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Friday, September 28, 2018

Sibling Rivalry - FM Spanking story

"I must say Lucie that I am really impressed at how you've been able to turn my little hellion of a brother into a real Gentleman.You really must tell me how you did it."Clint's sister Lynn asked.

Clint's eyes widened and he looked warily at his girlfriend while she pondered a response.
Lucie felt a real sisterly affinity with her boyfriend's sister and was tempted to share that her method of keeping Clint in line was giving him a good old fashioned spanking when he needed it!

However , the pleading look in Clint's eyes persuaded her to spare his blushes....for now.
"Oh I have my ways....don't I Clint darling?" she replied with a glint in her eye.
Rather than change the subject as Clint hoped , his girlfriend's answer served to peak Lynn's interest further.
"What sort of ways? Tell me Lucie..." she pressed.

"That's really not your business Lynn!" an irritated Clint interjected.
"Maybe not brother but it sure would be interesting to know!" Lynn replied boldly.
Lynn had always been able to push the right buttons to get her younger brother angry and he always took the bait. Years  later  things had not changed.
"My,my...What is my kid brother so worried about? It's pretty clear that Lucie wears the pants in this house!" She teased with a girlish giggle that Lucie joined.

"I told you to mind your F#%&ing business Lynn!" Clint blurted , his face reddened with rage.
He immediately regretted his vulgar outburst when he saw Lucie's jaw drop.
"CLINT!",she gasped in disbelief , "How dare you speak to your sister like that.....and at my dinner table!"
Lynn had done it again and put a hand to her face to hide her gloating smile.

"It's ok Lucie....just a bit of sibling rivalry.When we were kids , Clint was always getting himself in trouble with Mom by losing his temper like that!"Lynn said.

Clint raised his hands to placate his livid girlfriend , "I'm sorry Lucie....I didn't mean Lynn said....It's just a sibling rivalry thing we've always done....isn't that so Lynn?"he offered ,hoping his big sister would help him dig his way out of the hole.

"True....but that didn't stop Mom marching you out to the woodshed and taking the razor strap to your bare behind did it?"Lynn teased.

Lucie giggled while Clint squirmed uncomfortably , "You never told me your Mother spanked you Clint ! You'll have to tell me more Lynn..."
Lynn was more than pleased to add to her brother's embarrassment.
"All my brother's got their bare bottoms warmed by Mom when they needed it.....and they needed it a lot.....especially Clint with that temper of his. Usually she would take them to the woodshed where the strap was ,but sometimes the would take them over her lap and spank them with a big wooden hairbrush. My sister Clare and I loved to watch Mom spank our brother's....and they hated having to drop their pants and go over Mom's lap.Boy did she wallop their backsides good with that brush! Then they had to sit down at the table for dinner...well lets say they tried to sit....boy did they squirm!"she mused with a chortle.

Lucie laughed too before looking earnestly at her silently contrite boyfriend.
"OK Clint.You know what happens when you behave like that so go wait for me in the bedroom."she declared firmly.
Clint's jaw dropped, "WHAT?....NOW?...With Lynn here?"

His girlfriend was in no mood for clemency and Lynn cackled loudly when Lucie took a firm grip of Clint's ear producing a girlish yelp from him.
"Yes NOW Clint.... Lynn is going to find out first hand exactly how I keep you in line....NOW MARCH!" Lucie scolded.

Resigned to his fate now,Clint scurried off to the apparent sanctuary of the bedroom to await his fate.
Meanwhile,  Lynn was struggling to take in the sudden turn of events , "Are you really going to give him a....."
"A Spanking? You're darn right I am.I've been paddling his backside since our first date and I don't intend to stop now!
Excuse me Lynn, this won't take long, but I warn will get very noisy!" Lucie said , rising from her seat.
As Lucie entered the bedroom she left the door ajar just enough for a curious pair of eyes to get a good view , and gave Lynn a sisterly wink.

For a few moments ,Lynn sat fidgeting with her coffee cup until the engagement in the other room commenced.
Lucie started in on her hapless kid brother with a lengthy ,scathing lecture that must have pricked his ears back. Occasionally there was a mumbled 'Sorry ' or 'Yes Ma'am from Clint but the exchange was primarily one sided.

