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Monday, May 28, 2018

Formality - FM Spanking Story

Alan smirked with disbelief when he entered the spare bedroom , " This is a little over the top Diane don't you think?" he declared , his eyes scanning the room.

His wife sat behind a large , antique desk positioned opposite a matching full wall bookcase.
In front of the desk were two sturdy wooden chairs , oddly one with a padded seat , the other without.

Diane herself was formally dressed in a smart business dress and heels.
Her long mane was neatly tied up in a bun on top of her head , emphasizing her classic high cheekbones and full lips.
A pair of oversized , horn rimmed glasses were perched on her nose.

She peered over the glasses to regard her husband ,who was somewhat under dressed by comparison.

In front of Diane was a formal looking document with a fountain pen beside it.
"Actually I think it's just right Alan.I told you I was going to take this seriously. Now have a seat and let's get started shall we?" she responded.

Her husband momentarily paused to decide which chair to use.
Noticing his confusion , his wife intervened, " You'll find this one more comfortable...for'll be sitting on the other one later." she explained , a faint smile playing on her pretty face as she directed him  to the padded seat.

Still surprised by his surroundings , Alan sat down.
His wife immediately got down to business by  pushing the document in front of him.
"So what is this?" he asked .

"It's the Domestic Discipline contract we discussed last week.I suggest you read it carefully before you sign." Diane advised earnestly.

Alan moved his gaze from the document to his wife's face, "Do we really need to be this formal sweetie?" he asked.
Diane returned his stare with an earnest one of her own , "Oh I believe we do Alan.Please read it carefully....and ,by the way, you will refer to me as 'Ma'am' until this session is complete."

Alan looked stunned by his wife's reply.
"Seriously? Ma'am?"
Diane pointed to the agreement , "It's all in the agreement Alan.Read!" She said,her tone tightening.

Alan lowered his eyes and began reading. 
As he read , his face flushed and he shifted uneasily in his chair.
The document was not lengthy but Alan found himself re-reading some sections in a state of disbelief.
Finally he looked up at Diane , "I know we agreed this would be a good idea but now that I see it in writing I'm not so sure Sweetie...." he babbled nervously.
Diane leaned closer , "Ma'am!" she corrected.
"Uhm'am." He added.

"Well I have no intention of forcing  you to sign anything under duress Alan , but I would remind you that this was your idea in the first place." Diane told him.
Alan fidgeted with the document , flipping the pages back and forth.
"I know I Ma'am ....but I...." he stammered.

Diane sighed impatiently , "...but what Alan ? Do you wish me to take care of your discipline or not ? If not then let's use the remainder of this meeting to discuss the alternatives shall we?"

Alan put up a palm to placate his wife.
"No Ma'am....I mean yes...that is...I don't have an alternative Ma'am.I guess seeing it in writing so formally is just a bit of a shock that's all..."

His wife grinned , " Well I am a lawyer Alan and I like formality.Unless you have any questions then I suggest you sign so we can get down to business!"

Alan's jaw dropped , "Get down to business?" he asked uneasily.
"Yes.To take care of a few 'issues' of yours we discussed previously.Do I need to remind you about them?" his wife responded.

Alan waved his hand , " No....No Ma'am! I know what they are...".
Picking up the pen , he quickly signed the document.
Diane reclined back in her plush leather chair ,looking very satisfied, and took the signed document from her husband.
"Let's make sure we keep this somewhere safe in case we need to refer to it!" she said ,opening the desk drawer and slipping the document inside.

Abruptly she stood up , straightened her tight skirt  and waved her hand imperiously at Alan,  "OK Alan.Get your clothes off then."she ordered.
"WHAT?" her husband gasped .
His wife let out a sigh and  stood with hands on hips addressing him sternly.
"It's all in the agreement you just read and signed Alan.Now hurry along and strip off all your clothes before you try my patience."

