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Thursday, May 31, 2018

She never forgets - FM Spanking Story

Eric and Karen waved goodbye to their friends and closed the door.
"Where are you going?" Karen asked her husband when he headed in the direction of the television.
"I can catch still the last period of the game..." Eric replied , stopping in his tracks as if awaiting his wife's permission.

Eric knew he was already on thin ice after repeatedly interrupting his wife earlier in the evening as she was telling a story to their guests.
Karen pointed to the kitchen , "Right now I need you to take care of the dirty dishes!"
Eric's shoulders slumped , "Can't I do them in the morning Sweetie ?" he asked.
His wife's jaw tightened , "No !You'll do them now....the game can wait!"

Moments later a disgruntled Eric was standing at the sink washing the dishes as his wife busied herself tidying up.
Eric expressed his frustration by loudly banging each dish after he had washed it.
His less than subtle insubordination did not escape his wife's attention ,"Are you giving me attitude Eric?" she asked sternly
"Of course not!" Eric replied gruffly , with a hint of sarcasm. 

Karen paused and turned to look at him.
"Well it sure sounds to me like you are...which  reminds me , in case you think I'd forgotten , you were constantly interrupting me when I was speaking tonight.You know that is not allowed." 
Eric let out an exaggerated sigh.
He was hoping she had forgotten.

"Er...uhm...I'm sorry about that Sweetie....." he mumbled.
Karen folded her arms and leaned back on the counter , a smug smile playing on her face.
"You actually thought I'd forgotten about that didn't you?" she asked  , her pony tail bobbing as she shook her head.
"Well I said I was sorry!" Eric replied indignantly.
"Oh you're going to be sorry alright soon as you're done with those dishes I'll take care of that attitude of yours!" his wife warned.

Eric turned to face her ,"Aw no honey.....please.." he pleaded.
Karen waved a finger at him , "You know the rules lets have no excuses .You've got 5 minutes to finish those dishes and get your little tushie up to the bedroom.....and that little tushie is going to get a taste of my hairbrush that you'll remember for quite a while!" she announced ,  turning on her heel and leaving her husband alone with the dirty dishes.

The next morning , Karen' s correction of her husband's attitude had clearly worked , as he was up early and in the kitchen ,busily preparing breakfast when she awoke .
"Well , well....I think I'm going to blister your butt every night if this is the result!"she beamed proudly , planting a kiss on Eric's neck and snuggling close to him.

Eric flinched when she grasped his rear end , "Oh sorry about that sweetie...." she chirped  , "....I forgot your poor little tushie is going to be very , very sore for a while." she said with a chuckle.
Eric put a hand back to rub the seat of his boxers ,"I'll say! You really laid it on good last butt is still glowing!"he smiled.

His wife gave his cute bottom a playful smack , making him wince again and let out a little "ouch".
"....and so it should be dear! After breakfast I think I'd like to inspect my handiwork ......just to see for myself!" she teased , taking her seat on a stool at the counter.

Eric placed her breakfast plate in front of her , "You don't have to look so smug my dear..." he replied .
His wife grinned when Eric declined her offer to sit next to her , preferring to eat his breakfast standing at the counter.
"It's so nice to be able to sit down for breakfast.....too bad you can't !" she teased , wiggling her bottom on the seat for emphasis.
"Sitting is not an option when you have a backside as sore as mine! " heR husband replied with a sporting grin.

Just then , the phone rang and Karen promptly picked it up.
"Oh hi Jen! Yes we really enjoyed last night as well......ok ...great idea...I'm in , but let me ask Eric if he's up to it." she gushed.
Putting a hand over the receiver she leaned over to Eric , "Jen and Ron are going for a bike ride this morning and would like us to join in? ...that is....considering" she asked with a smirk.

Her husband's face contorted in a grimace and he instinctively rubbed his rear end again , " .....a bike ride? this morning?" he moaned.
Karen was enjoying watching her husband's discomfort ,"So are you going ...or shall I tell Jen you can't come because I spanked your naughty bottom so hard last night that you're too sore to sit?" she asked with a glint in her eye.

