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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Planning Her Revenge - MF Spanking Cartoon

It appears Sunnie has been naughty again and Marcel is only too happy to administer another spanking , even though he knows his feisty Girlfriend will turn the tables on him as soon as she can.


  1. Sunny has a backside that a spank o would die for. When I see a woman with a backside like that I wonder what type of attention she craves a spanking or some love. Just a harmless fantasy.

  2. The perils of being a switch in a relationship with another switch :D

  3. Switching is the perfect relationship!

  4. Seems to me a better idea would be to negotiate "I won't tell if you go easy on me". Too bad for her. The strategy she used will now earn her a much longer and much harder spanking. He has nothing to gain by going easy!! Oooo!! Her poor bottom!!!

    1. You should know that negotiation never works Joe , especially when you're over someone's lap.
      Revenge is her best option as Marcel knows she will soon turn the tables on him!

  5. Amazing work on this drawing! I particularly enjoy Sunnie's ample backside, shapely legs, and those oh-so-tiny panties.