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Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to the Family ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

It had started off as a nice dinner where Audrey could introduce her new boyfriend Charles to her parents , but when the two men had too much to drink and started with the lewd jokes and comics the dinner was cut short before dessert arrived.

It was indeed a quiet ride home for the two men apart from their ladies warning them of their fate when they arrived home.

If Charles thought his new girlfriend and her Mother were joking , he received a reality check when Audrey's Mom promptly downed her husband's pants , tossed him over her lap and gave him the hardest spanking he had ever seen with the biggest hairbrush he had ever seen.

In case he had any ideas of escaping , Audrey held him by the ear , occasionally wagging her very own hairbrush at him and warning him he was going to get it worse.
"Welcome to the Family Charles.." she said , "...better get used to this!"


  1. Love these kind of family scenes!

  2. To married into a family knowing this, I will admit I dream about. To be spanked by my mother-in-law with my wife watching I think about. Having it actually happen, well I don’t know, but the desire is so strong, I would want it to happen.

  3. Excellent story and drawing as always. You'd think that Audrey's father would know better by now, since he's been on the receiving end of his wife's hairbrush since the beginning of their relationship. Charles is about to find out that Audrey has learned a lot from watching her mother all these years. He'll have time to reflect on all this while standing red-faced and red-bottomed in the corner next to his future father-in-law.

  4. Rude behaviour should never be tolerated
    Bottoms up