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Sunday, November 19, 2017


I must admit I completely forgot about this , but would like to give an opportunity to the many minions out there that come to this blog but never comment or leave as much as a trace they were here.
If you enjoy this blog and would like it to keep going then please take a moment to leave a comment , suggestion or just a hello.
So , if you are out there , don't be afraid to let us know you exist.
We really appreciate feedback.


  1. I love your cartoons and always lurk..xoxo

  2. Love your blog. Always looking for new posts. Check almost everyday. Thanks keep going

  3. I really enjoy your blog and visit quite often but don't comment so guess that makes me guilty of lurking. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Welcome Cat....looks like you're another lurker in need of a spanking!

  4. I really enjoy your blog

  5. A safe place to enjoy my desire, one day it will happen, but until then, I Thank You, will admit laying in bed, in the shower, or just sitting on the toilet, I have masturbated, I hurt no one, offend no one, I satisfy myself, so Thank You. Joe

  6. A bit TFI but you are welcome anytime Joe.

  7. I am a male spankee and I really like your blog. My favorite cartoons are Wives Who Paddle (December 2013) and Spanking Surprise #2 (July 2016). One of the husbands in Wives Who Paddle is wearing a pair of blue briefs similar to the ones my girlfriend likes to have me wear. The scene in Spanking Surprise #2, where neighbors walk in on a wife with her husband across her knee, has never happened to me, but our neighbors have seen my S.O. swatting my bottom with her hand. Keep up the good work! Thank You, David.

  8. Thanks for sharing David.Those posts are among my favourites also.