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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Spanking Dare - MF Spanking Comic


  1. My wife dared the same, only it was just the two of us. I started across her pants and then bare her bottom>. She said enough and I said a dare is a dare and watching her afterwards, rubbing, squirming while watching TV was great.

  2. If my husband is not "preforming" I will do the same, only difference I will do it already naked. Once he feels my bottom is red enough, and I see his bulge, I get what I've been wanting and he does to, or me the spanking and sex afterwards and for him the spanking, he so enjoys spanking me.

  3. I guess if you dare someone to spank you in front of friends, you must be a bit of an exhibitionist. So, although Celia protests at having her pants taken down, she’s probably getting a thrill from that indignity. Besides, if you dare someone to spank you, you don’t get to dictate the terms of the spanking, do you? Another sexy and amusing cartoon. I love Dana’s reaction. In the first frame she is excited at the prospect of seeing her friend spanked. In the second frame, she looks worried about the redness of Celia’s cheeks, undoubtedly conscious that Mark is eager give her the same treatment when they get home.