 Alan knew from his wife's tone it was best not to argue so slowly began removing his clothes. As he undressed , Diane opened the doors of the large cupboard behind her desk and scooped up a large wooden paddle with holes in it.

Alan's eyes widened at the sight of it."You're not going to use that on me are you?" he asked uncertainly.
"Of course I am!"Diane replied , swishing the implement through the air to make a menacing sound. 

Diane nodded her approval when her husband stood naked at attention before her.Pointing the paddle at the desk "Over the desk.Reach forward .Legs apart!" she ordered curtly.
Alan placed both palms on his buttocks and gave them a preparatory rub before assuming the position.
Gripping the edge of the table ,he gritted his teeth in anticipation, his cheeks clenching involuntarily .

He could hear his wife's heels tapping on the wooden floor as she paced behind him and the occasional 'WHOOSH!' of the paddle as she practiced her swing.
Finally she spoke."Now that you have formally agreed to accept discipline from me Alan I expect you to to respect all my decisions regarding your behaviour , do you understand?"

Alan coughed nervously before replying , "Yes I understand." he muttered.
His wife let out an exasperated sigh , "Yes I understand 'MA'AM' ! I'm still sensing some attitude Alan!"she warned. 
Despite having signed an agreement , Alan was clearly having trouble complying.
He turned his head to face her , "I have to call you Ma'am now? Why do I have to do that?" he challenged indignantly.
His wife gritted her teeth and made another loud 'whooshing' sound with the paddle , making Alan visibly wince.
"Formality my dear Alan , formality....I'm not try my patience!"she responded firmly.

Alan returned his gaze to the front to avoid his wife's glare , "Sorry 'MA'AM' ! ".
Diane smiled with satisfaction and lustily eyed her husband's smooth , lily white cheeks , laid out nicely for her paddle.
"By the time I'm done with you I can assure you that  you'll understand the meaning of formality Alan!" she warned as she stepped back and raised the paddle over her head.
Diane was going to enjoy this more than she thought....


  1. You're on a roll lately, Glen! Another stripped hubby, signing away his ass to the woman he loves. You can be sure she'll make him live up to every word of the contract!

    1. Thank you!
      I do love the formality aspect with her dressed smartly , hair up and he naked and under her control.

  2. A good story, despite the fact that it does not contain a description of a spanking. In fact it is better than a lot of stories on the web that do contain descriptions of spankings. It made me wonder about two things:

    1. What is the legal position of Domestic Discipline contracts? If a couple made a contract like the one described, would it be legally binding?

    2. Have any couples in fact made such contracts in real life?

    rgds richard.

    1. I often write stories where I leave out the actual spanking and let the reader use their imagination.
      1.I do not believe these agreements are meant to be legal agreements.Who would want to go to court with a DD agreement?
      2.They are used all the time and you can find lots of examples on the Web.

  3. Know it all too well, the tone of voice, not always having to strip, but when I do, I plead, beg, promise, my wife enjoys the show. She has a special paddle, and standing facing the wall afterwards, sitting is not possible. I signed a contract, it was the marriage license, our honeymoon was my first spanking, and so I know this all too well. Joe

    1. The wives certainly enjoy it and we are happy to comply!

    2. So very true, they find reasons to spank and when my wife has not I provide her that reason. Joe

  4. Great story and artwork! Alan was brave to have asked his wife to provide the discipline he knew he needed...that showed real progress in their relationship. But now that he's having second thoughts, it was wise of Diane to formalize the agreement. A steady application of the paddle to his bare backside is just what this marriage needs, and they will both benefit from it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the story.You are right...Diane means business!

  5. Formality is an oh-so-erotic addition to any spanking scene!

  6. For some reason, I am picturing them in an old Victorian house in New Orleans

    1. That sounds like the perfect setting Tomy.
      It would certainly be inspiring for Diane!

    2. I now understand the meaning of the words of the classic song from the 1960s:

      "There is a house in New Orleans
      They call the Rising Sun
      And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
      And God, I know I'm one"


    3. Oh that's a good one Richard.