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Monday, December 3, 2018

Spanking in Paradise

This story is loosely based on one of my favourite Television Mystery Series , 'Death in Paradise' set in a Carribean island.
The only thing missing from the series was a good spanking so I have tried to remedy that.....

"You did WHAT?" Camille gasped .
Her boss , Detective Inspector Alan Crimson shrugged his shoulders and replied sheepishly ,
"I spanked her." he repeated confidently.
Camille's eyes widened , "YOU spanked my Mother ? You mean on the...."
Her boss was glad to fill in the blanks  , ".....the bottom....on her bare bottom actually...." he added with a hint of satisfaction.

For a moment Camille was silent until she tilted her head and asked incredulously , " spanked my Mother ? On her bare bottom?"
Inspector Alan Crimson leaned back in his chair rolling a pencil between his fingers and nodded.

Camille leaned forward , hands on hips , "After I agree to set you up on a date with my Mother.....  you gave her a spanking!" she declared.
The ringing of Camille's phone reprieved Inspector Crimson from further interrogation.
Impatiently , Camille answered her phone , "Detective Beaudreau speaking....Oh Mother....yes I'm was wonderful , how are you? Inspector Crimson ? ...he's right here in front of me....look Mother I...." Camille's jaw dropped and she handed her phone to Crimson.
"It's my Mother....she wants to talk to you..."

Inspector Crimson grinned impishly and took the phone.
"Hello Catherine , how are you? Don't worry...I'm sure you'll be able to sit down quite nicely in a day or two.....see you tomorrow night at 7 o'clock sharp ....and don't you dare be late young lady.. ..bye."
With that , Crimson handed the phone back to Camille.

Camille shook her head in disbelief.
"You are going to my Mother's place for dinner tomorrow after....after what you did to her?" she spat.
Crimson raised a brow , "Really Camille make it sound like I beat her up with a baseball bat!
For your information , she was the one who tried to hit me with a metal saucepan and threw plates at me! She was out of control so I put her over my knee and gave her a good spanking . ...and , by the way , the hairbrush was her idea!"
Camille's face flushed , "WHAAAT?"You spanked her with a hairbrush! No wonder she can't sit down!"

The Inspector smiled , "After I spanked her she apologized and said it was exactly what she needed. Then she suggested.....well demanded....that I take her to the bedroom and spank her properly with her hairbrush.....on her bare bottom. So I was glad to comply!"

The discussion was interrupted when Staff Sergeant  Carl Cooper , Camille's fiancee , entered the room.
"I guess your date with Catherine went well Sir.....I saw her at the restaurant this morning for breakfast and she was positively glowing!" Carl said, handing some files to Inspector Crimson.
Camille sighed loudly , "Oh she's glowing alright....or a certain part of her anatomy is ....ask him!" she scowled turning on her heel to leave.

Carl raised a brow and stared at the Inspector.
"Camille's a little upset because I gave her Mother a spanking!" Crimson declared innocently.
"Hmmm..... like Mother like Daughter!" Carl said while watching his fiancee's shapely derrierre wiggle down the  hall.

Crimson requested clarification , "What do you mean Mother like Daughter?"
The Sergeant shrugged , "I spank Camille all the time Sir, so I'm not surprised you had to spank her Mother! In fact , Camille just earned herself a spanking tonight for that little tantrum she just had."
Crimson chuckled , "Is that so Sergeant....."

The following morning , when detective Beaudreau arrived at the station , there was a note on her desk to report to Inspector Crimson's office immediately.
"Good morning Detective , please have a seat." he smirked.
For some reason the usual plush visitor chairs had been replaced by a pair of stark , wooden ones.
Camille looked at them and instinctively put a palm to the seat of her tight pencil skirt.
She coughed nervously , "If you don't mind Sir , I prefer to stand...." she said.
"I insist Detective.Please sit" Crimson said firmly , gesturing a hand at the chair.

Taking a deep breath , Camille placed both hands on the seat of the chair and slowly lowered her weight onto it.
Despite her efforts she could not avoid wincing and letting out an involuntary "OW!"
Squirming around on the harsh , unforgiving surface she struggled to remain composed.
"Is everything alright Detective ? You seem very uncomfortable....almost like someone who had her bare bottom spanked!" he said with a smirk.
Enraged , Camille stood up , "Carl told you he was going to spank me didn't he ?" she fumed indignantly.
"Well he might have mentioned something....." Crimson grinned impishly.
Camille stood up with hands on hips and mused to herself , "Well then Carl and I will be having a discussion about that later!" she announced.
"Unless you have anything else to say Inspector , I have work to do !" she added before turning on her heel and striding out of the office.
Crimson noted Camille gave her shapely bottom a rub as she wiggled down the hall.

As the Inspector left the station that evening , he noticed Camille had Carl backed against the door of one of the interrogation rooms and was furiously wagging her finger  at him.
He paused for a moment to observe the couple.

Camille's face was pressed so close to Carl's his head was tilting back in a vain search for more space between them.
His eyes were as wide as saucers and his arms pinned to his sides.
He looked terrified.
Camille's voice was raised and firm, but he was too far away to pick up the gist of their conversation , however,  based on Camille's earlier comment, she was letting her Fiancee know she was not happy with him.

As he approached them , Camille's words were more audible , "....just you wait until I get you home tonight Carl ! I'm going to......"
Carl looked relieved when the phone on his desk rang.
"I have to take that Camille. I'm expecting an update on the Barnaby case!" he said , almost pleading.
"Er ...good evening Inspector." he stammered when Crimson approached .
Camille reluctantly  backed away to allow Carl to reach for the phone.
Crimson smiled at her , "If there is anything important I'll be at your Mother's house Detective....but make sure it's urgent....we'd prefer not to be disturbed!"
A mischievous grin played on Camille's pretty face , "I'll try not to bother you Inspector.....Mother told me she is planning something  very special for you this evening. Something you need very badly she said...."
The Inspector's face reflected suspicion and delight , "Well then I'd best not be late ." he replied.

