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Friday, July 14, 2017

Some Men Never Learn- FM Spanking story

George Butler planted a wet kiss on the cheek of Nora , his wife for 30 years as she cooked breakfast.
He gave her plump rear a playful smack producing an exaggerated "OUCH!" , her expression feigning outrage.
"Behave yourself Mr.Butler!" Nora warned wagging a finger at her husband.

George grinned mischievously , pulling out a chair to take his place at the breakfast table.
It was Nora's turn to laugh when George rose abruptly to his feet as soon as his rear end met the harsh wood of the chair.
"UUUMPH!" he moaned clamping both palms onto the seat of his pants ,
Nora grinned impishly at him , "Would you like a pillow honey?" she teased .

Her husband's face flushed red , but he gratefully accepted  the pillow from his wife and gingerly lowered himself onto it .
Nora could not resist gloating at her husband's discomfort.
After all , she and her trusty hairbrush were responsible for his reluctance to sit -and she was darn proud of it !

It had been quite some time since she had George draped over her lap to administer a sound spanking and she had enjoyed it thoroughly.

Leaving George to squirm on his  pillowed seat , Nora returned to preparing breakfast.
"Give those two lovebirds a shout that breakfast is ready will you George?" she asked.
Before George could holler , their daughter Susan and her husband of 6 months , Colin , entered the room.

"Good morning Mother!" Susan chirped , disentangling herself from her husband's grasp to give Nora a hug.
Meanwhile , Colin looked ruefully at his Father - in - Law.
"Morning George...." he mumbled to him.
His Father in Law reached for a pillow and tossed it to him.
"Sorry about last night son'll be needing this !" he grinned , attempting to cheer the younger man.

Susan giggled and watched her husband place the pillow on his chair.
"He might need more than one of those Dad.....isn't that so darling!" she teased.
Colin scowled, rubbing the seat of his pants to prepare for the agonizing act of settling into his chair.

The two women cackled at the antics of their sore and sorry men wincing and squirming together.
"It's going to be a long day of the office for you two!" Nora laughed.
"Not to mention a very uncomfortable commute !" her daughter added.

While the women relished their recollection of the previous night's events , George and Colin were visibly  contrite.
They both had behaved badly and deserved everything they got - and boy did they ever get it!

"Well Mom , Colin and I had a long 'discussion' last night ....didn't we  dear?" Susan began.
"I'd hardly call it a discussion." Colin mumbled , redirecting his gaze at the table.
Susan continued , "Actually it was a very good  'discussion' as I was able to convince Colin to take on some extra work on the weekends to recover the money he squandered. Of course , that means he'll have to give up his precious golf days , which he was reluctant to do at first , but he soon saw it my way .....didn't you Colin?" she continued.
"Er...uh...yes Ma'am...I mean yes Honey." her husband blushed at his slip up.

Susan and her Mother giggled at Colin's expense.
"He called me Ma'am so many times last night , he can't seem to stop!" Susan tittered , playfully giving Colin's cheek a  sympathetic tweak before turning to her Mother.
"You were quite right Mother . It's amazing how a husband can become respectful and understanding when his bare bottom has been over your lap for a dose of the hairbrush !" she exclaimed.
Nora smiled , "I'm sure your Father would agree with that....wouldn't  you George?".
George grunted and  shifted on his seat , "I must agree it  certainly has been good for our marriage .....even though it doesn't seem that way at the time!" he added.

Susan was beaming proudly now , "Colin and I  also agreed on some ground rules for us to follow ......especially when it comes to finances!" She scowled.

The preceding  evening ,Nora and George had been relaxing downstairs when they heard raised voices and commotion from upstairs.
At first they chuckled , shrugging it off as a newlywed squabble , but the tone made it sound serious.

Nora rose to intervene ,but George waved her back to her seat.
"No Nora , we can't interfere, the kids  have to resolve these things on their own." George reasoned.
Nora sighed in agreement  and reluctantly sat back down.

Moments later there was more shouting , feet pounding , followed by the loud crash of the front door slamming.
This time Nora had to respond when she heard her daughter's sobbing and ran upstairs to console her.

 Mom and daughter sat on the bed and , with some prompting ,Susan explained that Colin had lost the couples' vacation savings on a failed investment which  he had not not consulted her on.
When Susan  had confronted him about the missing funds  he became defensive and stormed off in anger.

Meanwhile , George stood , noticably uncomfortably  at the door listening , " I think I know where to find Colin....I'll go talk to him."he said and hurried off.

Nora let out a sigh , "Don't worry dear , your father and I went through a very similar incident just after we were married. Like Colin , he meant well but was always chasing hair-brained schemes ...." she recalled.

"What can I do about it Mom?" Susan wailed anxiously .
Her Mother took a deep breath , gripped her daughter's shoulders and gave her a  shake.
"Well for starters you need to stop whining , you need to show Colin he married a strong woman !" she scolded.
Her tone made an impression on Susan .

"Listen dear , Colin is like most men . What he did was very wrong and , believe me , he knows it !
But if you let him get away with this , you're marriage is in trouble because he will never respect you .He'll just do the same thing again and again. Men respect a strong woman who will  stand up to them and put them in their place when they need it ." Nora explained.

Nora went on , "If I know men ,  Colin will be back here in an hour or so with flowers and a cheap box of chocolates thinking that you will let him off the hook. ....I know because your Father pulled the same stunt with me 30 years ago!"

Susan's eyes widened , "So what did you do Mom?" she asked excitedly.
Nora rose and opened the top drawer of the nearby dresser.
Her face lit up when she looked inside.
"Good! I figured I'd find it here!" she exclaimed , Scooping up a large wooden  hairbrush.
"I gave this to you as a wedding gift for a reason..." she smiled , handing the implement to her daughter.