Eric's eyes widened , "You wouldn't ?" he whispered.
An impish grin spread over his wife's  face ,  "Oh wouldn't I?" she replied , returning the receiver to her lips.
"Hi Jen....Eric's not too keen on a bike ride this morning ....." she began before Eric's flailing arms paused her.
He could hear Jen speaking and Karen giggled girlishly ,"I thought so! OK then Jen , we'll meet you at the bike trail in an hour once we've finished breakfast and Eric has cleaned up!"

Karen needed a moment to compose herself and stop giggling after she had hung up the phone .
"Don't worry least you won't be the only riding a bike on a sore bottom! It seems Jen's hairbrush was very busy last night as well , and made quite a lasting impression on Ron's rear end .We figure you guys can wear your cycling pants for some padding ......or you can always ride standing on the pedals!" she laughed.

Eric pouted , poking his fork at his food.
Karen scooped a forkful of her scrambled eggs into her mouth , "Don't start with that attitude of yours again mister because I have no problem to give you a repeat of what I gave you last night!"she warned.
"Sorry honey!" her husband replied promptly.
Karen raised a brow ,"Sorry who?" she challenged.
Her tone forced her sulking husband to look up from his plate , "I'm Sorry Ma'am." He corrected with a blush.

Karen shook her head in disbelief , "You guys just never learn do you? Pass me that spatula , drop your boxers and bend over the counter!" she ordered.
"Aw no honey....please!" Eric pleaded but still handed his wife  the big spatula .
With a sigh , he dropped his boxers and presented his already tenderized bottom for further correction.

Karen smiled and admired her husband's bottom which still bore the telltale marks of her hairbrush.
"I doubt if padded cycling pants are going to help you after this mister" she scolded , rolling up her sleeve.


  1. An excellent story! Once again without a detailed repetitive description of a spanking. If only more writers realized that some things are better left to the reader's imagination.
    What I like about the story is the picture it paints of a happy marriage. The husband is basically a good partner, he just has the widespread male habit of interrupting his wife when she is speaking.
    His wife knows how to deal with this though. She doesn't yell at him, she simply applies her hairbrush firmly on his bare bottom. This stings a little and is sore for a day or two, but it does not have any longterm harmful effects and it is lot better than having a row.
    It seems her friend uses the same method with her husband. I wonder if they have discussed it with each other or if it is pure chance that both wives discipline their husbands by means of spanking? The way F/M spanking is catching on nowadays, this is quite possible.

    1. I do believe women will share stories of spanking their husbands with close friends and encourage them to do the same!

  2. Wife’s share with other wife’s, its a woman thing. My wife has let it known that I’m spanked, part of her punishment. A couple of the husbands in the neighborhood are not happy with me, their wives have decided a spanking is very effective. I don’t know about the other husbands, but I have been seen many times facing the wall, pants and underpants around my ankles and a couple of times naked. They make comments like so you have a naughty little boy today, did you get a spanking young man. Joe

    1. Its ok for wives to share discretely but this sounds like a tall tale to me!

  3. I am punished for this same behavior often you think I would learn. The last time I did this my wife said I front of her sisters " didn't we have a discussion about this the last time you interrupted me".

  4. Isn't it interesting that men just can't seem to help themselves in these situations....being sarcastic and showing attitude to a wife who does not hesitate to take her hairbrush to you when it's needed, seems rather foolish. Love the fact that Jen and Karen confide in each other about the domestic discipline in their can assume that Eric and Ron each know the other is spanked as well, but being men, perhaps they don't bring it up when they are together. Is it too embarrassing to let other men know that you are spanked at home even if you already know that they are as well?

    1. Well now Eric knows that Ron receives the same discipline as he does.
      The women are glad to share as they are in the dominant role .
      Perhaps they would be less likely to share if they were the one being spanked.
      For a man to confide about being spanked by his wife would be quite rare I would think.

    2. Quite sure Ron also knows about Eric by now. I agree with you that it would be rare for a man to confide in another about being spanked at home. I'd like to think that I would, if I knew the other fellow was getting it too.