A loud "Get Over Here Clint!" From the diminutive Lucie indicated some stubborn resistance from her boyfriend and persuaded the older lady to walk quietly to the bedroom door for a peek.
Lucy was still scolding  her man incessantoy as the sat comfortably on a large ottoman undoing his belt buckle.
With an unceremonious yank ,she downed his tight jeans to his knees.
Lynn noticed Clint was actually quite excited by his girlfriend's actions ,his erection springing out when his underwear was skinned down to join his jeans.

Lucie leaned back and scooped up a large ,wooden bath brush she had placed beside her.
Even Lynn gasped at the awesome implement.It certainly trumped her Mom's hairbrush .....and that was saying something. This was going to hurt!

"Over you go!" Lucie barked , patting her lap , and Clint dutifully complied.
"I am going to blister your bottom but good mister! Then you are going in there to apolgize to Lynn....understood!" she scolded.
"YES MA'AM!" Clint hollered in response.

Then Lucie began the hardest , most intense spanking Lynn had ever witnessed.
She watched in awe as Lucie's brush turned her brother's muscular cheeks from Lily white to a blazing red.
Clint did his best to remain stoic,  especially with his big sister listening , but could not last long .
Soon he was hollering and bawling like a kid while squirming and kicking his legs wildly.
Lucie ignored all this and relentlessly continued his spanking without missing a beat.
It wasn't long until Clint resorted to pleading , asking his girlfriend to stop  and telling her how much it hurt but Lucie continued whaling away at her target.
By the time Lucie did stop , Clint's rear end was a mass of colours of every hue.

Lucie took a moment to catch  her breath before leaning back and allowing Clint to slide off her lap.
He immediately flung both hands back to comfort his burning cheeks as he stumbled to his feet.

Lynn chuckled as Clint danced and hopped  around rubbing his backside while Lucie nonchalantly rose from her seat and smoothed out her clothes.
Then she took her humbled boyfriend by the ear and led him into the corner.
"Hands on your head and stay there until I tell you to come out!" Lucie barked.

Lynn had returned to her place at the kitchen
table by the time a glowing and contented Lucie returned.
"I wouldn't have believed that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!" Lynn exclaimed.
Lucie grinned,"Men just never learn do they? A good spanking is all they understand and , believe me , it works Lynn!" she replied proudly.
" I'll say! I can't wait to try it on Bill when I get back to Boston..." the other woman remarked excitedly.

The two ladies chatted while enjoying dessert while poor Clint stood trembling with his nose still in the corner of the bedroom.
"I suppose it's time to let our naughty boy join us..." Lucie announced , and moments later one very contrite cowboy trundled into the room.
Fighting a strong desire to rub his backside he walked stiffly to his sister.
His face was still flushed red and his hair tousled,  "I'm really sorry for being rude to you Lynn....I apologize." he said softly.
Lynn smiled back with a hint of empathy ,"Why don't you sit down and I'll fetch you some dessert." she said.
"I think he'd rather you fetched him a pillow to sit on!" Lucie joked and Clint forced a smile.

The two ladies could not resist teasing him as Clint grimaced and  painfully lowered himself onto the hard chair.
"You're sitting ....or trying to sit....just like you did after Mom spanked you Clint !" Lynn chuckled

Later that week when Lynn arrived home , her husband handed her a package , "This arrived for you today by courier Honey....looks like it's from Arizona."Bill said.

Lynn grinned impishly and eagerly ripped the box open.
"A bath brush!" her husband remarked .
His wife's grin broadened when she read the note inside:
' Thought you might need this .Enjoy! , love Lucie'.

