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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

McLintock! Remake - The Spanking FM- GW & Katherine

Drago recognized the look on Katherine ' s face.
He had seen it many times before and knew she meant business.
Looking up at the upstairs window he considered calling out a warning to GW but realized it was too late.

"Where is he Drago?" Katherine seethed .
Meanwhile a curious crowd of onlookers who had followed the striking woman's walk through town in search of her errant husband , had gathered behind her.

Drago put up both palms to placate the angry woman.
"Now settle down Katherine.This is neither the time or place for this.Why don't I take you home and I'll let GW know you were here."he offered.

Katherine had no intention of backing down.
"On the contrary Drago , it's high time my husband and I had this out and I will not delay any longer.Now tell me where he is or so help me......."she replied firmly.

Drago sighed loudly , "OK, He's upstairs.... but now is not the time to disturb him Katherine...." Drago reasoned but Katherine had already brushed past him.

Hoisting her long skirt , she boldly strode up the stairs where she was met by Saloon Owner Camille.
"Why Mrs.McLintock!  What are you doing here?This is a private area." Camille said.

Katherine placed both hands on her hips to confront Camille.
"I'll bet it is! I had a feeling you would be here Camille! Now get out of my way! I happen to have private business with my husband." she seethed.

Camille's eyes glanced to the room beside her , unknowingly revealing GW'S location to the wily Katherine.
"Really Mrs.'re wasting your time...your husband is not here!" Camille warned.

Katherine pushed forward but found her way blocked by Camille.
"Out of my way Camille.This is a private matter between GW and I." Katherine warned.

When Camille refused to move , Katherine shoved  her aside and Camille aimed a slap at
Katherine ' s face , which she blocked, and reciprocated with a sharp right hand uppercut to Camille ' s chin which  sent the busty blonde reeling.

Determinedly , Katherine stepped over the dazed woman ,  forcefully pushing the door in front of her , almost sending it off its hinges when it flung open.

Inside , her husband the powerful Cattle Baron , GW McLintock lounged in a tin bathtub smoking a large cigar.
"Katherine! What the...." he gasped , clearly taken by surprise despite all the commotion .

His wife regarded him confidently ,assuming that intimidating hands on hips stance that GW was very familiar with.
"I've had enough of your carousing and shenanigans GW , and I won't put up with it any longer. Get out of that bathtub this minute !" she demanded.

GW reached for a towel to cover himself while he rose from the tub.
"Now Katherine.....take it easy.Why don't we talk this over at home..." he stammered.

Katherine shook her head , "The time for talking is over GW!" she replied , scooping up a large wooden bath brush from its hook on the wall.
A playful smirk played on her face when she tapped the back of the brush against her palm , "This will do quite nicely...." she mused.

With his angry wife advancing toward him brandishing the bug bath brush , GW realized her intentions and backed away , still clutching the towel close to his still dripping torso.

"I wasn't doing anything Katherine...just enjoying a relaxing bath...honest!" GW reasoned.
But Katherine had heard it all before.
She shook her head , "...and I suppose Camille was just washing your back? I've no time  your excuses and stories's about time you get what you deserve!"

GW'S eyes widened when he felt his bare buttocks pressing against the wooden balcony rail.
He could go no further and stood frozen as Katherine advanced nearer.

Outside the crowd of onlookers had grown in size.
Mostly comprised of amused women and curious children ,they yelled out support to Katherine and cackled at the sight of GW'S exposed bare behind.
"Give him a good paddling Mrs. Mclintock!?" one of them called out.

Suddenly realizing his exposure , GW swivelled to cover himself but his weight proved too much for the balcony railing which gave way , sending him tumbling over.
"OMIGOSH! GW!" Katherine gasped with concern , putting a palm to her mouth.

She peered over the balcony just in time to see her husband scamper off the hay wagon below which had broken his fall.
Restoring his towel and using a small wooden plank to cover his bare behind , GW ran to escape his wife's wrath.

For a moment Katherine thought her opportunity had been lost.
By the time she ran  downstairs  , GW would be long gone.
So instinctively , she hoisted her skirt and leapt ,feet first into the hay wagon.

The women cheered and helped Katherine get off the wagon while others blocked GW'S retreat , slowing him down.

GW pushed through the  gaggle of females ,barging  his way to the big wooden gate of the livery stable as it was about to be closed.
With a bit of luck it would be closed and latched before his wife reached it and his escape would be complete.

However , the older man closing the door was not moving very fast and , to make matters worse, GW's towel had snagged on the door latch.
As the man closed the door , GW fidgeted furiously to release his only means of covering his nakedness.

He stood petrified when the moving door whisked  his towel off.
The ladies pushed open the gate and cheered upon seeing GW in his birthday suit .
They held the door open allowing Katherine to move through.

With his hands  covering  his front , and the plank  covering his rear , GW ran for the cover of the General store.
He was relieved to find the door unlocked and crouched beside the door hoping Katherine and her female mob would not see him.

"Why Mr McLintock! You're going to catch your death of cold !" Louise Warren called out.
GW looked up to see Louise and her new boyfriend , Sheriff Jeff Lord,  looking down him .

Grabbing a tablecloth to cover himself GW pleaded with the amused couple to be quiet.
"Sssssh! My wife is coming....PLEASE!" he whispered.
Just then , the figure of Katherine Gilhooley McLintock strode by, closely followed by her gaggle of supporters .

Louise smiled at Katherine as she passed the store window while GW cringed and held his breath waiting for the crowd to pass.

He sighed with relief when the crowd's footsteps faded , but his eyed widened in shock when Louise called out , " Mrs. McLintock! He's in here !"
GW glared at her in disbelief.
"Sorry Mr. McLintock but we ladies need to stick together!" Louise shrugged.

