He admired how her thin sundress clung to her firm figure and how it displayed her exposed and well-toned arms and legs.
It did not take Todd long to conclude that Janet had not dressed this way to practice accounting but he played along.

Pointing to her computer in the corner of the room Janet sighed in feigned exasperation.
"I'm so glad you're here Todd, I've been pulling my hair out with this accounting program for weeks" she said in her best `maiden in distress' voice.

Todd sat at the computer and started working while Janet hovered over him.
Occasionally she made a point of brushing against him  , and Todd's mind soon strayed from accounting as he breathed in her scent and her statuesque form.

Janet was  a total contrast to the diminutive blonde Tyra.
She was tall, athletic and had a bold confidence about her.
Her legs were long and toned and flowed into what were clearly `buns of steel'.
He longed to get his hands on that voluptuous rear.

Todd spotted the discarded packaging from the accounting program in the trash can beside the desk and immediately went into the log of the program.
"Hmmmm...interesting." he murmured, folding his arms and spinning around in his chair to face Janet.

Todd looked at her the same he looked at his schoolgirl charges when they did something wrong.
Janet gulped , her heart pounding.

"So you've been using this for weeks have you Janet ?" he asked.
Janet's face flushed.She hated lying and it showed.
"Er...uhm...yes....yes of course I have Todd...” she stammered.
There was a pause as Todd pondered her reply.
"That's odd, because according to the log the program was only installed a couple of hours ago and if I'm not mistaken that would be the packaging over there " he declared.

Caught red-handed , Janet mustered no reply except for a girlish giggle.
Todd pretended he was not amused.
"Janet Whelan, you only started using this program tonight and I think you were using it as an excuse for you and I to be alone." he lectured , wagging a finger at her.
Bowing her head Janet could only nod agreement.

Todd stood up, took Janet's hand in his and raised her chin gently so they were eye to eye.
"That was very naughty of you Miss Whelan . I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a good spanking !" Todd announced.
Janet's jaw dropped ,  her eyes widening as she absorbed Todd's words.
"A spanking ? Now Todd? But I was just......EEEEEK!" she squealed when Todd leaned on the desk,  quickly bending a startled Janet over his outstretched knee.

Compared to Tyra, Janet was more of a challenge to keep in place and she was genuinely struggling to free herself from Todd's grip.
She was very strong from all those hours in the gym , but Todd was more than a match for her and able to hold her in place.

"Todd ! No ! No...don't you dare !" Janet yelled when she felt Todd's fingers slip under the hem of her dress .
The material slowly slid up her thighs, over her hips finally bunching up at her tiny waist.
Todd admired yet another glorious sight before him.
Janet's buttocks were firm, tanned and muscular and on full display as, like Tyra, she wore only a tiny thong underneath.

Janet's bottom tensed as she felt Todd's palm caress and massage her skin.
She could not suppress a moan of joy "OH GAHD THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!"
"OW!" Janet's eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise when the first firm spank
landed smartly on her right cheek.
It stung right away and  she yelped again whenTodd's palm connected firmly with her opposite cheek.

Todd realized that Janet really did have buns of steel,  so spanked harder ... much harder than the spanking he had applied to the more soft and tender rump of the lovely Tyra.
Although her bottom  really stung ,  Janet was up to the challenge , even teasing Todd , by looking up at him and saying through gritted teeth  "Is that the best you can do ?"

Todd shook his head, pausing to admire Janet’s spirit , then raised his hand and brought it down with resounding force on Janet's stubborn rump.
It sounded like a gunshot and Janet howled upon impact.
"How was that?" he responded to Janet who was still reeling from the stinging hard swat.
"Wh..what are you doing Todd ? STOPPIT !" Janet yelled when she felt Todd peel off
her thong leaving her voluptuous  bottom completely bare .
Todd continued to deliver volleys of hard spanks until Janet's bottom was a flaming red
and she was bucking violently on his lap.

Janet exhaled forcefully.
Her bottom felt like it was on fire!
"OK OK I'm sorry Todd!" Janet wailed as Todd continued to spank her briskly right on her tender sit spot ..
Her bottom was well and truly tenderized now so he didn't have to spank Janet so hard.
After a final flurry of spanks which had Janet yelping loudly ,  he stood her up and she immediately began dancing around the room,furiously trying to douse the fire in her rear.
Todd chuckled at her antics before taking her by the wrist and pulling her into his arms.

