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Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Crimson Pirate - Spanking on the High Seas - Part 3

Jack made plans to allow a few extra days for his backside to heal before visiting Lady Beatrice at Blackwell Manor.
Lady Beatrice was a few years senior to Jack , how many exactly was not clear , and was the undisputed Matriarch of the Blackwell dynasty after her husband , Lord Harold Blackwell , died a number of years ago in a boating accident.

Lady Beatrice needed a man in her life and it had to be someone  strong  , handsome and bold enough to be her equal - and the infamous Captain Jack certainly met the requirements.

So Lady Beatrice set out to relentlessly pursue Jack , eventually convincing him to agree to be her husband.
A lavish wedding was being orchestrated by Beatrice ,  and she was anxious for Jack to return from his latest adventure to share the plans-and to take care of her 'needs'.

Jack had discovered early in their relationship that Beatrice’s sexual appetite was both unique and demanding.
So was Jack’s , and he was happy to comply -at first - until he discovered Beatrice's penchant for chastising naughty male backsides !

It was a well-known fact among the staff at Blackwell Manor  that Lady Barbara  frequently warmed her  husband’s backside and it wasn’t long before this came to Jack’s attention.
One day when he unexpectedly visited , he found Lady Beatrice in the stables with a line of nervous stable-boys outside one of the stalls.
Across from the boys , a line of tittering young ladies were observing the event.

The stall door opened and a young man exited , teary eyed and furiously rubbing the seat of his riding breeches.
From the stall , Lady Beatrice’s voice called out “NEXT!” and Jack heard the sound of a cane ripping across tight breeches a full dozen times.
The scene was repeated until all 6 repentant stable-boys had been soundly caned.s

Apparently during the day off , the young lads had taken some of the local young ladies to the river and plied them with strong ale before their escapade was interrupted by a local farmer.
Lady Beatrice always took care of discipline at the Manor herself and very effectively , adding to the young mens' humiliation by having the young ladies they offended , present at their punishment.

An imperious Lady Beatrice admonished the young men as they stood rubbing their backsides , before turning to the amused young ladies.
"Are you satisfied that these gentlemen have been sufficiently chastised ladies?" she asked.
Their response was muted and uncertain.
"I see ..." Beatrice mused , "You need to see more tangible results than howling and sobbing don't you?" she asked.
The bemused girls nodded.
"Gentlemen! Face the wall and down your britches so these young ladies can see the marks left by my cane!" she ordered.
Having no desire for further cane strokes the boys complied and the young ladies seemed quite impressed by the angry red cane welts on the miscreants' muscular bare backsides.
Without even noticing Jack's presence she dismissed them all.

Jack was astounded , and somewhat impressed by the Lady's authority and complemented her .
Beatrice surprised Jack by informing him that he should expect the same once they were married.
Then to make her point ,  she demanded he bend over to receive a dozen strokes from her.
Jack hesitated at first , but considering himself tougher than the band of whimpering young stable-boys, he laughed and assumed the position.

12 stinging strokes later , Jack was no longer laughing . Even worse , his attempts to receive the caning in silence lasted only until the 3rd stroke and he hollered out just as loudly as each stable-boy had.
Lady Beatrice eyed him smugly with satisfaction as he stood grimacing and rubbing.
His jaw dropped when she began undoing his breeches.
“I must see the beautiful lines I painted on your rump Jack!” she told him impishly.
Standing back , she admired the crimson lines that striped her Fiancee's attractive rump.

After that , Jack felt the wrath of Beatrice's hairbrush or cane regularly and was glad to leave on his latest quest to give his backside some relief.
But he knew well that upon his return Lady Beatrice's discipline would resume ...and he pondered how to hide his escapade with Red Lizzie from her prying eyes....Jack was understandably nervous....

Jack seethed as he observed his bare hindquarters in the mirror.
The letters carved on his posterior by the notorious pirate 'Red Lizzie' were still  displayed  across both cheeks!
Not only that, but his backside still bore the marks and scratches made by Lizzie's hairbrush...and subsequent lovemaking.
"Damn you Lizzie!" he cursed.

