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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spanked Sisters - MF Spanking Cartoon

Sunnie picks a fight with her sister Suzie after she makes a pass at Marcel , so Marcel decides to spank both of them.

While Suzie thanks Marcel for her spanking , Sunnie has quite a different reaction and it appears Marcel may be in for a spanking of his own once they get home......

What do you think will happen next?


  1. Judging from the way Marcel is cozying up with Suzie, and the look on Sunnie's face, Marcel is definitely due for a backside roasting of his own as soon as they get home. If Sunnie is the quietly angry type, the ride home will be icily silent. If she is more hot blooded, Marcel will be getting a withering lecture concerning his behaviour. Either way, I see his pants coming down immediately after they are in the door, and her paddle will have him howling, crying and apologizing in no time!

  2. Sunnie certainly had a spanking coming for fighting with her sister, but Marcel enjoyèd it way to much and perhaps used it as an excuse to bare Suzie's bottom.
    Either way he has worked Sunnie's fury intonation frenzy which must be released .....likely on his backside!

  3. Sunnie should blister Marcel's behind in front of Suzie, and then tell their Mom what happened so she can punish naughty Suzie for making a pass at her brother-in-law. Perhaps Momma should spank Marcel too - after all, it takes two to Tango :)