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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Moms Knows Best - FM Spanking Story

"Are you really going to sit there and let him speak to you like that dear?" Sandra's Mom , Donna , peeked over the magazine she was reading and scowled at her daughter.
Sitting across from her , Sandra shrugged , "I dunno Mom....its just the way he is I guess?" she replied uncertainly.
Putting down the magazine , Donna leaned closer to Sandra , "Well it's about time you changed his ways and I believe I've already told you how to do that haven't I?" she scolded.

Sandra sighed , her shoulders slumping , "I know Mom , but I just don't know if I can bring myself to do sounds so weird.....Jack is not a child .....I'll have another talk with him when we get home." she said meekly.

"A lot of good talking to him has done so far Sandra's time for action !" Donna was indignant with rage now.
Standing up , she opened a drawer beside her and scooped out a large , antique hairbrush.
"Do you recognize this ?" she asked firmly.

Her daughter gulped , "I certainly do Mom.....I saw you use it enough times on the boys!"
"....not to mention your Father ! The mere sight of this is enough to keep him in line." Mom revealed.
Sandra paused to take in the information her Mother had just provided , "You mean you spanked Dad too?" she blurted.
Donna smiled , "I've been blistering your Father's backside with this since before we were married. That's why we've been married so keeps him on the straight and narrow. He still gets it once in a while if he needs it!"

Sandra smiled at the picture in her mind of her burly Father draped over her petite Mother's lap having his bare bottom spanked like a naughty boy.
The image and her Mother's confident advice suddenly inspired her and she sprang to her feet.
"Jack! Come here ! I need to talk to you for a minute!" she called out in the firmest tone she could muster.

"Later Hun! I'm watching the game right now....bring me another beer....and make me a snack !" came the reply from Sandra's Fiancee sprawled on the sofa in the next room.
Sandra's Mom cast her a reassuring look.
"I said NOW Jack! Get in here !" Sandra barked , her tone tightening.
"In your dreams gal....and hurry up with that beer !" Jack retorted.

Taking a deep breath , Sandra looked at her Mom , "Here goes Mom." she said before strutting purposefully to the next room.
Donna chuckled when she heard Jack shriek in pain and protest loudly to his newly inspired Fiancee.
Sandra was having none of it , launching into a lengthy lecture that silenced her man.
Moments later , with a firm grip on Jack's ear , she marched him into the living room.

Jack was too busy complaining about his sore ear to notice the implement in Donna's hand.
She handed the brush to her daughter , "You can use our bedroom dear.... there's a nice big straight back chair in the corner you can use." she grinned , handing the brush to her daughter.

Sandra strode confidently off with a yelping Jack in tow , closing the bedroom door after shoving him inside.
A grinning Donna shook her head , sat fown and began  leafing casually through the magazine pages.
The noises from down the hall brought a satisfied smile to the older woman's face , "I guess she's skipping the warm up!" she observed.

The front door opened and Sandra's Father entered  , standing frozen for a moment , holding his coat and listening to the loud noises coming from their bedroom down the hall.
His brow furrowed , "Is Sandra .....?" he began.
Hi wife grinned impishly, her gaze still on her magazine , " she spanking Jack? Yes...finally!" she replied.

Her husband frowned at his beaming spouse , "You didn't by chance have anything to do with this Donna?" he asked warily.
"Mom's know best !" his wife replied .
"....and a wife knows even I suspect I'm about to find out!" he acknowledged.
Donna finally put down her magazine and rose to give her husband a passionate kiss.
"It has been a while since I blistered your butt I've asked Sandra to leave everything out when she's done!" she told him.


  1. Oh boy... I bet it will give Mom an extra thrill to know that the brush she's using on her husband was toasting her son-in-law's bare behind shortly before!

    Have you ever thought about doing a story/pictures where a mother encourages her daughter-in-law to spank her grownup son? That would be hot!

    1. I believe one of my 'Blackwell' stories has that scenario Q.

  2. Another good one now next a man who gets spanked for his attitude and Has to were drag for a week is quiet humiliating

    1. ???Are you sure you have the right story???

  3. Great. Always love mom daughter series. Doesn't matter they are giving or receiving.

    1. You will find both giving anc receiving at this blog.

  4. Another good story. I wonder how often it happens in real life that women who are in the habit of spanking their husband pass on the idea to their daughter, so that she starts disciplining her boyfriend or husband the same way? I guess it is possible, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

    1. Mother's do like to pass on advice to their daughters...especially practical advice like this!

  5. A wonderful story, with good art. I love the idea that because the son in law is being spanked, it means you also need a spanking. You might consider having the son-in -law standing in the corner, and the mother brings her husband into the room, and spanks him.
    bottoms up

    1. I think Mom would prefer to spank her hubby later in private as I suspect she is anxious for more than just spanking him....