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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Test - FM Spanking Story

Henry handed Veronique her Martini and leaned an arm against the bar beside her.
The smell of her expensive perfume was intoxicating and he longed to touch her soft , smooth , porcelain skin.
Veronique crossed her legs , teasingly casting away enough of her long evening gown to offer Henry a tantalizing glimpse of her milky thighs and stocking tops.

Raising the glass to her full lips she took a thoughtful sip before speaking.
"A Manhattan should be stirred carefully , not beaten roughly like an egg .....and these days rye is preferable to bourbon." she sighed disappointingly.

"Er....uhm ... I'm really sorry Veronique....shall I make you another one " a befuddled Henry babbled.
Veronique responded with a scornful shake of her head.
"There will be no need for that now.....but I'm afraid I  will be deducting marks for such a poor effort Henry."

Henry raised a brow and grinned nervously , " Deducting marks? Is this a test or something?" he asked.
Veronique studied her glass , "Exactly Henry. This entire evening was a test for you .....a very important test. A passing mark will be rewarded. However, for a failing mark I'm afraid you will have to be punished......severely!" she informed him nonchalantly.

Her response produced an audible gulp from Henry , " Rewarded? Punished? ...What do you mean Veronique?" he asked.
This time Veronique raised her head , regarding her boyfriend earnestly but severely.
"My dear Henry , I made myself very clear that I do not agree to a date with just any man. I have standards , exceptionally high standards , and if you wish to meet those standards you need to act above and beyond how you would treat , let us say  , a lady of less distinction than I."

Henry's confidence was waning by the second now.
"I...I know Veronique but I didn't think you meant....." he began , but stopped when he saw Veronique's eyes narrow in disapproval.
Her tone deepened and tightened , "I meant what I said Henry , as you will soon find out . Now I hope you are not trying to renege on your promise at this late hour."
"Oh no.....of course not ....that's not what I meant....its just that you were a bit vague on the part about rewards and punishment...." Henry responded anxiously.

Veronique let out an exasperated sigh , "MEN! I have to explain everything to them."
Placing a finger on Henry's chin to guide his face closer to hers , she added , "Should you receive a passing mark , I can assure you that the remainder of the evening will be a very pleasant experience beyond your dreams my dear Henry......but should you fail , I'm afraid you will experience a rather unpleasant time with a good friend of mine....." she told him ,  reaching deep into her purse to produce an ornate , antique  hairbrush embossed with the letter ' V' which she laid out on the bar.

"A hairbrush? I don't understand ..." Henry said.
Veronique took a sip of her drink and smiled wryly at Henry , "May I introduce you to my faithful friend Madame Rouge."she announced formally.
Henry raised a brow and studied the implement before him.
Veronique picked up the brush and tapped the back against her palm.
"Madame Rouge is very efficient at correcting Gentlemen who are unfortunate enough to fail the test....."she said , a wry smile playing on her lips.
Henry could feel the heat in his face and sweat beading on his brow as Veronique continued , "......they  go over my lap  for a good , old fashioned spanking - on their bare bottom! There is a reason she is referred to as Madame Rouge , and that will be the colour of your naughty bottom once we are finished!"she chuckled.
"WHAT? A SPANKING? ON THE....." Henry exclaimed in disbelief.

Veronique placed a reassuring palm on Henry's cheek , "Don't worry my dear Henry , Madame Rouge will be returned to my purse if you pass the test. So let's not keep you in suspense any longer and find out if you have passed or failed the test shall we?"

Once again , she reached into her purse , this time pulling out a notebook and matching pen.
Flipping through the pages she called out various male names , "Arthur , Alan , Bryan , Cedric , Dennis , Ernest , Frederick , George ......ah , here you are , Henry." she beamed.

Gazing at the book studiously , Veronique ticked and noted on the page exclusively reserved for Henry.
Anxiously peering over her shoulder , Henry tried to read the page but was frustrated to discover it was entirely in French .
Finally , Veronique looked up at him.

