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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sibling Rivalry - Part 2 - FM Spanking Story

Bill sat nervously on the bed waiting for Lynn to join him.
He was pleasantly surprised , thinking she would want to rest after her long journey from Arizona , but if she missed him that much he was more than willing to oblige her.
After a few minutes he could hear the sound of heels clicking on the wooden stairs before and when his wife entered the bedroom she was still holding the big bath brush sent to her from Arizona by her brother's girlfriend Lucie.

Standing at the doorway in a wide-legged pose similar to Wonder Woman , Bill could not believe how lucky he was to be married to such an eye-catching beauty.
Lynn continued to tap the back of the brush against her palm , louder this time , making an audible slap each time.

Her husband recognized the stern expression and immediately went into defensive mode , "Is there something wrong ? Did I upset you Sweetie ?" he asked in a high pitched tone.
Lynn's jaw tightened , "You do recall our telephone call a couple of nights ago don't you?" she asked tersely.

"Why yes...of course I do sweetie..." Bill stammered, trying to avoid eye contact with his wife and that big brush,  and fidgeted nervously with the bed sheet.
"Then you must recall the abrupt and rude tone you used?" Lynn reminded him.
Bill's face flushed and he shifted nervously on the bed , "Well...I mean...yes....I guess so...but I was watching the game with the guys and...."
".....and watching a silly game with your buddies was more important than talking with your Wife?" Lynn challenged.

Raising a palm to placate his wife , Bill quickly replied , "No honey...but it was..."
Lynn interrupted him before he could finish , "....and what about the household chores....look at the state of that bed you're sitting on! When was the last time you made it up?" she asked.
Bill could only reply with a feeble , " Er....uhm...well I....I like it this way?"
"....and the sink is piled high with dirty dishes....and I seriously doubt if the vacuum has been used?" Lynn continued , this time waving the big brush in his face menacingly.
Rather than respond , Bill chose to bow his head and study the floor , "Sorry...." he mumbled

"Oh you're gonna be sorry alright !" Lynn replied , and by the time Bill looked up , Lynn was rolling up the sleeve of her right arm.
"Wh...wha....what are you doing sweetie?" he asked nervously.
"Something I should have done Years ago!" Lynn replied boldly.
"Go fetch one of the armless chairs from the dining room and bring it up here!" she ordered , producing another puzzled look from Bill.

"A dining room chair? In the bedroom? What for?" he asked.
"You'll find out soon enough do as I say!" Lynn barked.
Moments later Bill returned with the straight backed chair, "Where shall I put it honey?" he asked meekly in an attempt to please her.
Lynn used the brush to point to the centre of the room , "Right there will do just fine for now." she said.

Still blissfully unaware of his wife's intentions , Bill asked , "If you would like a chair for the bedroom I could buy you a nice accent chair..." he offered.
Lynn shook her head , "No this one will be just fine , and from now on , it will be getting a lot more use up here than in the dining room!" she announced before sitting down on the chair and crossing her long legs.
Her skirt rose up just enough to reveal the tops of her black stockings and a glimpse of milky white thigh.
Despite his state of confusion , Bill felt an erection slowly growing at the sight.

Placing the bath brush on her lap , Lynn  sat back and folded her arms,
"COME HERE!" she ordered imperiously.
Bill shuffled forward to stand in front of his wife ,and gasped when she began undoing the buckle of his jeans.
A smile of relief played on Bill's face , "If that's all you wanted honey you just had to tell me..." he said.
Lynn looked up at him with a scowl and yanked his pants and underwear down to his ankles , releasing a burgeoning erection.
Ignoring the wobbling shaft and sticking to her task , Lynn scooped up the bath brush and patted her lap , "Get Over my lap!" she commanded tersely. 
Her husband's jaw dropped , "WHAT?" he gasped,

Lynn looked up at him earnestly , " You heard me! Get Over my are going to get the spanking of your life mister.... and then you will be giving this house a thorough cleaning inside and out.....and  I'm afraid you're going to be much too busy to go out with your buddies tomorrow....anyway your backside is going to be way to sore to sit at the bar!" she lectured , that impish smile playing on her pretty face again.

Bill stood frozen , his erection slowly waning , "A spanking? You can't be serious Lynn?" he argued.
Without replying Lynn took his arm , guiding him forward until he willingly draped himself over her inviting lap.
Placing both hands on the floor to steady himself , Bill turned his head to pout boyishly at his wife , "Please Lynn....not too hard....I have meetings all day tomorrow..." he pleaded.

Lynn regarded him imperiously , "Sorry dear but this spanking IS going to be hard...VERY HARD!
I am going to blister your behind until you can't sit , so you will have a very uncomfortable day tomorrow I'm afraid."

