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Friday, April 20, 2018

Sunnie's Vacation Spanking - MF Spanking Comic


  1. Nice cartoon. I think Sunnie got what she wanted. Throwing water on the head of the person who administers DD is asking for it. The skimpy bikini is convenient too.

    1. She got what she wanted but wasn't expecting it to happen publicly at the pool!

  2. Table turn when I did something similar to Jackie. Apartment pool, I was just having fun, Jackie thought otherwise. Day off from work, only a couple of middle age ladies. Well Jackie waited until I came out of the pool and I found myself across her lap, and worse of all the bathing suit was pulled down and her hand really warmed my wet bottom. The ladies enjoyed the show, Jackie stood me up, pulled up the suit and I quickly got back in the water to ease the pain. Joe

  3. She doesn’t look too upset that the whole pool gets an appealing view of her ample backside...I think she may have known exactly what was coming to her