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Friday, October 26, 2018

Kneel for your Queen -FM Spanking Story

We were sitting by the pool enjoying a glass of wine on a warm , sunny afternoon when I casually enquired what we were having for supper.
Her agitated response took me by surprise , "How come it's always me who has to plan and prepare dinner!"
Her statement wasn't quite true , as I planned and prepared most of the meals during the week while she took care of it on the weekends.
It wasn't a planned arrangement but just something that evolved and worked fine.

Nonetheless , instead of just letting it go, I decided to challenge her on this with a few examples.
This did not appease her one bit and she continued on her rant.
Irritated and irked I vigorously defended my position , perhaps a bit too much , interrupting her and cutting her off in mid sentence in my zeal to win the argument.

Finally she said sternly, "How dare you speak to your Queen in that tone !"

Referring to herself as my 'Queen' indicated that she had elevated herself to a position of authority , so it would have been in my best interest to responded with a simple "Sorry Your Majesty ",  but my stubborn male pride got in the way .

"I was just asking about dinner for God's sake! You don't have to make a Federal case out of it!" I replied irritably.
Her response was a finger pointing inside , "Get inside and wait for me to come and show you how to respect your Queen !" she ordered imperiously . She was really settling into her role now.
My mouth opened instinctively to issue a protest but closed again when she quickly added , "Don't dare say a word .....all I wish to hear from you is 'yes you Majesty  or ' no Your Majesty!"
I wisely chose a "Yes your Majesty" and hurried inside.

After stripping and laying out her 'Royal Hairbrush' on the bed , I must have waited a good 20 minutes before she joined me.
Turns out she decided to have a swim as her swimsuit was wet and glistening.
Eyeing the room in satisfaction , she picked up the paddle and smacked it playfully against her palm.
"You know better than to disrespect your Queen Sir and you will pay the penalty!" she declared  with a smirk.

"On your knees and worship your Queen!"she ordered.
I immediately sank to my knees and began kissing her foot.
Her skin was smooth as silk and had a sweet , salty taste from the pool.
Exalting my Queen ,  I made sure to cover every inch of her royal feet with my tongue.

She tossed her head back , audibly cooing when I sucked on each of her toes.
"I am going to give you a sound thrashing for your impertinence " she warned , taking a handful of my hair to raise my head up.
"Yes Ma'am !" I responded.

She strode to her 'Throne' , a straight back chair I had placed in the middle of the room .
Placing her hands on the back of the chair , she leaned over it to reveal her voluptuous , quivvering bottom , partially exposed by her wet swimsuit.
"Pay homage to your Queen!" she ordered wiggling both cheeks seductively.
Remaining on my knees , I gratefully kissed each of those smooth luscious globes.

Turning to face me , she presented the brush  , the soon to be object of my pending chastisement"Now kiss the Royal brush and ask for your punishment !" she commanded.
After placing my lips against the cold , hard surface of the brush I said earnestly , "Please punish me Your Majesty."
"How severely do you deserve to be punished ?" she asked.
"Very severely your Majesty!" I responded.
"Very well...severely it will present your bottom!" she commanded , patting her lap ,  and I dutifully complied.

Not long later , I was putting supper on the table as she sat smiling smugly.
"A meal fit for a Queen !" she teased , taking her plate from me.
Shaking her head , she chuckled when I painfully lowered myself onto my chair.
"If the meal is to my liking , you are invited to the Royal bed chamber Sir! Your Queen may require your services ." she declared , feigning sympathy.
"Thank you your Majesty." I replied , dropping to one knee.


  1. Such an authoritative lady. She has clearly decided that she wants to give him and spanking and have her dinner made for her, and she expertly lays a trap to justify exactly that!

    1. Funny you should say that Q, I was going to title this post 'The Trap.Us Knights love to serve our Queen...and they know it..

  2. My wife does not go that far, but talking back to her I've stood naked in the bedroom waiting for her. The knowing of how sore my bottom will be waiting makes the spanking worse. Always that damn hairbrush, always over her lap. I'm not allowed to rub afterwards, told either the front room or kitchen to face the wall. Sometimes my mouth will be washed out with soap for talking back to her. Jack

    1. Sounds like you're serving your Queen too Jack!

  3. It appears she was planning on spanking you before the diner remark and spank you she did. I love it when Robyn tells me I've got a spanking coming and scolds me as she spanks.

    1. Yes she laid the trap knowing I would step right into it!
      Waiting alone for her to arrive to dish out the punishment is strangely one of the most erotic aspects of the event.

  4. A swimsuit and a crown are a somewhat unusual clothing combination, but they make sense in this case.

    I like the phrase the Queen uses: "present your bottom". I first came across it on Aunt Kay's Disciplinary Wives Club website, where she said that the precise spanking position used (over the knee, bending over a chair etc.) did not matter very much. "The important thing is that he presents his bottom for you to punish."

    I think this expresses the essential point of domestic discipline. The man voluntary accepts the discipline which his wife or girlfriend applies on his buttocks because he knows that it is good for their relationship.


    1. The crown is the symbol of her power , irrespective of what else she is wearing.
      I love to hear her command to bend over or present your bottom for punishment.

  5. Jack again, sorry. I will add this, I have gone down on my knees, naked, erect and pleaded not to be spanked, just like a child would do. The outcome is I get a harder spanking, or she will have me face the wall and think of why I about to be spanked and that is the worse.

    1. Once the Queen has ordered a punishment you must accept it...with honour if possible.

  6. Elizabeth, one thing wrong with this picture, my husband will be holding a towel and taken care of that male problem. This "Queen" knows that the spanking will really hurt. Oh all women love to hear their hubby beg, plead, does not good and they know it.

    1. Sounds like Queen Elizabeth knows just how to keep her husband in line!

  7. Yes, "Present your bottom" is an especially delicious part of the spanking ritual for me. When a spanker demands that the spankee do this voluntarily it supercharges the whole experience. It's magnificent. Similarly with asking for the spanking. Or kissing the paddle. Etc. etc. There are so many delightful ways to amplify the thrill of our beloved fetish.

    Why does it supercharge the thrill? Both the spanker and the spankee know darn well that when the bottom is arching out provocatively the spanker's urges are inflamed because it looks so unbelievably irresistible and like it is taunting the spanker and just begging for the whacks to be good and hard. As with the other rituals.

    1. It is a deliciously thrilling exchange of power that no husband can resist !

  8. delightful role play, and a good example for readers to try in their relationship. It is also the perfect way to solve a problem, without both sides being angry or mad.

    bottoms up

    1. She is the Queen and I am her respectful knight.Falling into these roles is a great way to facilitate an exchange of power.....and of course I love to serve and be under her command if only for a short while.