Bill groaned and responded by putting his head lower to the ground as Lynn adjusted his bare backside to her specifications.
She loved how his cute Lily white , muscular cheeks tensed in anticipation when she teasingly caressed them with the back of the brush.
They would not be lily white again for quite a while.
Then she raised her arm and began.......

An hour or so later , Lynn was relaxing at the kitchen table , nursing a red wine and giggling on the phone like a schoolgirl.
The sight of her strong husband standing at the sink wearing only one of her kitchen aprons , his blazing red backside open for all to see was both satisfying and amusing.
"Did you get it Lucie ?" she chuckled after sending her new best friend a picture of her husband in the humiliating pose.
Lucie giggled , "WOW! Nice job girlfriend look at this!"
Lynn gasped when her phone showed a picture of her brother Clint standing at the sink in a similar attire to Bill and with a bottom just as red.
"I always keep this one on my's so cute....and if Clint dares to get out of line I tell him I can show it to his buddies....that shut's him up fast !" Lucie told her.
Lynn laughed , "Good idea Lucie.....I'll make sure I keep this one handy to get Bill to shape up!"
"Gotta go... but I'm looking forward to visiting you guys for Thanksgiving!"Lucie chirped.
"Don't forget your bath brush!" Lynn reminded her.
"I never leave home without it!" Lucie assured her.


  1. I think everyone who truly loves this blog (as I do) need to get together for an extra special spanking party to re-enact the cartoons! What fun it would be!

    Well I can dream can't I!

    1. If only we could invite some of the characters like Lucie and Lynn , to mention a would be fun!

  2. A very good sequel! I especially like the picture on the smartphone. I travel to and from work by train, and most of the time at least half of the other passengers are using their phones. I usually avoid looking at the screens, but maybe I should take a discrete look!

    1. I expect there are a lot of spanking pics on phones these days.....they will show up sooner or later Richard.
      A nice threat for a strict wife to keep in her arsenal but let's hope she doesn't lose her phone!

    2. Mine has only two pictures of such, one me facing the wall displaying her handiwork, and the other of me over her lap, kicking and squirming, picture taken by her best friend, a spanking I will never forget. Jack

    3. That is even worse , a picture of you being spanked on another lady's phone....hope it doesn't show your face. The pic of you in the corner is ok as it could be anybody!

  3. Great story - I specially like the F/M stories

  4. I recall my first spanking, I looked at my girlfriend, kidding are you I said. I had told of this desire, but knew she would not do it. This came out of the blue, it was at her place and she had an armless chair. I was told to drop my pants and underpants, and she held a very large hairbrush. I’ll just say I read about the spanking dance, I did just that, rubbing, the worse was standing in the middle of the room, no rubbing and she just smiled. I wanted to be spanked, just never knew a women could spank so hard and to this day, married, it is because of the spankings that the marriage is strong. Jack

    1. That first spanking always takes us by surprise doesn't it , and we always figure she won't really do it.
      I vividly recall my first and must admit I was so surprised I was speechless.

    2. I recall saying no more after that, she stated there would be, and told me the first was long over due. Today when she tells me I've earned a spanking, I plead, beg, promise to not do it again, no good. She always spanks me otk, states if you wish to be a naughty boy then you will be spanked like a naughty boy, over my lap. Jack

    3. I never cease to be surprised how much a spanking hurts. I fantasize about long, hard spankings, but I'm not sure how I would handle it if my wife spanked me as long and hard in reality as she does in my fantasies.
      When I see guys whose butts have been spanked till they are black and blue, I wonder, do those guys actually enjoy the pain, or have they built up a tolerance for severe spankings gradually through practice?

    4. They don't have a choice. Their wife is in charge of the spanking and it only stops when she decides.Sometimes she doesn't realize how hard the spanked add the bruising and marks don't appear until later and the may offer some sympathy....but not much!

  5. I absolutely loved this story. Sadistic sisters getting their brothers into trouble is always hot, and I always love when a guy has to sit on a roasted bottom at work the next day!

    1. The men seem tonfo pretty well at getting themselves in troubls Q!The ladies are always proud of their handiwork when they see him squirm when he sits.

    2. I agree, QBuzz. I think that sibling rivalry is one of the most primal power struggles. It is certainly the earliest one we experience in life. That’s what makes the presence of a gloating sister at a spanking so hot.

  6. Great conclusion to the story. I’v said it before and I’ll say it again, when a woman gains the power to discipline her man, increasing the man’s share of the housework will be at the top of the list. On the bright side, that dynamic makes housework sexy. I wonder whether there are any other siblings that might be drawn into this.

    1. The man should do his share of the housework but the problem is that many of us are not very good at it so a bit of discipline helps to motivate him.