Their lips locked in a long, lingering kiss and Janet melted in Todd's arms.
She was conquered and she loved it!
In a flash Janet bent over the desk , thrusted our her bottom and spread her legs.
"Take me Todd.....take me now!" she squealed,  wiggling her bare , red bottom impatiently.
Todd quickly dropped his pants to ram his readied shaft inside her awaiting, moist charms.
They groaned in unison as he pumped so hard the table slid across the flo, moving the taentered.

"HARDER HARDER " Janet demanded and Todd pounded into her with all his
Janet's powerful legs and buttocks pushed back hard making the experience quite the work out for them both.
The desk almost tipped when Todd finally exploded wildly inside her and Janet squealed out in ecstasy and delight.

Although the time was short , the sheer physical effort had exhausted both of these athletes and Todd lay prone on top of Janet as she remained over the desk.
When they stood up, Todd took Janet in his arms and kissed her again.
"I want more" she pleaded to him.
Todd hugged her tightly.
"Sorry Janet I have to wouldn't look right ." Todd explained.
Janet sighed as she watched Todd restore his jeans.
"Better get some Aloe Vera for that" he chuckled pointing to Janet's fiery red bottom.
Janet winced as she restored her dress over her sore bottom and watched Todd leave.
Tyra groaned sleepily when she was awakened by the sound of the telephone.
Stretching an arm out she dragged the headset to her ear.
`Mom it’s 10 should be here to pick me up !" Cassandra lectured.
Suddenly awakened Tyra sat up on the bed , "AIOOW!" she yelped when her still tender rear took her full weight .
"OOOOH....I'll be there in a few minutes Honey." She grimaced ,raising herself up to her knees.

Hoisting her short nightie Tyra inspected her bottom in the mirror.
The sting had mostly  dissipated but her skin was still tender and pinkish and she could  see the vague outline of Todd's palm where it had landed repeatedly.
It was only when she pulled on her panties that she realized how tender the area was.
Luckily it was a short drive to pick up Cassandra but she still found herself shifting and squirming in her seat .

As she waited in the car for Cassandra , Janet and Emily emerged from the house.
"I can give you guys a ride ." Tyra chirped as they approached.
In reality she was anxious to get information on Todd's visit.
Janet forced a smile " No thanks Tyra the walk will be good for both of us" she replied.

Tyra noticed Janet was walking a little stiffly .
"Did you hurt yourself ? You look like your limping..." Tyra inquired.
Janet blushed and shook her head.
"I think she did hurt herself Mrs. Connor ...she was too sore to sit down at  Brittany's for a coffee !" Emily piped up.

Tyra raised a curious brow and Janet's blush deepened.
"’s just an old basketball injury...let’s go honey.." Janet babbled , hustling Emily along.

Todd was in fine form , whistling as he strode into Tyra's spa for his massage.
Tyra's eyes lit up at the unexpected visit.
"Told you I'd be a paying customer Tyra ....your best massage please Ma'am" he joked.
Tyra frowned "I'm afraid my masseur is not here today....will I do?" Todd grinned and pulled Tyra into his arms and kissed her.

"You look like a mad scientist , but a real cute one !" Todd observed as he lay on the massage table with only a tiny towelcovering his muscular hindquarters.
Tyra was wearing a short white lab coat , and had a pair of thick framed glasses perched on her cute little nose.
Her long blonde hair was pinned up revealing a most beautiful face.

Smiling mischieviously she seductively slid down the zipper of her lab coat , letting it drop to the floor  and standing  before Todd , hands on hips wearing only glasses , a
pair of heels and the tiniest of lace undies.

Todd gulped ,  momentarily rendered speechless.
Turning around , Tyra proudly showed Todd her curvy bottom which still bore the marks of the spanking he had given her.
Pouting her lips she tantalizing rubbed the area. , "You really spanked me hard last night" she purred.
Todd beckoned her closer , "Let me kiss it better" he replied hungrily.
Tyra obliged moving her bottom closer to allow Todd to planting soft kisses all over it.

