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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Debbie's Tawse - FM Spanking Story

Nigel cried out for mercy as his girlfriend Debbie laid the two-tailed tawse to his bare backside.
Debbie loved using the tawse on Nigel's muscular but cute fact she loved spanking his bottom with any implement.

For his part , Nigel hated the sight of that darn Scottish tawse hurt like heck.
Debbie reserved it for occasions when her boyfriend was particularly naughty....and this was one of them.

While she loved the act of taking her naughty boy across her knee for a good spanking , the tawse called for a different technique and positioning.
For this , the stark naked Nigel had to stand , legs apart and place both hands on the wall as Debbie really wound up and snapped the leather across his rear end with full force.
It usually didn't take too many strokes until Nigel was wailing , pleading and struggling to stay in place.

Although he told Debbie he hated being spanked , it did not escape her attention that , once he was naked , he seemed to be quite excited about the event.
There was no way he was going to be able to hide a stiff erection of that proportion.
Debbie thought it was cute and enjoyed teasing him about it and sometimes caressing it in her hands.

This strapping was just getting into double figures when it happened.
With all his squirming and moving around , stroke number 14 ended up wrapping around his right flank and hip , producing a blood curdling yell from Nigel who instinctively flung his left hand back to protect his rearguard from a repeat assault.

Debbie paused and glared at him.
She didn't need to say anything as her boyfriend knew immediately he had broken one of her cardinal rules.
"How dare you challenge my authority by putting your hand back!" she scolded.
"...bbbut Deb....that one was off target and really hurt!" Nigel protested.
Debbie gritted her teeth , "No know what happens when you do that!"she warned.

Nigel knew very well and pleaded for leniency.
Debbie gave him none.
"A full dozen on each hand and then over the couch for a dozen on the back of your legs!" she announced.
Nigel turned around , his shoulders slumping , "Please Debbie..." he whined , but seconds later straightened his posture and reached out his right hand , palm up.
Raising the strap above her head , Debbie brought it down 12 times as Nigel danced from foot to foot and whined throughout.
She permitted him a moment to shake his hand wildly and continue hopping in an apparent effort to cool it down before gesturing for him to present his left palm.
12 stinging whacks later , poor Nigel was running on the spot and waving both hands wildly.

"Over the couch!" Debbie ordered.
She found the sight of her burley boyfriend , prancing over to the couch with both palms under his armpits now , quite amusing.
Nigel draped himself over the back of the big couch , his elbows on the cushions and his toes barely touching the floor.
His vulnerable position placed him perfectly to receive Debbie's strap in that sensitive area between his buttocks and the tops of his thighs.

Debbie's aim was true and she landed a full dozen punishing licks right on target where her boyfriend would be feeling it afterwards for the next few days.
Nigel howled and wailed at the top of his lungs before he was unceremoniously dispatched back to the wall , his face red and tear stained , hands stinging and his entire rear on fire.
Debbie was far from finished with him yet.

She continued his strapping as if she was never interrupted leaving angry red welts across her boyfriends backside that would linger for days.
"If only you weren't such a naughty boy I wouldn't have to do this Sweetheart!" she sighed with just a hint of compassion.
"I know Honey. Don'y worry I'll be good from now on!" Nigel sobbed , bracing himself against the wall.
Debbie smiled and shook her head , "I doubt that!" she mused to herself....


  1. I've never had the pleasure of being spanked with a tawse, I really want to experience it lately!

    1. Here's a good old=fashioned one for us all to experience: Yeeeoowch! It will hurt our poor bare bottoms like the Dickens!

    2. That would hurt alright doubt!

  2. A very good story and cartoons. I don't think I would have an erection while being tawsed on my hands though! Or on the back of my thighs for that matter. One day when I was wearing shorts my girlfriend gave me a few smacks on the back of my bare legs. It was most effective!

    1. The back of the legs is quite a sensitive area and a smack there gets our attention alright.

  3. A very frightening experience, but arousing to read. Glad Cindy rarely uses the long tawse, as the short one is extremely yelping effective.
    Bottoms up

    1. Long or short , the tawse certainly is an implement to be feared Red !