Jack had been apart from his beautiful Fiancee , Lady Beatrice for months , and he longed to take her in his arms and make love to her , but he could not let the feisty and fiercely jealous Beatrice set her eyes on the marks on his rear , somehow he  would have to delay his desires until the wounds healed enough so Beatrice would not notice them.
That might be a while.....

With a grimace , he pulled up his britches and and sent for the carriage , which would take him to Lady Beatrice's Manor house for the Homecoming dinner she had arranged for him.
It was a short but uncomfortable ride , bouncing around on his tender behind , and Jack was glad to step out of the carriage and gave his injured appendage a soothing rub.

In the hallway of the Manor ,  the beautiful and ravishing Beatrice awaited him .
Unable to contain her excitement , she ran towards him , flinging herself into his arms in a most unladylike fashion.
Neither spoke , their lips locking for a long lingering kiss.
"Oh Jack....I've missed you so much!" Beatrice groaned , trying to catch her breath.

The two of them walked arm and arm to the dining room.
"I trust you behaved like a gentleman on your journey Captain Jack?" Beatrice asked .
Jack smirked , "Why of course Milady......why would you even ask?"
Beatrice raised a brow , "Because I heard you encountered that witch Red Lizzie!"
Jack gulped and looked uneasy.
He knew his fiancee was insanely jealous of the wild female pirate who she thought she was intent on stealing Jack from her.

Jack coughed nervously , "Ahem! Actually  I did see her briefly ....she was our prisoner on my ship for a while ....but she managed to escape again!" Jack explained.
Lady Beatrice looked unconvinced , "She escaped ....or you released her ? You had best tell me the truth Jack!" she warned.
Jack raised both palms to placate the smouldering Beatrice , "...but I have told you the truth Beatrice...why would I release her?" he replied unconvincingly.

Jack was relieved when the bell rang for the guests to go to the dining room , but he was not comfortable with the smug smile on his Fiancee's face.
They took their seats at the table , and Jack's ginger movements when he sat did not escape Beatrice's attention.
"Are you injured my dear?" she asked sarcastically .
" stiff from the journey my sweetheart." Jack replied.

Thankfully , a male hand stretched out to greet Jack from the seat beside him ," Such a pleasure to meet you Captain Hawkins ." the man said.
"Let me introduce Captain Wainright Jack...." Beatrice began , "His ship brought home that cut-throat 'Red Lizzie' and her crew after they 'escaped' from your ship....isn't that so Captain Wainright?" Beatrice asked without turning her glare from her Fiancee.
The Captain nodded proudly .

Jack winced and heads turned when Beatrice took a firm grip on Jack's ear , "I'm sure Captain Wainright will be pleased to give you the full story on his capture of Red Lizzie Jack...but first you and I need to talk private!" she growled through gritted teeth.

"Now listen Beatrice....I can explain...." Jack babbled but was silenced by a painful twist on his ear.
"Oh you're going to explain alright Jack....and I know just how to persuade you to do just that ....don't I Darling?' she replied.
With that , Jack endured an embarrassing march out of the room to uproarious laughter from the dinner guests.

In the nearby study , his Fiancee opened the desk drawer , scooped up a large hairbrush and seated herself on a chair.
"Well ? What are you waiting for Jack? You know why I brought you in here so remove your clothes and do not keep me waiting!" she ordered.
Aware of the tell tale marks on his backside , Jack tried to stall but Beatrice would have none of it.
"Remove your clothes and get your bare backside over my lap Jack! You have a lot of explaining to do and it has been months since your last spanking so this is long overdue!" she lectured.

Jack's face flushed and he fidgeted nervously , "Well....not exactly Beatrice...." he mumbled.
Beatrice's jaw tightened , "What do you mean?"
" ...hasn't been months since I was spanked Dearest....Lizzie blistered my behind a few days ago before'escaped'..." he confessed.
"WHAT????" his Fiancee gasped.
Waving a hand at Jack she signalled him to start undressing and he reluctantly complied.