Lynn examined the gift and tapped the hard back against her palm , "How thoughtful of Lucie....I think I'll use it now."
"I'll run you a bath after I drop your bags in the bedroom." Bill offered.
Still tapping the brush , Lynn looked up at him , "There'll be no need to run a bath for me darling." she replied.
"Oh! Are you taking a shower?" Bill asked.
"No." Lynn replied , tapping the brush harder now.
Her husband's brow furrowed , "But I thought you said you wanted to use your bath brush now...." he asked.
"Oh I intend to use it my I want you to wait for me in the bedroom....I'll be right up!"she said firmly enough to be an order rather than a request.
"OK Sweetie." Bill shrugged naively ,turning to carry the bags upstairs , blissfully unaware of what his wife had in store for him.
As he ascended the stairs , his wife eyed her husband's cute , denim encased butt as he ascended the stairs.
She was going to enjoy this !


  1. Nice story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Absolutely delightful to read and imagine. Hopefully you are reconsidering closing your excellent, exciting blog!
    Bottoms up

    1. I still have quite a few unposted items to share before I reach that decision Red.

  3. Lynn is definitely one of us. A true spanko cannot resist peeking though the open door and taking immense pleasure in viewing exciting spanky proceedings going on. That then triggered the rest of her latent spanko nature and the rest is history (much to the detriment of her husband's bare bottom). And notice how he was being good to her and still got a spanking. That because she loves bottoms and spanking for their own sake and not only for behaviour modification - although that aspect spices it up even more of course). Ergo: a pure spanko is Lynn.

    Thanks for these wonderful drawings and stories!

    1. Watching her brother's being spanked by Mom likely lit the spanking fire in her also Joe.

  4. Beautiful hope they have a tag team match soon

    1. The thought of a follow up has crossed my mind....

  5. A very good story! I haven't heard the word "hellion" for a long time, but it seems to be appropriate to describe Clint. As Joe says, Lynn was clearly a latent spanko. Hearing and then seeing her brother being spanked by his girlfriend was enough to bring her spanking desires into the open.

    I hope she doesn't spank her husband too severely the first time. That would be somewhat unfair, as he seems to have been behaving himself. The best thing would be to lower his pants and underpants and give him a few firm smacks with the bath brush. Just enough to sting a bit. Then she can warn him that she will be spanking him a lot harder if he is naughty!


    1. Wait a minute Richard...we don't know if Lynn's husband had been behaving. Wives know when a husband is 'too nice he may be trying to cover some bad behaviour....she will give it too him good as that brush is not for the faint hearted!

  6. I just recently found your blog and think it is great. This story is fantastic. Thank you very much.

  7. Sister or not watching, being spanked and having someone witness is worse than the spanking, unless facing the wall, red bottom on display is next. In my case I do squirm, kick, plead like hell, most times cry. As my wife states with a smile I act very much like a naughty little boy getting the spanking he earned. I would not want others to see this.

    1. Listening to a spanking can be as exciting as watching one.
      I happen to have an affinity for off screen spankings in movies and tv.Spankings should normally be private but I think in this case Lucie had a point to make.

    2. Agree, she had a point and made it clearly understood.

  8. Wow, that is one of your picture/story combos yet, Glenmore. I guess it really pushes my buttons because I have much in common with Clint. I was spanked, sometimes in front of sisters as a kid. It was embarrassing back then. I am spanked by my wife now, and I must confess I have sometimes fantasized about my wife doing exactly what Lucie did here. How embarrassing that would be! I like the way Bll goes obediently up to the bedroom at the end, oblivious to Lynn’s intentions: a real lamb to the slaughter.

    1. I don't think Bill has realized what his wife has in store for him yet!He is in for a surprise...

  9. Having another woman know that my wife spanks me--one of my favorite fantasies! Not at all sure I would want it to happen in real life, though. I do recall a discussion in a Yahoo group where a wife had decided that her husband had to choose among three women she would tell about her spanking him. He could choose her sister, her mother, or her old college roommate.

    1. I'd say we all share that fantasy but in real life...perhaps not.Depends on the circumstances....

  10. I agree, it depends on the circumstances. If the woman concerned is into spanking herself, or at least has an accepting attitude towards it, I think is OK in real life.

    1. Once when talking with a woman at work I said without thinking that my girlfriend had threatened to spank me. The woman said in a matter-of-fact voice: "Yes, that sort of thing is quite popular nowadays."