When the Inspector departed , Camille's jaw tightened and she turned to face Carl who had just finished his call.
Before she could resume his scolding , Carl raised a hand "Please Camille , this is important . That was Constable McBride, he's found something over at the Barnaby's place. Looks like some evidence we overlooked. Where is the Inspector?" he babbled excitedly.

"He just told me he doesn't want to be disturbed so I'll handle it. I know where to find him if we need to. Go get the car!" she ordered.
"Yes Ma'am!"  Carl replied , using the formal term when addressing a senior female officer.
Camille smiled , "By the way Sergeant , we are far from being finished our discussion , and I can tell you that you'll be calling me Ma'am quite a lot this evening.....especially once we are off duty...understood?"
"Understood Ma'am!" Carl replied , grabbing the keys.

Later at the crime scene , Camille and Carl examined the Constable's findings before dismissing him for the evening.
"You know what this means Ma'am.....this places our suspect at the scene." Carl declared excitedly.
Camille was busy carefully scooping the evidence into a bag.
"Shouldn't we wait for the Inspector ?" he asked nervously.

Camille looked up at him in distain , "I'm in charge here Sergeant......and once we finish up here I'll be even more in charge!" she replied with a glint in her eye.
Placing the evidence in her bag , she stood up , "Here , put this in the car. We can stop at my mother's house and fill in the Inspector......then we will be resuming our little 'discussion' "
Carl could only reply with another humbling , "Yes Ma'am!"

A few minutes later , their car was approaching Camille's Mother's restaurant .
There was a light on so Camille briskly strode up the winding path with Carl following behind.
"Shouldn't we call first I mean Ma'am....just in case they..." he asked.
Camille did not reply and was already peeking through the big window of the restaurant.
"They have finished eating....they 're probably in Mother's suite.....let's check!"she declared.

The light was on in the window of her Mother's living suite attached to the restaurant.
There were no drapes as her Mother loved sitting in a big chair near the window in the evenings to let the moonlight shine in.
Like a true detective , Camille concealed  herself in the shadows , creeping closer before poking her head just enough to give her a glance inside the suite.
A broad smile spread across her face .
It was then that Carl heard the very distinctive sound coming from the suite.
"Sounds like the Inspector is giving your Mom another spanking!" he deduced with a grin.
His grin quickly evaporated when he heard the voices accompanying the smacks.
"OUCH!" "OOOW!" "STOPPIT Catherine! " "I'M SORRY!" "YEEEOW!" "OOOW!"
The howls of pain were from a voice he knew well - Inspector Crimson!

It was only when he peered in the window himself ,that the reality of the situation sank in.
The older couple were facing away from the window so Camille and Carl were able to get a good look without fear of detection.
Their boss was in the most compromising of positions , draped 'wheelbarrow style' over Catherine's shapely thighs as she whaled away at his hindquarters with a wooden spoon!
Beside her were a number of other implements she clearly intended on using on the unfortunate Crimson's backside before his ordeal ended.

Camille chuckled , "Mother is going to make sure inspector Crimson is really crimson! She wasn't too pleased when I told her he was bragging to everyone about giving her a spanking- just like you did with me!"
Carl's jaw dropped , "OMIGOSH!" was the only sound he could muster.

His train of thought was interrupted when his Fiancee took a firm grip of his ear.
"As the Inspector will be 'indisposed' for the next while , I'm officially declaring us off duty.
You do know what that means darling?" she said , giving his ear a tweak to produce a loud "OUCH!"
Catherine clearly heard Carl's cry , but was so engrossed in roasting the Inspector's bottom that she did not even miss a beat .

Camille allowed herself a loud giggle once she and Carl were back in the car.
"Well that was quite the sight wasn't it Carl?" she began , "I'm really looking forward to briefing the Inspector on the case tomorrow!"
Carl was looking quite nervous now , "We had better stop at the station to drop off the car and put the evidence away securely...." he asked uncertainly.
His Fiancee turned to cast him a stern gaze he knew well.
"I said we were off duty Carl....and I have no intention of putting this off any longer. Drive to my place , the case can wait until the morning. You have a long overdue date with my hairbrush young man!" she scolded.
Carl's shoulders slumped , "AW NO Camille!" he gasped.
Camille's eyes widened , prompting him to make a rapid correction .
"MA'AM...SORRY MA'AM..." he mumbled and drove off.


  1. Great Story, Glen!
    I enjoy DiP as well - and yes, anyone who tried spanking Camille or Catherine would get it back many-fold!
    For myself, I'd certainly like to see Florence 'enforcing the law'! The beach house certainly seems perfect for disciplinary activities!

    1. I agree that it would take a bold man who attempted taking Camille or Catherine over their lap...but they are both so spankable!

  2. Great story and pics, I always enjoy your ebony ladies whether they're spanking or getting spanked!
    Having never seen Death in Paradise I googled it and... oh my... Camille in her police uniform is something to behold :D

    1. Camille and Catherine are both very attractive ladies ( there is a memorable scene with Camille in a swimsuit which is very eye-catching?..

  3. Ha ha! So many of my favorite shows are embellished by my imagination too, just like you have done here. Spankos all think alike I believe!

    1. There are some shows which are just crying out for a spanking and this in one of them for me Joe....too bad the script writers are not Spankos also.

  4. I loved both couples each getting their just deserts! Telling tales is def a reason to get spanked!

    1. I'm a big proponent of equal opportunity Minelle....especially when it comes to spanking!