The footsteps returned , and GW wrapped himself in a tablecloth and searched for a way out onto the street outside.
Katherine barged into the store in pursuit,  grinning at the sight of her husband leaning against the counter trying to cover his nakedness with the cloth.

They both knew he was cornered  ,and GW stared at the big bath brush still in his wife's hand.
His buttocks tensed involuntarily , sensing the pain it would soon inflict on that part of his anatomy.

In a last ditch attempt to escape , GW vaulted the counter  ,launching himself through the open window.
The spill stunned him momentarily , and when he came to his senses , his wife was towering over him.

Reaching down to seize her husband's arm , Katherine hauled  him to his feet.
She was surprised at her own strength and used it to push her naked husband to the nearby  Blacksmith shop.

It was a short but humiliating walk for GW , with his wife delivering sharp smacks to his bare cheeks with the wooden slat he had been using to cover himself , to hurry him along.
 The swelling crowd cheered and whooped loudly at each WHACK.

Even Drago , Beckie and her new boyfriend Dev had joined the throng , all anxious to witness GW's well deserved comeuppance.

Katherine hoisted her skirts, took  a seat on a wooden bench  , and spilled her husband head first over her lap.
Crossing one of her legs over both of his to keep him in place , she adjusted the position of his bare backside on her lap to her satisfaction.

"So help me you'll pay for this Katherine Gilhooley!"GW threatened and struggled.
His wife grasped his hair and turned his gaze to meet hers.
"Oh shut up GW! We both know you deserve this after what you've put me through all these years..So now you're gonna get it! Take it like a man ....if you can !" she scolded.
GW knew his wife was right and his protests faded.

Katherine raised her hand to commence spanking , and daughter Becky placed the bath brush in her Mother's hand.
"Don't forget this Mother!"
"Thank you!" Katherine grinned and swung the back of the brush hard down on her husband's bare buttocks .
Most in the crowd flinched at the loud sound of the brush connecting with bare skin.

Katherine delivered a flurry of hard whacks with such force  GW howled and almost bucked off her lap.
"My Mother would be proud of you Katherine!" Louise hollered with applause, casting Sheriff Lord a stern glance.
"Better watch out Sheriff !" Katherine replied , pausing from her task.

'WHAAAP!' 'WHOP !' 'WHAP !' 'WHOP! '
"OOW!" "OUCH! " "YEOOW !"
Katherine paused to acknowledge the enthusiastic applause from the audience.
Her husband's bare backside was now a bright red mosaic from the brush landing again and again.

This public spanking was more symbolic than real punishment  , it's purpose to let the whole town know that women folk would no longer be bullied , and the playing field was now balanced....or perhaps even leaning toward the women?
GW would get the 'proper' thrashing he deserved once she got him home.

She concluded GW'S punishment with a series of rapid-fire whacks which had him wailing  loudly to the amusement of the crowd.
Turning to Beckie , Katherine handed her the bath brush advising , "Keep it! You're going to need it!"

Becky smiled and glared at a blushing Dev.
"I certainly will Mother!"she beamed.

Without ceremony , Katherine stood up, dumping  GW onto the dusty floor.
A woman in the crowd handed her a garment , "Mr McLintock can wear this to cover up for his trip home Mrs McLintock." she said.

Katherine held up the garment to cackles from the crowd .
It was a large pair of lady's pantaloons!
She tossed them at her husband.
" You can wear these for the trip home...and we are going to continue this when I get you home!"
 GW eyed the frilly garment with distain  , "I can't wear this!" he moaned.
His wife leaned closer to him , "Then you can walk home naked and give everyone a nice view of your red spanked bottom!"

Turning on her heel she waved at Drago , "Bring the buggy around ." she ordered.
"Yes Ma'am!" Drago replied tipping his hat and helping Katherine onto the buggy.

As the buggy left , GW pulled on the pantaloons and ran after the buggy as it as it hurtled down the street to cheers from the crowd.

The crowd saw GW finally catch up with it and haul himself aboard for a very uncomfortable ride home.

Later at the McLintock house, the light remained  on in the upstairs bedroom , and the sounds of the reconciling couple were audible through the open window .

"From now on you will treat me with respect!"

"...and there will be no more of your carousing with that floosie Camille!"
"OUCH! Yes Ma'am....I mean NO Ma' more carousing!"

Katherine paced behind her husband with the razor strap in her hand .
GW was bent obediently over the bed with his bare backside at her disposable.
She had successfully overlapped the earlier markings left by the bath brush with red angry stripes from her husband's own razor strap.

"There are going to be a lot of changes in this house ....and this entire town you'd best get used to it George Washington McLintock!" Katherine announced.


  1. Very good! We already had the poster, now the screenplay. Actually if there ever is a remake of McClintock, your version would have a good chance of being used. After "Secretary" and "Fifty Shades of Grey", feminists would probably not be too keen on another M/F movie.

    While we are on the subject of remakes, I have been thinking about a new version of a legend I learned about in school. I am sure you are familiar with the story of Finn McCool and the Giant's Causeway. If you are interested, I will give you my version, it might be suitable for a future cartoon series.


    1. Good point but I doubt if a remakd would appeal to today's moviegoers. Maybe an indepentent studio but the rights would likely be too expensive. We can still hope.

      sorry but I must decline your offer on Finn McCool Richard as I only feature my own work on the blog and am not interested in New material .

  2. "METO" is new, not fully understood, but it is women speaking out, stepping out. So it could be more common today that the female will take hairbrush, paddle, etc. in hand and apply it firmly to the male bottom. New know but could happen. Jack

    1. FM spanking certainly is becoming more mainstream Jack , and in addition many men would be happy if their wife applied the hairbrush to their backsides once in a while.