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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Spankin' Good Barn Dance - MF Spanking Cartoon

After a darn good spanking from her boyfriend Clint , Jennie was somewhat reluctant to attend the big Barn Dance given that her choice of dress would expose her glowing , chastised appendage for all to see.

Follow this link if you missed it.
Look What You Did !

When Clint called all his Rodeo Cowboy buddies to explain the situation , they quickly came up with a solution.
As it turned out ,  Jennie felt right at home when she saw that all the other gals at the dance , not only had well-spanked bottoms like her , but were quite proud to display them for all to see!
Their men were quite happy too , knowing that those shapely posteriors would need another warming by the time they got home.....


  1. What good friends! He and all his friends were very considerate to do all that and make her feel fine and right at home.

  2. They are Spankin' good friends!

  3. Great sequel! And I'd love to have heard the conversations between the husbands and wives (and seen the ensuing spankings) as they showed solidarity with Jennie :D

  4. I'm sure there will be some interesting conversations amongst the ladies regarding their spanked bottoms....and how they can plot their revenge !

  5. My mind definitely conjures up a story in this image!

    1. I was thinking of an old fashioned situation where the ladies were up to mischief and discovered by their guys! Spankings for all..... maybe at the same moment.... maybe even together.... this is fantasy after all!

    2. In this scenario the ladies received a spanking before the dance , but having them all bare bottomed and over their man's lap at the dance for all to see would be quite the scenario...thanks Minelle.

  6. delightful fantast to imagine happening with our own friends.
    bottoms up