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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Naughty Wives Punished - MF Spanking Cartoon

Here are some wives who are finding out the hard way , not to get too big for their boots!

It wasn't so long ago that they had their husbands , pants down and over the sofa for a sound thrashing just to show their men who really wears the pants.

While it is usually their errant husbands who are on the receiving end of a good spanking , the ladies should know that they are not exempt from similar treatment.

Perhaps the ladies got a little carried away on a girls night out , sassed their menfolk too much , or just needed a reminder that they can't always have everything their way.
Whatever they did , they will no doubt be very sore and sorry wives afterwards,  and will find out first hand what it feels like to sit on a freshly spanked bottom-  and endure the teasing of their amused spouses regarding their reluctance to sit!


  1. Spanking WIVES????? That would not go over well around here. LOL

    1. It's not going over well with these wives either KD ,but sometimes a husband needs to step up and balance the scales when she gets too bossy!
      It's too bad you are surrounded by all those lovely female bottoms and can't spank them.
      It would drive me crazy!
      Don't worry....normal FM service will resume shortly!

  2. My could use a good spanking but I would dearly pay for it later.

    1. If she acts like she needs a spanking then she is challenging you to do it. Dont disappoint her.

      it's worth it

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