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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The DD Contract - FM Spanking Case Study

When Ron heard his wife Sally summon him to the study , he knew it was for something important.
It had been over a week since he had suggested  ( or requested?) to Sally that she could help him control and improve his poor behaviour by giving him a good spanking.

Ron had been summoning the courage to raise this with his wife for months and finally 'spilled the beans' over dinner last week.
Sally's reaction was hard to judge , and she said nothing at the time to indicate her acceptance or rejection , but Ron was encouraged when Sally grinned at him impishly and told him she would think it over.

However , Ron was not at all prepared for his wife's reception when he entered the study.  

Sally's petite frame sat behind the big antique desk , in front of her was a rather formal looking document , a hairbrush and.....a very heavy looking paddle.
On the wall hung a framed version of the 'Rules of the House' which Sally had verbally told him about previously , and when he closed the door he noticed a long thin cane with a curved handle , hanging from the doorknob.

"I've been giving some thought to what you suggested last week Ron. In fact I've been doing quite a bit of research and found quite a lot of interesting material..." Sally began.
Ron looked around for a chair to sit on but  the only one , was sitting curiously in the middle of the room.
When he moved to it , Sally waved at him , "Leave that chair where it is Ron. The only person who sits on that chair will be me. Believe me , the last thing you will wish to be doing when you are in here is sitting." she told him sternly.

Ron's mouth was dry and when he tried to speak his voice wavered , " But Honey .....I know I suggested that you"
"SPANK YOU?" Sally  finished his sentence for him.
"Yes..sss...spank me....but I..." he babbled.

"Are you having a change of heart Ron? Because if you are , we can end this conversation now and I do not want to hear of it again. However , if you are truly interested in giving me the responsibility to correct your behaviour with corporal punishment then you can read and sign this so we can get on with it!" Sally told him , handing him a pen and pointing to the document in front of her.

hesitantly , Ron took the pen from her and studied the document entitled , 'DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE CONTRACT'.
It was short and to the point , but despite his strong desire to  have his wife punish him , now the moment had arrived to formalize it he was strangely uncertain about agreeing.
Sally waited patiently , humming to herself and occasionally rearranging the implements on her desk.

Ron's heart pounded and he felt an erection stirring which may have been what finally prompted him to sign the contract and hand the pen back to Sally.
"Good ! Now that we have the formalities out of the way we can get started. Strip off your clothes- all of them- and do not dither!" Sally ordered , rising to her feet and scooping up the big paddle.

Ron gulped at the mere sight of the awesome implement.
He had no idea where his wife had obtained it but that was the least of his worries now.
"Now'll take it easy with that thing won't you? It looks like it would really hurt!" he pleaded.

Sally regarded him sternly , "You will refer to me as Ma'am as soon as you enter this room until you leave it. Is that understood?"
"'am.Yes Ma'am!" Ron replied promptly.
His wife tapped the paddle against her palm , giving him an indication of its power , "For your information it will hurt Ron. It will hurt a lot. I expect you will be doing a lot of howling and begging for me to stop , but  be assured I will not stop until I believe you have been sufficiently chastened. Now get those clothes off or there will be extra swats for disobedience !"

Realizing his wife meant business , Ron promptly disrobed.
His raging erection throbbed when Sally raised her skirt and sat with one leg on the desk.
"Bend over my knee!" she ordered curtly.

When Ron lay over Sally's inviting lap he pointed to the hairbrush sitting near him on the desk.
"What is that for Ma'am?" he asked nervously.
Sally chuckled , "Don't worry Ron. We will be getting to that all in good time!"

Ron's cheeks tensed when Sally patted the wood teasingly against them.
"So let's talk about your little escapade last weekend when you had too much to drink and embarrassed me in front of our friends and family - AGAIN!"
Ron felt his face flush.
Here he was in the most humiliating and vulnerable of positions , about to pay for his misdeeds in a most painful manner.
"I'm really sorry about that Ma'am...I was planning on apologizing to you but...." he began but Sally shushed him into silence.
"Oh you're going to be sorry alright... and you will be preparing written apologies to all those you offended , especially me. You are getting 40 licks of the paddle for that and I want you to count them and thank me for each one. Understood!"

Ron gasped , " 40! But that....yes Ma'am!"
Sally was quite enjoying her new found power and looking forward to tanning her husband's delectable white rump.
Even Sally was surprised at the crispness of the smack she landed on Ron's backside , and Ron could not believe how much it stung.
"One! Thank you Ma'am!" he bellowed.

As his wife had predicted , despite his best efforts to 'man up' and take his paddling honourably , Ron found himself howling , begging and  pleading with her to stop but his whining served only for her to paddle harder.
Sally was enjoying walloping the daylights out of her errant husband and loved the way his cheeks jiggled at every swat and turned from pink to various shades of red.

