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Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking Turns - FM Spanking Cartoon

This tandem of Disciplinary Wives are putting their naughty husbands through their paces.

After dinner and drinks , the two men are sent to disrobe while the ladies prepare the room for the main event.

It starts with a long lecture , made even more embarrassing when the men must stand naked before their wives hands by their sides as their ears are thoroughly roasted.

Then , while one of them watches , the other man must kneel on the couch , bend forward and present his bare backside for punishment.
The mere sight of her large Jokari paddle is enough to strike fear into the hearts of both men.

Taking her time , the first wife swings the paddle with venom.
Her husband tries his best to be stoic and take his paddling like a man , but by the 4th or 5th whack he is howling like a banshee and begging for mercy.
Meanwhile , the other husband must look on in terror , knowing his turn is next and his cheeks clench in anticipation.

After the first round , both men are sent to the corner while their wives take in the view of their red , blistered backsides while enjoying a cocktail.

For the wives it is as an enjoyable experience for them as it is painful for their husbands , and they love teasing their men incessantly about the state of their backsides.
The men can only cringe and shake in their corners knowing their ordeal is just beginning!


  1. I must say that there are some pretty sadistic dominating women in your cartoon neighborhood. Just where is it located and are there any summer rental properties available?

  2. I like the use of the Jokari paddles - these wives clearly have researched their disciplinary implements.
    But "their ordeal is just beginning"... I wonder what they're in for next!

  3. Joe, Jackie my wife, I showed her. She smiled and said not a surprise that some males would enjoy this. I was reminded women do not get turned out by the sight of a naked male, that a male downfall when looking at naked women. On the other hand if this ever came up, she would do it, especially if she gets to spank the other husband. It would be great seeing two males, red bottoms acting like little children. She smiled at me and said still interested?

    1. These two men are certainly not enjoying it...more like enduring it.
      The ladies on the other hand....

  4. Nice story and the ear blistering. A favourite theme...couples discipline. An effective way to get all husbands to behave better. When they see that their friends are disciplined just as severely by their own wives, it provides both support and a common standard to live up to. Does each wife lecture and then discipline only her own husband?

    1. I would say the ear blistering and the paddling is a joint effort by the ladies.
      The poor guys will likely be on for more later when the wife gets him alone.

    2. I see. So the visiting husband gets to hear the dreaded "Wait till I get you home!" and the host husband hears "When our friends leave, I will teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!"

    3. The 'dual ' paddling is only a primer for the main event!