Tyra turned to face Todd and began to massage his strong back.
Her hands soon drifted down to the towel draped over his muscular backside .
Slowly she eased the towel off , squeezing Todd's buttocks with her hands and making him flinch.

"OUCH! Hey ..easy there !" Todd complained when Tyra delivered a playful but firm slap to his bare rump.
Tyra clamped her left hand down on the small of Todd's back , "That was for leaving me to go see Janet last night. !" she said angrily and spanked Todd's exposed rump fast and furious and as hard as she could.
His position on the massage table made it impossible for Todd to avoid the unexpected paddling as Tyra whaled away at him !

Her palm was tiny but it was having an effect on Todd's rear , his skin quickly reddening and inspiringTyra to continue until his cheeks were really glowing.
Finally out of breath Tyra stopped spanking.
Todd was able to put a palm back to sooth his burning rear.
"AAAW Geez Tyra that stung !" he whined  , rubbing earnestly.
Tyra leaned closer to him " There's lots more where that came from if you ever dare to try that again!" she told him through gritted teeth.
"YEOOW!" Todd yelped as Tyra delivered a final solid whack to his backside.

Tyra studied her palm . If it hurt that much she could just imagine what Todd's bottom
felt like!
She blew on her palm as a gunslinger would do to cool his smoking gun , "There will be no charge for this session Mr.Marley !" she grinned , leaving Todd alone to gather his thoughts.

Todd's rear was still smarting when he arrived at Janet's personal training centre.
"Hi Janet! Is now a good time to talk about how you can help with the team ?" he asked.
Janet was pleased to see her handsome beau.
"Sure ...Have seat " she replied pulling out a chair.

Todd put a hand to his stinging rear.
"No thanks I'll just stand for a while if you don’t mind ..." he said with a grimace.
Janet placed hand on the seat of her yoga pants , "That's fine with me Todd...sitting is a bit of a problem for me after last night " she blushed.

Todd grinned " Yes ..well sorry  about that .." he grinned.

Janet raised an eyebrow , glaring seriously at Todd , "You did seem to take a lot of time at Tyra's just to do some invoices....or was it just invoicing you were doing over there?" she asked.
Todd blushed and tried  to explain , " did have some wine and a chat." Todd coughed nervously.
Janet was gaining in confidence as Todd's drained , "A chat ?" she said sarcastically.

Janet took a ping pong paddle from a nearby shelf and confronted a wilting Todd.
"So I was just your little dessert after Tyra was I Todd ?" she seethed .
Todd tried vainly to add some humor to the situation , "If we're going to play table tennis I'll need a paddle too Janet." He stammered.
Janet patted the paddle against her palm.
"For this game I'll be the only one needing a paddle.....all I need from you is your bare butt !"she declared .

Todd was taken by surprise by Janet's confident stance as she stood before him , paddle in hand , looking like an Amazon warrior.
"YEOOW!" Todd yelled when Janet grabbed him roughly by the ear and steered him into her office and closed the door.
"Jeans down and bend over the desk!" Janet ordered bluntly

Rubbing his ear Todd pleaded with the formidable Janet.
"Now Janet.... know what I did was wrong but...." He began before Janet stopped him.
"I said jeans down and bend over the desk mister!" she repeated.
Resigned to his fate , Todd sighed and undid his belt.

"Those too" Janet ordered pointing to Todd's tight black briefs.
Todd's shoulders slumped and he slid down his briefs to assume the position.
"Well , well it appears you've been warmed up already !" Janet said when she hoisted his shirt and observed a red backside from his encounter with Tyra .
"Hold on tight're in for 20 of the best !" Janet announced.

Taking a step back Janet wound up and cracked the paddle against Todd's bare buttocks.
It sounded like a gunshot and Todd cried out loudly.
Slowly and methodically Janet delivered a full 20 blistering swats to Todd's backside as he remained bent over the desk.
Todd gritted his teeth , holding on to the desk , struggling to stay in position and  trying to maintain some composure .
After the final stinging swat landed he sprang up clutching his cheeks with both palms .
Janet came up to him , put her arms around him and pressed her lips against his.
Todd pulled her close to him and winced when Janet dug her fingers into the tender hot skin of his buttocks while they kissed passionately.

