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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Driving Lesson - FM Spanking Story

“OMIGOSH!” Krista shrieked ,  pressing hard on the brakes.
The driver who cut abruptly in front of her flashed a wry smile , flipping her a cursory middle finger as he drove off .

“You #$$@@ing Asshole!” her husband Ben yelled , brandishing a fist at the offending car.
His wife glared at him , “There is no need for that language Ben... he can’t hear you anyway...but I can!” she scolded.
Ben was outraged , “But he cut you right off Krista...and gave you the finger! He could have killed us!”he raged back at her.

Krista shook her head and let out a sigh before glancing over at her still fuming hubbie .
“Yelling at him like that won’t solve anything ....and no harm was done anyway.” she reasoned.
His wife’s calmness about the incident only enraged Ben even more.
“How can you let him get away with that Krista? He’s a jerk!” he yelled , his tone rising.

His wife did not respond , instead beginning a three point turn in the middle of the street.
“What the hell are you doing?” Ben asked .
“Turning around.....what does it look like!” Krista replied , glancing over her shoulder to make sure the way was clear.

Ben laughed nervously , “Aren’t we going to visit your sister then ?” he asked.
Her attention focussed on the road now , Krista responded , “Of course we are....but I told you before I will not put up with that sort of behaviour from you we are going home to deal with it !” 

Her husband’s face flushed , his demeanour quickly changing.
“bb....but Honey...he cut you off and I was just......” he began to justify his actions , but was stopped by his wife’s voice interrupting  him.
“We both know what you did and we also know the consequences!” she explained , calmly bringing the car to a halt once they were in the driveway.

Krista turned to look earnestly at Ben after switching off the engine , “Off you go to the bedroom , fetch the hairbrush and get ready....this is going to hurt ......I’ll be there shortly..” she told him firmly.
For a moment Ben considered a protest , but his wife’s determined look convinced him to think better of it so he made his way into the house.

While her husband busied himself making the necessary preparations for his pending chastisement , Krista called her sister to inform her of the delay. “Sorry Sis....we’re going to be a bit late.....I need to take care of some with Ben which can't wait.” she gushed.
Her sister’s reply made her giggle.
“Yes...another little episode of road rage...I’ll tell you more over a glass of wine !” she added.
Returning the phone , she took off her coat and rolled up her right sleeve before striding confidently to the bedroom. 

About 15 minutes later , Krista was back behind the steering wheel.
Shaking her head , she grinned impishly when Ben let out a moan when he carefully lowered himself onto his seat beside her.
“I hope you've learned your lesson mister ?" she asked sternly.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the subdued reply.
"Looks like you're in for quite an uncomfortable ride......but if you dare behave like that it will mean an even more uncomfortable ride back!” she warned , placing her hairbrush on the dash in front of him as a reminder , just in case.

Ben shifted uneasily in a vain attempt at comfort .
His tender backside chafed uncomfortably against the unforgiving roughness of his jeans , and some of the numbness from his wife’s repeated application of the wooden paddle was beginning to wear off , replaced by a lingering burning.
"Well try not to hit any bumps at least!” he requested through a grimace.
Krista grinned impishly, "I told you this was going to be an uncomfortable ride and I meant it !" 


  1. A brilliant story (and great artwork)! Krista's calm matter of fact tone is perfect, as are the parts of the story left to the imagination (after Krista rolls up her right sleeve and strides for the bedroom). As the author, do you see Ben standing by a chair holding the hairbrush waiting for his wife? In the corner? Pants down already? Would love to know. Thanks.

  2. As in many of my stories , I like to leave that up to the reader's imagination.

  3. Hopefully next time his wife will keep driving to her sister's and give him his spanking bare bottomed in front of her whole family!

    1. Actually I think taking him home where she can take her time to give him a sound thrashing and have him endure a painfully sore bottom is more effective. I believe spankings should be in private between husband and wife...mostly.

    2. Jackie, I to agree, I’ve only recall one time, we were at the mall shopping and dinner afterwards, that his attitude had me take him home and give him a very sound spanking. We did finish the shopping and did go out to dinner. He tried hard not to squirm, nothing more was said until the next morning. His mouth got him another spanking and I waited until he stepped out of the shower, boy a wet bottom spankings is so effective.

    3. I agree with you, Glenmore. Taking him home for the spanking is good because it is more realistic than doing the spanking in front of her sister. For me realism enhances the power of a spanking story. It is already embarrassing enough that Krista tells her sister that she is spanking Ben, and you know Ben will have to endure some teasing from his sister-in-law. The hairbrush on the dashboard and Krista’s threat that he will be sitting even less comfortably on the way home are wonderfully suggestive. My wife has sometimes threatened to spank me, adding “and I don’t care who is there to see.” I know, of course, that she wouldn’t really do that because it is unfair to involve other people in your erotic scene, but the threat alone has great erotic power. Darryl

  4. A very well written story, it seemed very realistic to me, the sort of thing that does happen with couples who use spanking.
    I think you are right that it is better for his wife to take him home and discipline him. That means he has to spend the whole trip sitting on his well-spanked bottom. If he acts up when they are at his sister's, she can give him a few firm smacks on the seat of his pants. They will be much more effective than usual.
    If her sister is really curious, she can make him bare his bottom in front of her to show how red it is.

    1. Krista is looking forward to telling her sister about the spanking so Ben ' s embarrassment is not over yet!

  5. I'm not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for
    me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?

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  6. I had a bad habit of not using turning signals, until I met Merry. by mutual agreement, we decided, anytime she was in the car with me, and saw that I wasn't using a turn signal when I should be, I'd be in for a bare bottom paddling once we got home.
    Well, the plan works. I use my turn signals all the time now, and get quite annoyed when I see others not using them.

    1. The paddle had cured some of my poor driving habits also.I'm sure we're not the only ones.

  7. I also have been cured of poor driving habits. I have been turned over my wifes knee and spanked till I can't sit to drive

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  9. Good story. I also need spankings to, correct my behavior.