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Friday, October 12, 2018

Mclintock Remake! - The FM spanking -Beckie & Dev

GW paused from pouring his evening brandy when his daughter Beckie stormed angrily into the house.
Boldly she strode toward her father followed by young ranch hand Dev .
"Shoot him Daddy!" Beckie raged , pointing at Dev.

GW tried to placate his daughter , "Shoot him!but why?" he asked.
Beckie tossed her head back haughtily , " I've never been so humiliated Daddy .....he Impuned my honour!" she pouted.

Dev stepped forward to defend himself ," I said what I said and I'll stick by it to the death!" he declared boldly. 

"What exactly did you say?" a frustrated GW asked Dev.
"I said any girl who kissed a man before they were formally engaged was...a...a trollope!" Dev replied.

Beckie ' s eyes widened , "He said it again ! Daddy if I'm your daughter and you love me you'll shoot him!"

There was a pause while GW considered his daughter's request and Dev looked on anxiously.

GW turned and opened the door to his gun cabinet .
"Well I am your Father, and I sure love you so...."
Then he took a gun and pointed it at the astonished young man.

Just at that moment ,the sound of slippers pounding on the staircase broke the silence.
"What are you doing GW? Put that thing  away this minute. Now what is going on here ?" GW's wife Katherine demanded in her usual imperious fashion.

"He called me a ....a ...trollope Mother!" Beckie replied indignantly  ,pointing that accusing finger  at Dev again.

Katherine spun to glare at Dev, "Is this true young man?You insulted our daughter?" she asked him firmly.
Dev looked to GW for support, but he was silent in his wife's presence and busied himself putting the gun back in the case.

"Well...uhm...ah...yes..I suppose it's true Ma'am but it wasn't exactly like that....." Dev stammered.
Katherine leaned closer to glare into Dev's frightened eyes and wagged a finger at him , "You will not dare speak  that way to a lady young man ! What you need is a good  lesson in manners and respect ." she scolded.

GW came to Dev's defence by attempting to reason with his furious spouse, "The kid meant no harm Katherine...I won't  fire him for this!" he told her boldly.

A wry smile played on Katherine ' s lips , " Oh I don't want you to fire him fact I don't want you to do anything.Beckie will take care of this . She is the one who was insulted and she knows very well what this scoundrel deserves!" 

Beckie folded her arms and smiled arrogantly at a worried looking Dev .
Katherine turned to the maid who was looking on in awe "Go upstairs and fetch my hairbrush Minnie....the big one!"she ordered.

Minnie looked up at her Mistress , "Yes Mrs. mean the one you use to give Mr. McLintock a lickin' when he's in trouble?" she clarified.

GW blushed while Katherine gloated at his embarrassment, "Yes Minnie that's the one!"

Beckie's confidence grew while Dev's bluster faded.
She looked up at him , "You are going to pay for that remark!" she seethed.

Moments later Minnie returned with the big hairbrush and offered it to Katherine , "Give it to Beckie please!" Katherine directed.
Beckie ' s face lit up as she took the brush from the maid.

Stepping close to Dev she took hold of his arm , "Come with me mister." She told him firmly.
Dev's eyes widened , "Wh....what are you going to do?" he stammered.

"I'm going to give you a good spanking of course!" Beckie told him with glee.
"A spanking !" Dev exclaimed incredulously "You're not serious....Mr McLintock?" he looked over at GW For clemency but received only a shrug in reply.

Confidently, Beckie marched a stunned Dev over to the sofa and sat down.
"What are you doing!" Dev protested when Beckie began undoing his belt.
"Taking your pants down of course. Spankings in this house are always on the bare bottom ! Isn't that so Mother?" she informed him.
"That is the way it's done Rebecca...your Father  will vouch for that!" Katherine teased while her husband shrunk.

Dev did his best to cover his modesty when Beckie unceremoniously yanked his jeans and long underwear down to his ankles.
"Mmmmmm....nice!" Beckie cooed when she eyed the bulge hiding in Dev's shirt.
She looked up at him , "Get over my lap!" she ordered.

Resigned to his fate , Dev placed himself over Beckie ' s awaiting lap.
His face reddened even more when she flipped up his shirt tail to expose his well muscled bare bottom.

Katherine raised a brow in approval and glanced at GW.
"How quaint !It reminds me of your behind when you were his age GW!" she teased her husband.

Beckie was warming to her task now , tapping the back of the brush  against Dev's quivering pale cheeks.

Katherine nodded an approval and glanced at her husband.
"Is this bringing back memories GW?" she grinned.

Beckie found the dimples on Dev's bottom so cute she had a compelling urge to pinch them .

"You're going to be sorry for insulting me. Are you ready to apologize?" she prompted.
"Never! " Dev replied defiantly.
"We'll soon see about that!" Beckie replied.

