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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Waiting Their Turn - MF Spanking Cartoon

It could be before , during or after the party but these naughty wives are getting , or are about to get what they deserve.
Are the ladies friends with husbands who spank them when they need it , or perhaps a Mother and Daughter where spanking is part of the family tradition.

Either way , the 'senior' couple are taking the lead , showing the previous generation how a good old fashioned spanking is carried out.
He has left his wife the dignity of keeping her undies on , although they offer her bottom no protection , perhaps because he knows there is an audience , or just because her bottom looks so darn cute in them?

The other man is not only enjoying watching the spanking but is looking forward to doing the same to his pretty young wife's derrierre once the hairbrush becomes available.
For her part , watching the other lady having her bottom roasted has his wife completely terrified !
They will be two sore bottomed ladies when they return to the party...


  1. Great as always.
    I like to think that panties tend to stay up only for a spankings warm-up.

    1. He is far from finished so they will come down at some point !

  2. I think her panties should definitely come down. Her mature full backside, spanked and on display for the younger couple, will add to her punishment, especially if it is her son-in-law and daughter watching.

    1. He is quite enjoying the sight of her cute bottom framed in those skimpy undies for now!

  3. Very nice indeed, Glenmore. I must say those gentlemen look very dapper - the party's obviously a black tie/ red bottom affair.

    I'm also a big fan of spanking over panties, but then that might be because I'm a fan of both panties and spanking. Agreed with your other commenters that eventually they should come down, but there's really no rush. :)

  4. Thanks Undie.
    I do have a thing for spanking and formal occasions where both the men and their ladies are well dressed , especially regarding what lurks beneath those lovely long gowns the ladies are wearing.
    I agree if the lady's undies are alluring and offer an enticing sight they can stay least for a while.