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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Shopping Cure - FM Spanking Story

Shopping is not one of my favourite activities and nobody knows that better than my wife.
She is the one who must endure my sulking , surliness,  whining and constant complaining during the event.
Even knowing that I will be in for a sound paddling afterwards fails to inspire me to smarten up.

Last week my wife tried a different approach which she believes has solved the problem.
It was Saturday morning and my grumpyness at the prospect of grocery shopping was already apparent.
I rattled the car keys impatiently at my wife who was working at the kitchen counter.
"Let's go!" I said curtly.

She looked over her shoulder at me , a mischievous smile playing on her lips.
"Just a minute.There's something I need to do before we go." 
Curious , I strolled over and gazed over her shoulder to see she was chopping up pieces of ginger root.
"New recipe? " I asked naively .
She giggled , "You might say that!".

She examined the various shapes of ginger root she had laid out before her and gleefully selected one.
"This should do nicely!" she announced triumphantly. 
"Drop your pants and bend over the counter!" she ordered.
My shoulders slumped , "AW no! Not a paddling...I promise I'll be in a good mood this time" I pleaded.
Leaning her face closer to mine she pointed to the counter.
"Do as I say!" she seethed.

Recognizing that look , I promptly dropped my pants and leaned over the counter.
I was facing the kitchen window which looks onto the street and luckily the blinds were still closed.
"Pull your cheeks apart and I suggest you take a deep breath!" she ordered.
Peering over my shoulder I saw the big piece of ginger in her hand.
"NO! YOU WOULDN'T ?? PLEASE!" I pleaded and then gasped when she inserted the ginger in my anus.
"GAAAAH! "I moaned and it wasn't long before the ginger was having an effect.
It burned like heck and my eyes were watering.

"Don't you dare move!" she warned and went to the bedroom , returning with the big Jokari paddle.
Rearing back she brought it down with a deafening 'SPLATT!" across my cheeks.
"OOOOW!" I hollered.
She delivered a full 20 licks as hard as she could , adding the sting of the paddle to the burning from the ginger.
"If you behave while we're out I'll remove the ginger when we get back.....if you don't it stays in longer and you'll get the paddling of your life ....understood? " she warned.

"OOOOH! Yes Ma'am! Please can you take it out Ma'am? I promise I'll be good...." I wailed .
She gave my bare bottom a hefty swat and then made sure the ginger was still in place.
"You heard me! It stays to remind you to behave!" she scolded.

Well my wife has likely never seen a better behaved husband than the one she spent that morning shopping with.
I opened doors for her , helped her find items and did not utter one complaint ....even though that ginger burned away for most of the trip.
She was clearly enjoying herself and teased me by ordering me to buy more ginger root at the store , "Make sure you get the right should know!" she chuckled.

Despite my obvious desperation , when we returned home she took the time to put the groceries away and make a  cup of tea before she smiled at me and said , "I guess I should remove that nasty ginger root from your ass now!"
Taking my hand , she led me to the bedroom and I gratefully lay on the bed as she removed the annoying obstruction.
"AAAAAH!" I gasped , sinking into the bed in relief.

She flopped down beside me and caressed my face.
"Poor baby...that must have been awfully uncomfortable for you?" she purred.
"It certainly was...." I concurred.
An impish grin spread over her face , "Actually I was kind of looking forward to blistering your butt again....I was sure you were going to cave...." she confessed  , "....but you didn't , so I suppose I should reward you instead!"
Turning me over , she smiled at my erection and opened her mouth.
In the end it was a good day for shopping!


  1. My wife Irene likes to whip my bottom before sending me out on errands, the usually does it again when I get back.

    She's also does it before we go out sometimes - either shopping or to socialize. I always behave after - for a little while.

    1. A pre-emptive strike can be very effective.

  2. Great story!
    Merry and I enjoy figging, giving and receiving.
    That is to say, she likes it put on her labial lips.
    I like it, both anally and in my urethra.
    On our first date, at a BDSM party, she inserted one in my anally.
    Some time later, in private play at home, she inserted a piece in my urethra, and I popped a huge boner!
    Clearly, we do not consider figging to be a 'punishment'.

    1. If you enjoy it that much then it won't work as a deterrent...perhaps as an incentive though?

    2. Right! Since I've known her, Merry has referred to figging as a 'treat'!

  3. I've read about the effects of ginger and heard the burning can be intense. So far Robyn has not mentioned using it on me. Shopping is not usually a problem for me I drive the cart and keep quiet. But for erotic reasons she had inserted a butt plug before going shopping to give me something to think about. I actually like the way it feels when walking around.

  4. I have to agree with Shilo on this one. Yes, it burns a bit, but it's not nearly as bad as a smear of CapzasinHP. (Just sayin') ;-)