He was unable to read in her expression any indication of whether he had passed or failed.
"Well Henry , you did receive full marks for your smart suit and of course your good looks...." she began , producing a relieved smile from Henry , ".....and you did arrive promptly..." Veronique added , boosting Henry's confidence further.

Then Veronique's face frowned , " However , I'm afraid marks have been deducted for your failure to provide flowers and , disappointingly , your complete failure to read or speak French really do need to make a better effort on that my dear."she tutted.

Henry nodded acknowledgement , remaining optimistic when Veronique returned a smile.
"Let's continue shall we ? I have awarded you bonus marks for your charm and engaging conversation Henry , which I rarely give .Unfortunately , this has been more than offset by demerits s deducted for your very disappointing lack of chivalry throughout the evening , such as failing to open doors for me  and not allowing me to sit down before you , etc , etc ..... I expect better from you on that Henry..."she lectured.

Henry looked on worriedly while Veronique tallied the results.
"So did I pass?" Henry asked ,  peering at the book .
He received an angry scowl from Veronique.
"Do not interrupt me Henry , I will be deducting marks for your rudeness !"
Henry's profound apologies were ignored as Veronique continued to tally .
Finally she made a notation in the notebook and swiftly closed it.

Nervous butterflies filled Henry's tummy as Veronique paused to take another sip of her drink before raising a finger as if she just remembered something.
Henry looked encouraged for a moment but was quickly returned to earth when Veronique exclaimed , "Silly me...the Martini! I forgot to deduct marks for that...." and she reopened her book.

Madame's calculations and notes recommenced before a wry smile  appeared on her face when she closed the book , causing him some concern
"To pass you require 80%...." she explained , leaving Henry waiting agonizingly.
Veronique pouted , "You were doing so well Henry..... but that rude interruption and that horrible martini brought your score down to 78% I'm afraid my dear."
Her disappointing frown was not sincere. She was enjoying  this.

To add to Henry's dismay , she seductively raised her dress to reveal her long stockinged legs  , garter belt and black lace panties , "All this could have been yours my dear sad." she teased.

Henry stood up , raking his fingers through his hair in disbelief.
"Please Veronique.....can you check marks were so close..." he pleaded.
Shaking her head , Veronique replied , " Do not challenge me Henry. My calculations are correct and let me assure you that the only additional marks you will be receiving will be the ones left by Madame Rouge on your derrierre!"she declared.

Veronique wrinkled her nose and put her Martini down , "That drink really is quite unpalatable Henry , so there is no need to delay any further."she announced.

Standing up , she took a moment to smooth out the wrinkles on her expensive gown  before pointing to the dining room area.
"Take one of those chairs and place it here can use another to hang your suit on. It would be a shame to crease it." she ordered firmly.

Henry promptly followed the first command , placing a chair beside Cecile , but hesitated on the latter.
"Hang my suit on it ?" he asked nervously.
Veronique nodded , "That's right Henry. You shall undress completely for your spanking to give me unfettered access to your bare bottom!"she explained with a glint in her eye.
For a moment Henry considered a protest , but ended up shrugging a reluctant acceptance .

Smoothing the back of her dress with both hands , Veronique elegantly took her place on the chair while Henry fumbled with his suit belt.
It took him a few moments before he was down to his silk boxers and Veronique eyed him hungrily.
"Those too Henry.....and do not dawdle!" she scolded waving a hand at him.

His face turning an even deeper shade of scarlet , Henry stepped out of his boxers , turning his back on a gloating Veronique in an attempt to hide his modesty.
Veronique regarded his lily white , muscular backside with glee.
She was going to enjoy turning it a nice deep shade of red.
"It's time for you to lie over my lap and receive your punishment!" she ordered , but Henry appeared frozen to the spot.

"Don't make me get up and fetch you over here by the ear Henry!" she threatened , her voice deepening.
Henry turned slowly , keeping his hands in front in an attempt to cover his most intimate parts.
However , a growing erection was making this task very difficult.

"Hands by your sides and march right over here Henry. This is not the time to be trying my patience!" Veronique warned .
She had raised her dress to reveal her silky , smooth thighs and patted them tantalizingly.
"Over you go Henry." she urged him.