Janet looked deep into Todd's eyes and wagged a finger at him.
"Don't ever pull a stunt like that with me ever again !" she said firmly.
"Now.....Lets talk about the team shall we?"

Todd walked home rather stiffly , his sore backside scratching uncomfortably against the harsh denim jeans as a result of the double paddling he had received from Tyra and Janet.
He had clearly underestimated the resolve of these two soccer moms and had deservedly suffered their wrath.

With all the scores even ,  Tyra and Janet were both  anxious for a second rendezvous with Todd and saw the team party that weekend as the perfect opportunity .
It was the soccer team pool party at Todd's place and both ladieshad volunteered to chaperone while Todd barbequed.

Tyra eyed her extensive collection of swimsuits for the occasion and settled on a tiny pink bikini.
Not to be outdone, Janet had gone swimsuit shopping and after much deliberation about styles selected an eye-catching outfit.

There was definite tension in the air when the two rivals arrived at Todd's house to help set up for the party.
Luckily there were a few other Moms and Dads present which served to keep them least for a while!
It still did not stop either of them from taking every opportunity to make each other jealous by flirting  with Todd.

It was soon time for Tyra and Janet to play their trump cards and go for a swim with Todd in the pool.
Both of them were convinced that once he saw them in their carefully selected, skimpy, swimsuit his heart would be theirs.
They glared at each other enviously as they peeled off their shorts and tops.
"Hey what are the chances of that happening !" Todd cackled as Tyra and Janet joined him at the pool....the two ladies were aghast to see that they were wearing identical
bikinis !

The rest of the parents found it so funny they laughed out loud and the Dad's attending were most impressed.
Tyra and Janet looked wonderful,  but the laughter only served to fester their simmering feud .

The pair competed hard for Todd's affections as they frolicked in the pool and stayed there as , one by one , the parents and kids left for home.
Even Cassandra and Emily were growing embarrassed by their Mothers' obvious pursuit of their coach.
"Can we go now Mom?" they whined in unison.
"I'll take these two for an ice cream if you like and you can pick them up at my place if you like ....." one of the remaining parents offered .

Of course Tyra and Janet gratefully agreed and were left alone in the pool with Todd.
The trio retreated to sunbath on the deck and Todd offered to get them all some drinks.
While the ladies were intent on one of them winning over Todd for the evening, Todd's goal was to have every man's dream come true... a threesome !

His opportunity arrived when he returned with the drinks and found Tyra and Janet in a heated argument.
Before he could put down the drinks Tyra slapped Janet's face and Janet retaliated by grabbing Tyra's bikini top , pulling it clean off!

Her eyes filled with fury , Tyra returned the favor and reached for Janet's top.
The stronger Janet was able to hold her off , but they both fell in the pool and continued their struggle.
Todd dived into the pool and quickly separated the two flailing,topless females , hauling  them out of the pool.

Tossing each a towel ,  they coughed  out water and covered their exposure.
Todd was genuinely furious but also sensed an opportunity , "Both of you get inside  NOW!" he scolded.
Like two naughty schoolgirls , the feuding soccer moms trundled inside with Todd close behind.

Todd had them stand by the sofa while he went to the kitchen,returning with a large wooden spoon.
The ladies' jaws dropped as reality sunk in.
"Get those bikini bottoms off and bend over the back of the sofa!"Todd ordered.

For a moment Tyra and Janet were stunned to silence and then without protest ,  they both wiggled their hips to slide out of their wet bikini bottoms.
The ladies made no attempt to cover their vanity even when  Todd motioned them
to bend over the sofa.

Todd drank in the sight of these two shapely, bare, glistening bottoms presented to him.
While he had seen them before he could not resist pausing to compare their attributes.
Tyra's bottom was smaller, round and soft and curvier than Janet's firm and muscular but still very feminine appendage.

Taking up his position beside them , Todd tapped the spoon against their bottoms as a warning for what was to come.
In unison the two ladies closed their eyes, gripped onto the sofa and clenched their cheeks.

In no time Todd had the spoon dancing all over those four delectable globes,peppering them with short, sharp, stinging whacks in rapid succession.
Applied to wet skin the spoon smarted so much that the two ladies were making quite a racket as the punishing spoon well and truly warmed their bottoms to a fiery crimson .