"Did she touch this too Jack?" Beatrice asked , roughly gripping his penis in her hand.
"GUUUHH! YES MA'AM ...SHE DID....BUT IT'S NOT LIKE YOU THINK....I...." Jack grimaced.
Beatrice snarled in anger before tipping her Fiancee over her lap.
Once he was in place , Beatrice let out a shriek , "WHAT IS THIS JACK?"

Realizing Beatrice was looking at the 'LIZZIE' branded on his backside , Jack tried to explain.
"I couldn't stop her Beatrice .....she tricked me .....HONEST!" 
Rolling up her sleeve , the full force of Beatrice's fury was about to be unleashed on her Fiancee's unfortunate rear quarters.
"Tricked you indeed!" she declared incredulously , " Don't worry Jack the time I'm done your backside will have my initials where they belong ....and I'll be repeating the treatment every day for the next month!" she announced.
"PLEASE! NO BEATRICE! I'M SORRY!" Jack grovelled.

His Fiancee , examined the back of the antique brush her Mother had gifted her upon her engagement to Jack. It bore a raised letter 'B' for Beatrice , and it was her intention to leave that letter embossed on her handsome Captain's backside to let him know she was hers ....and hers alone !

Beatrice warmed to her task . 
It took a while and a lot of effort , but gradually the prominent letter B over-rode the marls left by her rival Lizzie.
When she was done , Beatrice inspected her work , "Perfect ! Now you bear my mark Captain Jack ...and after dinner , Captain Wainright will be pleased to take you to Lizzie's cell to show her my handiwork...understood?" she scolded.
"YES MA'AM!" a tearful Jack responded.
He winced and clenched his cheeks when Beatrice gently patted his cheeks , "You will report here every day at 1pm exactly so I can make sure my marks remain and are renewed when necessary. Every day mind you , until we are married Jack!"she declared.
Jack bristled , "But our marriage is 6 months away my love...." he reasoned.
Beatrice pouted and caressed Jack's cheeks , "I know my dear..." she grinned impishly.

Allowing her Fiancee some time to dress and regain his composure , Beatrice permitted him to lead her to the Ballroom .
"You will no doubt be pleased to know that dinner is finished and the dance will begin so there will be no need for you to sit for the remainder of the evening Jack." Beatrice chuckled.
Forcing a smile , Jack walked stiffly and gingerly , enduring smirks and smiles from the guests ....and even the staff.
His thunderous spanking may have been conducted in private , but the sound of the hairbrush and his howling was audible throughout the Manor.

Meanwhile , Beatrice strutted contently around the room receiving the adulation of the ladies in the room before rejoining her Fiancee.
The maid holding the tray of drinks , tittered when a red-faced Jack took a drink from her.
Beatrice took it from him and placed it back on the tray , "Captain Jack has had a long journey and needs to rest Mitzie...." she said to the maid , "Why don't you prepare my chamber and the Captain and I will enjoy our drinks there..." she grinned.

As the tittering servant scurried off , Beatrice took a handful of her Fiancee's buttocks , squeezing them and making him wince.
"I'm afraid your discomfort will continue's been 3 long months since I rode you , so tonight I will be riding you LONG and HARD !"she whispered.


  1. Well Lady Beatrice has certainly not disapointed my expectations :D
    Love the B brush too...

    1. I'm glad you were not disappointed Q....she is one if my favorite characters.

  2. I love the nice touch where she says that the marks on his bottom are meant to show that "she is his." Not "he is hers" which one typically hears as a reason in many spanking stories (and which is also quite an exciting and charming thing to hear for sure). But this way of saying it makes it even more heartwarming to me!

    All spankings are delicious simply by virtue of the fact of the artful and strict painful ordeal being inflicted on every spanko's favorite part of the anatomy.. but is also so much more than that when such loving and giving sentiment is folded into the mix.

    And, also in this case, what further fans the spanko flames for me is the idea that two women are competing to mark his bottom thereby doubling the amount of throbbing, scorching pain and red-hot sore marks for him. And then his further fate is the upcoming six months of bottom roasting too! Yeeeooowch! I love it. So spanky!! To the max (just the way I like it myself).

    1. I like the idea of a woman 'leaving her Mark'on her man ....especially in a spot where only she will see it.
      Lady Beatrice will make sure Jack is well marked by their wedding day!