She raised the brush and brought it down smartly ,with a loud 'SMACK!' ,producing a supressed grunt from Dev.
He was shocked at how much it stung.

This was not the first spanking that Beckie had administered to a young man and her Mother's tutoring  had prepared her well.
She knew the precise areas of Dev's backside to focus her attention on and how to bring down the brush on his skin to maximum effect.

Dev gritted his teeth and gripped the sofa as the burning in his rear intensified. He was surprised how hard  the petite Beckie could spank!

Despite his best efforts not to give Beckie the satisfaction of hearing him cry out , involuntary "OUCH's! " and OW's! " started to escape from his lips when the brush found a particularly tender spot.

His backside was turning very red now ,as Beckie spanked harder and faster before pausing to catch her breath.
"Are you ready to apologize now?" , she asked.
"No Way! " Dev proudly responded stubbornly , and immediately regretted it.
Beckie gritted her teeth , "OH you will!" 
Katherine looked at GW , "He's just as stubborn as you GW!" she sighed.

It took only a few more minutes of furious , non stop whacking to convince Dev to abandon his pride.
"OK! OK! STOP! I'm Sorry!  I'm Sorry! " he wailed frantically.
Beckie ignored his pleas and kept on spanking. She was enjoying this too much to stop now.

Dev was kicking and bucking wildly and Beckie struggled to hold him in place while she delivered a final flurry of stinging spanks.

Beckie stood up , spilling Dev onto the floor.
He leapt to his feet clutching both scorched cheeks and hopped around the room as Beckie and Katherine looked on in amusement. GW was not at all amused.He had performed that dance many times himself.

Beckie stood with hands on her hips and flung her head back.
"I want to hear a sincere apology from you now!" she demanded.
Suddenly realizing his pants and underwear were still at his ankles , Dev reached to quickly haul them up until Beckie stopped him.
"Leave those right there until I'm satisfied you are truly sorry Dev." she said firmly.
Dev fought his male pride ,but the determined look on the young lady's face convinced him further resistance would not be in his best interest.

Feeling ridiculous and humiliated , Dev managed to offer an apology to Beckie.
"I'm sorry for calling you that name Beckie. It was rude and uncalled for. I am truly sorry for my behaviour..."
Beckie paused to consider his effort and received an approving nod from her Mother.
"Apology accepted. You may pull up your pants!" she informed him.

Dev painfully restored his pants and took a moment to rub the seat of his jeans.
"You may leave now young man and I hope you have learned an important lesson!" Katherine said.
"I certainly have Ma'am.....Goodnight." he said softly walking stiffly to the door.

A glowing Beckie watched the humiliated young ranch hand leave and walked confidently over to her parents.
"Thank you Mother." she said handing Katherine the brush.
GW shifted nervously avoiding his wife's gaze as their daughter ascended the stairs.

The following morning Beckie saw , Dev working at the barn .
From afar , she admired his chiseled , bare torso , bronzed from the sun.
After contemplation she decided to ride over to him.
"Good morning Dev! How are you? I mean how is your?" she asked with a smirk.

Pausing momentarily from his work , Dev put a palm to the seat of his jeans , "Mr. McLintock was nice enough to give me chores I could do standing up!" he replied with a hint of a smile.
"Sorry I had to be so hard on you last night Dev but...."Beckie began.
Dev looked up at her,  "I got what I deserved Mom said I had it coming and you should do it again if I need it!"
Beckie grinned , "Well I would be glad to do that Dev!"

Dev laughed , "I was going to ask you to go riding together but riding a horse will be pretty uncomfortable for me for the next few days!"
Beckie felt very proud of herself and admired Dave's honesty.
"Well we could still go for a nice long walk together...." she replied.

It was indeed a long walk and by it's conclusion , Beckie and Dev were officially courting , and not much later , they announced their engagement.
"That's the first engagement that started out with a spanking!" GW quipped.
Katherine shook her head and chuckled , " Aren't you forgetting our engagement GW?"  she asked.


  1. I love these posts! How many hours I have spent in spanko fantasies which are variations on the McLintock movie myself! Glad to see I am not alone. The only thing better than this would be a McLintock spanking party to act out the movie plus everyone's favorite variations too. :)

    1. My only disappointments with the McLintock spanking scenes were that Becky was wearing too many petticoat so her skirts should have been lifted , the Katherine spanking wet too short , and a coal shovel as a spanking implement????

  2. True true and true! I first saw it on black and white TV with no technology to record and replay. Those too-short spankings went by so fast so there was nothing to do but conjure up the replay in your head. And add improvements too (e.g. baring the bottoms being an instantaneous decision I made).

    P.S. A most charming touch about the movie is the several scenes where the bottoms are displayed while on top of a ladder for their sweetheart to to crush on and relish their spankability. See
    Becky @ 1:06:16
    Dev @ 1:06:26
    and of course
    Kate @ 2:03:17
    All in all, a remarkably spanky movie in many ways!