Todd paused to smooth his palm over the four hot globes.
It felt good and the women moaned and sighed at his touch , but soon they were shrieking loudly again when the spoon resumed its dance harder and faster than before until it concluded with a cracking crescendo of wallops.
Tyra and Janet remained prone over the sofa when it ended, moaning and slowly allowing their palms to sooth the damaged area.

"OK you two ñ you can get up now!" Todd said firmly.
Too sore to worry about their nakedness both Tyra and Janet needed both hands to rub their bottoms as Todd lectured them on their 
"Get up stairs , lie down on the bed and I'll get some Aloe Vera for those naughty bottoms!" Todd suggested with a grin.
Tyra and Janet smiled, looked at each other and headed for the bedroom upstairs.
Todd picked up the of Aloe Vera as he watched the two jiggling,red bottoms scurry upstairs.

When he reached the bedroom door Todd peered in to see Tyra and Janet lying together , naked on the bed, their bottoms in the air awaiting his arrival.
Todd's fantasy was about to come true he thought.

He stepped out of his swim trunks and his penis sprang to attention.
Aloe Vera in hand , his eyes feasted on the sight before him and he sat on the edge of the bed.
Tyra and Janet groaned and giggled like schoolgirls when Todd seductively applied the cooling ointment to their hot cheeks , allowing his fingers to wander , linger , explore and tease them.
"Oooooo,,,,that feels soooo good Todd.." Tyra sighed , winking at Janet.

Janet smiled and looked up at Todd ,"Why don't you lie down on the bed Todd and let us take care of you " she suggested.
Todd needed no encouragement and was soon lying  face down on the bed awaiting their pleasure.

He could hear some rummaging in the closet behind him , "What are you two looking for ?" he asked .
Then , with the speed of a panther , Janet leapt onto Todd's back , straddling him and pinning his arms down with her strong legs .
"You go first Tyra !" she hollered excitedly.

Forcing his head around , Todd saw Tyra holding a thick , leather belt she had taken from his closet.
Doubling it over , she slapped it against her palm , "Men just never learn do they Janet ?
Did you really think you were a getting a threesome that easily Todd?"she scolded.

"All you'll be getting from us is an good ass blistering mister !" Janet added excitedly.
Todd frantically struggled to free himself , but there was no way Janet was letting him move from his vulnerable position.
"Tyra ! Janet ! Dammit.....let me up!!   AAAAARRRRGGHÖ."Todd  howled when Tyra lashed the leather belt across his backside.

Todd fought with his fierce male pride a,  never thinking that these two soccer moms could have him bawling like baby....but they had done just that!
Like a tag team , they eagerly took turns holding Todd down and walloping his rear with the belt.

A short while later , a totally humbled Todd joined Tyra and Janet on the patio for a long overdue talk.
He explained that he was unable to choose between these two attractive women and his male ego had driven him to scheme to have them both.

Teaming up for that satisfying strapping had bonded the two women.
They even laughed about their identical swimsuits as they sat under the sun umbrella while Todd served them up some ice tea.
Adding  to Todd’s humiliation was listening to the the ladies sharing stories about  the
spankings they had given Todd earlier.
"That's why his rump was so red !I figured it was you Tyra !" Janet cackled.

Their bottoms were still  stinging from the effects of the wooden spoon earlier but they were still able to sit comfortably on the soft , thick chair cushions .
The same could not be said for Todd would be a few days before he was able to sit down comfortably on anything !

"I'd like to apologize to both of you for being such a cad " Todd said , holding up a glass for a toast.
"To honesty and fair play !" he declared.
"I'll drink to that!" the ladies chimed and clinked their glasses against his.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Helping Hand - FM Spanking Cartoon

This naughty Husband made the mistake of acting irresponsibly yet again when they visited their friends.
This time his Wife decides to deliver 'on the spot' discipline , and their Hostess is only to happy to accommodate her by making their bedroom available to deal with him.
of course the room comes equipped with everything a strict Wife needs to deal with a naughty Husband , including a nice big chair and a well used , heavy clothes brush.
But just in case that is not enough , their hostess interrupts to offer her friend additional support!