Somehow Ron endured his first paddling with barely the breath left to count out the final few swats.
He breathed with relief when the 40th and final swat landed.
His backside  hurt beyond belief , it actually throbbed and felt like it was on fire.
Releasing her grip , Sally allowed her husband to rise unsteadily to his feet.

She retook her seat behind the desk to watch his cute little dance , hopping and furiously rubbing his backside.
Preoccupied with soothing his sore bottom , Ron did not notice that his wife had hung the paddle on the door handle and sat holding the cane with both hands , flexing it.
"Please Honey....not the cane please....not after that paddling!" he pleaded.
Ignoring his whining , Sally glared at him , "Now it's time to discuss you going off to play golf and leaving me to do all the chores. This ought to remind you that the work around this house must be shared equally , which means you doing your fair share. Now bend over that chair!" she ordered.

Ron considered resistance but realized it was his idea in the first place.
He could not deny that he spent too much time with his buddies and did very little work around the house.
That was going to change.

Obediently he leaned over the chair and gripped it tightly.
He could hear the sound of Sally's heels clicking as she paced up and down behind him.
"12 OF THE BEST!" she announced .
There was 'swoosh' and a 'thwop' and Ron felt a sharp sting in his rear.
The pain increased slowly and was really intense.
The second stroke hurt just as much.

Sally then took Ron by surprise when she delivered the next six in rapid-fire volleys of 3 each .
He was in genuine distress now , moving from foot to foot and gripping the chair hard.
For final four she took her time , letting the sting of each stroke sink in before delivering another.
After 12 strokes , Ron's backside was adorned with angry criss cross lines of the cane.

Sally was quite pleased with herself. Her first attempt at caning had gone very well.
"You may rise." she said imperiously.
Ron was so sore he could barely stand.
His legs were shaking and his lip quivered.
"We will be working on a nice long 'honeydo' list for you dear....and you can expect a good caning if the list is not completed on time. Understood?"
Ron winced and massaged his behind , "Yes Ma'am. I'll do my fair share around the house from now on," he whimpered.

Sally scooped up the hairbrush and sat on the chair Ron had been bending over.
"Over you go!" she prompted , patting her bare and enticing lap again.
"AW NO! Not the hairbrush too Ma'am!" Ron pleaded.
Sally waved the brush at him menacingly , "Do as I say and do not give me attitude mister!" she scolded.
Ron shrugged his shoulders and stomped a foot in frustration , "But what am I getting the Hairbrush for?" he asked.
Sally grinned , "Just to let you know who's boss dear!"

Later that day , Sally sat on the deck , sipping a lemonade while Ron diligently pulled weeds from the flower bed.
"I think you missed a few over there dear!" she chirped.
The fact that Ron had to carry out the task he had neglected for weeks , totally naked , his red bottom glowing to his wife's delight made it more disconcerting for him.
"Ah Hun! Can't I at least put some pants on....somebody might see!" he reasoned.
Sally sipped her lemonade , dismissing her husband's request with a wave of her hand.
"You read the contract and signed it Ron , and this is a consequence for neglecting your chores!" she reminded him.
Ron sighed and busied himself in his task.
"Don't worry dear , after this you have the vacuuming to do , but at least that will be indoors!" Sally shouted.
Sally was really warming to this new arrangement , and Ron already had - in more ways than one!


  1. Great story and artwork! The DD contract is definitely something that they both want...witness Ron's raging erection throughout the entire session, and Sally's pleased and determined look. Unless I'm mistaken, that was Sally and Ron in "Corner Time" below? If so, I guess he violated the Rules of the House at least once.

    1. Great observation S!
      Clearly Sally has decided she needs to formalize the arrangement in order to see real changes in Ron's behaviour and Ron is happy to sign up. it's hard for him to conceal his excitement , although Sally may decide to do something about that in the future.
      As they say , its all in the fine print!

  2. Glenmore, I actually live in a similar situation as Ron. Though my spankings are probably not as severe I am always put over her knee and given a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. This has been done in front of witnesses who love seeing me kicking and crying. Sunnie

    1. If she is spanking you in public you might want to try and renegotiate your DD contract!

    2. Glenmore, maybe Sunnie means spanked in front of witnesses at home - NOT at the mall (LOL).

      Carl H

    3. Either way , my view is that DD needs to remain private between the couple.Introducing others into the arrangement is not good.

  3. Loved the part about being man enough to take his spanking: - people sometimes think men who submit to spankings are less as men, but nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing sexier for a wife than a big strapping man who takes his punishment as a sign of his love for his wife.

    Also loved the cartoons. The next logical step would be to do cartoons of conjugal relations where he shows his love for her having received his spanking (obviously the missionary position, as too sore to do anything the other way up).

    1. These ladies know how to make a spanking hurt so their man needs to be tougher than usual to take it.