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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dinner and a Spanking -FM Spanking story

It was because of his charm and sophistication that Sunnie always invited her Fiance Marcel to accompany her when she entertained clients.

However , this time Marcel had gone a little too far.
Sunnie's client , Gina was a very attractive lady who flirted outrageously  with the handsome Marcel.
It was not the first time this had happened ,so Sunnie trusted her Fiancee to handle the situation delicately and diplomatically as in the past.

Instead , this time Marcel was clearly  enjoying trading sexual innuendos with Gina , making the evening quite uncomfortable for Sunnie .

After numerous attempts  to change the conversation  , Sunnie made eye to eye contact with Marcel , flashing him a stern warning glance that he knew very well.

However , if Marcel received Sunnie's message he certainly did not heed it ,and continued to flirt with the voluptuous brunette.

Exasperated now , Sunnie reached over and tapped her Fiancee's hand .
"I'd like to have a moment with you in private if you don't mind Marcel." she asked in a deep , firm tone.

Marcel  laughed off Sunnie's request ,  tossing  his head back confidently  , "Don't be silly sweetie.....anything you have to say I'm sure you can say it in front of Gina!"
Gina raised a brow and smiled , clearly intrigued by the exchange.

Sunnie forced a smile , "Alright Marcel , have it your way. I was going to ask you nicely to stop flirting with my client. Gina and I have important business to discuss so it might be best if you leave now and wait for me in the car !" she scolded.

Gina grinned and a stunned Marcel shifted uncomfortably in his seat ,but Sunnie wasn't finished yet .
Bristling , she moved her head closer to Marcel,"Furthermore ,we'll be having a long discussion about your behaviour when I get you home?" she added.

Marcel blushed this time.
"WOW! Sounds like your naughty boy is in for a good spanking Sunnie!" , Gina gushed , clapping her hands with glee.

Sunnie and Gina were both enjoying Marcel's obvious discomfort.
He, had acted like a male chauvinist jerk , embarrassed Sunnie and he had it coming!

Sunnie grinned at Gina , " As a matter of fact that is exactly what he'll be getting when we get home Gina.....and to make sure he pays attention , he'll be completely naked during our 'discussion'.He won't be able to take his eyes off my hairbrush the whole timet because he knows it's going to make his bottom very, very sore.....isn't that so ...SWEETIE?"she teased.

Marcel attemped to placate his determined Fiancee.
"'t we talk about this later Sunnie?" he quivered.
The ladies were enjoying the conversation but Marcel certainly wasn't.
"What's wrong Sweetie? Is it embarrassing that Gina knows I put you across my knee and spank your bare bottom like the naughty little boy that you are?" Sunnie asked.
"Please Gina..." Marvels pleaded.

"He must hate that brush as much as my husband Charles does Sunnie!" Gina shared unexpectedly.
Sunnie beamed , "OH ! You spank your husband too Gina?"
The brunette laughed, "Of course Sunnie! It's the only way to get your point across to a stubborn man.Charles knows if he dares to cross me he'll be in for  a long , painful trip over my knee and he won't want to sit for the next few days!"

Marcel was wishing the floor would swallow him up and that he had taken up Sunnie's offer to speak privately.
But Sunnie was in no mood to spare his blushes , "Marcel hates getting spanked..... but he does get very excited..... if you know what I mean?"
Gina winked , "Do I ? Charles always gets a huge woody the minute I mention a spanking, so I make sure  to take care of it before I start spanking him....but not in a way he enjoys!"

"That's for sure Gina!  Marcel hates it when I 'drain him' before a spanking , it's very humbling and  he knows his spanking  will hurt a lot more."Sunnie chuckled.
"Please Sunnie..." a humbled Marcel pleaded again , ".....can we change the subject please, this is embarrassing."

His Fiancee bristled at his suggestion , "Embarrassing? Do you not know how embarrassing it was for me to sit here watching you ignore me while you outrageously flirt with Gina?"

Marcel shrugged , " I guess so.....I didn't think I..."
Sunnie quickly silenced him with a wag of her finger.
"That's the problem Marcel don't think about my feelings!" Sunnie replied and then turning to Gina , "Now where were we Gina? "

Gina was thoroughly  enjoying watching Sunnie put her arrogant Frenchman in his place.
"You were just telling me about how you deal with Marcel's 'excitement' before you spank him." she grinned.

"Ah yes..." , Sunnie continued,"He hates that.....but me, I just love the power of it all.....and you should hear him beg me to stop!"
Gina cackled loudly and looked at Marcel who was trying  to avoid her gaze now ,  "I insist that Charles take care of that himself actually ! I have a nice big hardwood hairbrush at home that was passed down from my Mother, she used it on all of my I'm carrying on an old family tradition. Charles is terrified at the mere sight of it and it's great for scorching those sit spots so he can really feel it  when he sits down!"

Sunnie nodded agreement , "I do have a nice big hairbrush , but lately I've been using a nice two-tailed leather strap that is just perfect for an over the knee spanking. Perhaps I'll give him a dose of both tonight....he certainly deserves it , don't you mister?" she asked , looking at her fiancee and placing a finger under his chin to direct his gaze.
"Yes....I mean ....yes Ma'am..." came the reply which produced another loud cackle from Gina ,"I love it when they call you Ma'am with even prompting!"

The two ladies ordered dessert and continued talking about their spanking exploits as Marcel sat quietly fidgeting in his seat.
As part of his punishment  , Sunnie denied Marcel any more food or drink.

Finally , Sunnie declared , "Well Gina , it's time I took my naughty boy home and give him his medicine. Marcel , fetch the car while  I pay the bill....and don't're in enough trouble!"

Marcel was glad to leave the restaurant , despite what he knew awaited him at home .
When he arrived with the car , he was surprised to see Gina waiting with Sunnie.
"Gina has had too much to drink so I invited her to spend the night with us."Sunnie announced while  an uncharacteristically  subdued Gina stood in silence.

To Marcel's surprise , Sunnie gripped Gina's ear and gave it a tug. "Gina has been a very naughty girl flirting outrageously with you like that , so with Charles away.....someone needs to give her what she deserves ...isn't that so Gina?"she said , giving Gina's ear another tweak.
 "Yes Mistress ."Gina whispered meekly.
Marcel's jaw dropped .
"You two can decide who gets spanked first during the drive home!" Sunnie chuckled.


  1. I'm enjoying the bi-racial themes of you might guess.

    1. Wishing you a speedy recovery KD and hope this cheers you in the meantime. Sunnie is one of my favourite characters so I thought it time to bring her back.

  2. I like the twist at the end with Gina getting spanked too. Reminds me of some of Endart's work where ladies got spanked by jealous girlfriends

    1. I do not usually have FF scenarios, but Gina was just as guilty as Marcel....and very spankable.

  3. Brilliant! Fun read. Thank you. I love the husband’s squirming humiliation the most.

    1. A great cure for a flirting husband Julie...and he'll be doing a lot more squirming later!

  4. Surprise that the bottoms are not bare yet, the male showing he is looking forward to the spanking.

    1. Sunnie is looking forward to baring his bottom as Gina lools on , just to add to the anticipation.He won't have sn erection once she is finished with him so it will add to his embarrassment once she lets him up.

    2. Women enjoy that, a very red bottom, limp, and looking like a naughty little boy.

    3. Especially when another woman is present!

  5. Great story love the twist at the end.

    1. Thanks Joe...I couldn't resist including Gina in the fun!

  6. great ending to the story, would like to read a continuation of it.

    1. Sorry but the continuation will have to be in your imagination.

  7. I wonder how did they decide who would be the first to be spanked.