A broad smile of satisfaction danced on her face when Henry removed his hands , revealing a  huge , quivering shaft .
"Oh my goodness . Had I seen that before I would have given you bonus marks Henry !" she purred.

An embarrassed Henry hurriedly leaned over his lady's awaiting lap and Veronique parted her thighs just enough to allow his erection to nestle between them.
Henry winced when she clamped her thighs tightly shut again.

Teasingly she moved the back of the brush around  Henry's tensing buttocks before raising it high above her head.
"I'm afraid this is going to hurt very , very much Henry." she said , disguising a smirk.
Henry gritted his teeth , clenched his cheeks and tightened his grip on the chair.
Veronique  concentrated her gaze on her delectable target and then she began.....

Three days had passed since Henry's ' date' with the stunning Veronique and his backside still bore the marks of that humiliating spanking. He still felt the effects each time he sat.
Even so , he found his feelings for Veronique even stronger and found it difficult to fight the urge to call her.

It was well past 11pm when his doorbell rang and he was surprised to find Veronique when he opened the door.
"Aren't you going to invite me in Henry?" she asked him haughtily.
Taken by surprise , Henry felt like a nervous teenager  and stammered a reply.
"Veronique? uhm ....yes please come in." he stammered.

Veronique entered the room in her usual imperious fashion , standing with both arms stretched out , awaiting Henry to take her long coat.
Henry held the coat and Veronique slipped her arms out .
His jaw dropped at the sight revealed before him.
There before him stood the  gorgeous Veronique , wearing only tiny lace panties , garter belt , stockings and heels.

Elegantly , she turned to face  him.
"I hope your poor bottom is not feeling so sore anymore?" she pouted seductively.
Henry shrugged and forced a smile , "It's still a bit sure know how to wield that brush Veronique!" he replied trying to infuse some humour.

Veronique smiled at him and then pouted those full lips.
"I'm afraid I owe you an apology doesn't happen often , but my calculations were incorrect. Your mark was actually passed the test. So you must forgive me .
 I'm here tonight to give you the reward you should have received instead of that spanking so I hope you will accept it ." she purred.

Henry pulled her close to him , "I think I can forgive you Veronique , even though you enjoyed paddling my backside way to much young lady!" he scolded.
Veronique's eyes widened and she reached into her purse and handed Henry the hairbrush.
"It's true ...... and for my horrible behaviour I deserve to feel the wrath of Madame Rouge Sir!" she almost demanded.

Henry grinned , "Il me fera plaisir de vous donner une bonne fessée Mademoiselle!" he said.
Veronique beamed , "You've been practicing your French Henry!"
Henry regarded her sternly , leading her to the sofa and flipping her over his lap.
Veronique let out a little squeal when her lace panties were promptly whisked down to reveal her delectable bare bottom in all its glory.
"I've also been practicing my swing !" Henry announced and raised the brush over his shoulder......


  1. When my wife and I were first married and I came home a 1/2hour late. As I opened the door she greeted me in a business suit, mini skirt with high heels and a hairbrush that she used on our wedding night. Stunned I looked at my gorgeous wife and was already pleading for what I had done wrong. Leading me across the room to a straight back chair she dropped my pants to the floor pulling me over her lap like a bad little boy. As I lay there knowing what was soon to come she started to scold me about my tardiness and who was the boss in this relationship. She then commenced that brought me to tears and I had me kicking and begging that I would never be late again. Ten years later and plenty of trips over her knee I am very well behaved husband who knows who wears the pants in this household. I must say though I never late for anything less I don't want to sit down.

  2. Pretty strict for only 1/2 hour late ??

  3. My wife is a spanko same as me and likes to come up with different scenarios all the time. Bob

    1. Hopefully this blog will give her some ideas Bob!

  4. Something tells me he would have come in at 100 instead of 80 if he had taken such initiative earlier XD
    I can't feel too bad for him though, when he acts so submissive the first time around.

    1. Whether you pass or fail is entirely at her whim.