Susan looked puzzled.
"Let me explain dear..." her Mother began.

Meanwhile in a seedy downtown bar , George had located his errant son in law and set about convincing him to return home and face the music.
"Don't worry Colin ....I know women and they're all the same. All you have to do is go back home, bring them flowers and some chocolates and they will forget the whole thing!" he advised.

Colin was not convinced , "I don't know about that George....Susan was pretty mad."
The older man put a comforting arm around the young man who seemed to be feeling more guilty with every passing moment.
"I went through this years ago with Nora . Trust me Colin, Susan will understand!"
Colin pushed his glass away and looked up at George. "I guess you're right....but where am I going to get flowers and chocolates at this time of night?" he asked.
George patted his back , "Not a problem son...come with me!" he boasted.

If truth be told , George knew he had not been completely honest with his son in law and had told him just enough to convince him to return home. He was quite sure that Nora was already tutoring Susan on what to do when he did.

He painfully recalled that day 30 years ago when he had acted badly and received his just desserts. But he knew if he told Colin what was really in store for him when he arrived home , he would have ordered another drink instead of leaving with him.
His son in law had behaved just  as badly as he had and deserved  a lesson . A lesson he was only to pleased to lead him into .

George had been just as cocky and arrogant as Colin back then , and was quite sure that he could use his charms to woo his new bride into forgiving him. He did not feel guilty at all , or comprehend the seriousness of his actions.

 He had also underestimated the strength and determination of his wife who was ready to give him the comeuppance he so richly deserved when he returned to their small apartment armed with cheap  gifts.

Their neighbours in the building were treated to an entertaining soundtrack from the young couples apartment that evening , starting with Nora's voice delivering a scathing scolding followed by the sounds of a hairbrush connecting repeatedly  with bare skin and lots of wailing and apologizing from George.

The next morning as he stood at the bus stop, his backside still smarting and bearing the marks of the hairbrush, George had to endure the amused stares and
comments from his fellow commuters.

"The little lady really give it to you good last night sonny!"
"You'll be eating breakfast standing up this week!"
George could only stand there and blush at the teasing  and knew it was his own fault.

Colin stood uneasily at the front door of the duplex clutching the wilting flowers and year old chocolates he had obtained at the all night gas station.
"You're sure this will work George?" he asked.
The older man nodded, "It's too late to go back now son!" he replied .
His response did not reassure the younger man , nor did the fact that George was also holding a bunch of  flowers to placate his own wife.

The two men opened the door and ventured inside.
Susan stood at the landing of the stairs in her house coat looking very stern and brandishing the hairbrush her mother had given her.

Colin gulped , " Hi sweetie!" he squeaked , his voice faltering.
His wife's eyes narrowed , "Don't you 'sweetie ' me mister.Get up here now!"
Colin looked at his Father in law for support , but George was busy looking nervously at his own wife who was standing with arms folded and her own hairbrush in hand.

Colin anxiously held out the chocolates and flowers but Susan was not impressed , in fact the gesture seemed to incense her even more.
"You know what you can do with those. I said get up here. We're going to have a long discussion that you're going to remember for quite a while!"she lectured.

George smiled nervously at Nora whose silence spoke volumes.
Beyond her, George noticed she had placed the big green chair in the middle of the living room.
It was part of a matching pair and the other one now sat in Susan and Colin's bedroom.
The chairs were both symbolic and practical.
When displayed prominently they were a sign that a spanking was imminent..... and the culprit would not be the one sitting on the fact they would soon not be wishing to sit at all !

Nora strode confidently to the chair and sat down.
Curling her finger she beckoned her husband to her."Come here George!" she ordered , adjusting her house coat which rode up to reveal more of her shapely thighs.
For George his wife sitting on the chair , cleavage and thighs exposed was a Glorious sight but he knew the hairbrush in her hand would soon change that.

By the time George was standing beside Nora's lap , Colin had reached the landing where Susan was waiting for him.
She reached up  , securing his ear between her thumb and forefinger and led him inside.

The upstairs door quietly closed and Nora looked up at George.
"I can't believe you told that young man that old trick might work. All it got you back then was the sorest backside in town ....which is what I'm going to give you right now!" she scolded with a grin.

Reaching down she began to undo George's pants and paused when she heard the commotion coming from the upstairs unit.
"YEOOW!" "OW!" "OUCH!" "I'M  SORRY !"
An amused smile played on her face and she yanked George's pants to his ankles.
"Sounds like you're going to have some competition for the sorest backside in town George!" she giggled.


  1. Love the increased detail you're putting into your artworks!

  2. Glenmore, These last 2 stories have been absolutely outstanding. It is actually true how well a hairbrush can keep a man sober and hard at work. Maybe I will make Robin write and confess and attest to the power of the hairbrush.Jan

    1. Glad you enjoyed the stories Jan...BTW the hairbrush works just as well on the bottoms of naughty wives!

  3. Another great story and picture! The green chair in the middle of the room is a nice touch. It lets him know what's in case he missed the hairbrush his wife was holding. Two male backsides being blistered at the same it should be. And I see that the cane is also never far away, even if the green chair is absent. Is there another cane upstairs hanging on the bedroom wall?

    1. I believe having implements on display before and after their use is very effective and a nice reminder of the consequences of bad behaviour.
      George should have known better but , as the title suggests , some men never learn!
      If we did , the hairbrush would only be used once and that would be no fun would it?

  4. Glenmore, It wasn't that long ago that my mother reintroduced me to the business of her hairbrush. I may tell you about it sometime. Keep up the good work. Jan

  5. Reintroduced?Sounds interesting Jan.Drop me an email with the details.It may give me some ideas.