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Monday, February 12, 2018

Julie's public spanking - MF Spanking Cartoon

My fellow spanking blogger Strict Julie has convinced her husband to give her shapely bottom a firm spanking in front of her entire family this weekend , and in addition , Julie's hubby will make an announcement to everyone that Julie will be in for a good 'real' spanking when he gets her home.

Julie assures us that once they are home she really will get that spanking ....and by all accounts it should be epic/
Yu can read about Julie's 'scheme' at the link below:
Julie to be publicly spanked?

I find this scenario to be delicious , and have no doubt Julie will pull it off with her usual aplomb.
At Julie's request I have put together a cartoon rendition of how the scene may play out.
(I hope I have included all the 'participants' Julie !)


  1. Oh it's perfect! Thank you Glenny! I will treasure it and use it to illustrate my post.

    It's planned to be only one smack in public like that, in "retaliation" for me sneaking up behind him and giving him a playfully hard swat on his butt first. So fair play there.

    1. Looking forward to hear how everyone reacts to your 'smack' Julie.

  2. Great drawing. I love how She has a smirk on her face.
    Pie pie 4 now

  3. Great drawing. I love the facial expressions of the witnesses, ranging from amusement to surprise to shock. The elderly couple on the right are cute. The grey haired woman suppresses an excited giggle with her hand as she glances up at her hubby to gauge his reaction. The husband looks back at her in surprise, as a new insight into his wife dawns on him, and you know this spanking is going to inspire another one. Darryl