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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jack gets the Brush - FM Spanking Story

Jack stepped out of the shower and fumbled in the vanity drawer for the hairbrush.
Towelling himself off , he ventured into the adjoining bedroom to continue his search.
"Looking for this Jack?" his wife Tina asked , waving the brush at him as she perched comfortably on the edge of the bed.

Jack's face flushed and his heart pounded.
This brush had a dual purpose , in his hands it was  for grooming his thinning hair  , but in Tina's hands it had a completely different use!
Jack's wife had lots of her own accessories to care for her well coiffed mane , so had no interest in the bristle side of this brush , but she did have  a unique use for its hard , flat back.

She tapped the business end  of the brush against her palm as she addressed her husband , "I believe we have some unfinished business to take care of....." she posed to him.
Taken by surprise , the usually confident Jack coughed nervously , struggling to respond.
His complete nakedness in the presence of his fully dressed wife only added to his discomfort.
" guess so." he blurted.

Tina raised a brow to promptly her husband.
"Er..Ma'am...yes we do Ma'am!" Jack  quickly corrected.
His wife smiled and pointed to the floor , "Get on your knees!" she barked and Jack promptly complied.
"Ten for each toe ....and then I would like a foot massage." Tina demanded.
Lowering himself down  , Jack started with his wife's right pinkie , kissing each toe in turn.
Remaining on his knees he began massaging the soft , silky skin of his wife's bare feet.

As Jack massaged , Tina commenced  her lecture , sternly explaining why he was in this position.
Abruptly , she pulled her feet away and put two fingers under her husband's chin to guide his eyes to hers.
"It appears you will again have to learn the hard way how to respect your wife. I am going to blister your butt so good you won't sit for a week mister!" she warned , wagging the brush in his face.
"I...I'm sorry about that Ma'am..." Jack babbled.
"Oh I can assure you that you'll be sorry.....very sorry!" Tina threatened.
She hoisted her tight skirt a little to reveal more of her shiny tanned thighs and patted her lap , "Let's get on with it then.....over you go!" she ordered curtly.

Jack was frozen for a moment , gazing blankly at his wife's inviting lap  before crawling over it.
Tina basked in the power enjoying the sight of her husband's , lily white , muscular buttocks fully at her disposal. They would not be white for long.
Jack gasped when Tina dragged her manicured fingernails across his cheeks tapping them teasingly with the back of the brush.
She could not resist giving her husband's delectable cheeks a playful pinch which made him wince.

Bracing himself , Jack clenched his cheeks and tightened his grip on Tina's ankle.
Raising the brush above her head , she brought it down smartly on Jack's cheeks.
Tina took out all her fury on her husband's exposed bottom , spanking it ferociously and non-stop until it was a bright red.
Pausing , she adjusted Jack on her lap and took aim at the tender area where his thighs met his cheeks.
She was going to make sure he felt this each time he sat for the next day or two , and she was looking forward to teasing him incessantly about why he was unable to sit.

Jack's spanking recommenced with even more intensity until the skin on his rear end was a mosaic of colours and textures.
The blisters , blotches and scorched skin were signs that would remain for a few days.

By now , Jack was wailing and bawling , prepared to say anything to bring an end to his thrashing.
He begged , pleaded and apologized but his wife was a woman on a mission who was not prepared to end it prematurely.

Tina began spanking with a series of hearty whacks which had Jack bucking violently on her lap.
"Stay in position and take your spanking like a man or I'll bend you over the sofa and take the strap to you!" she warned.
The threat had the desired effect and Jack remained in position while Tina delivered the final hard whacks to conclude the lesson.

By the time she stopped they were both out of breath .
"That will do for now.....have you learned your lesson?" Tina asked.
"Yes I have Ma'am!" Jack tearfully replied.
Tina handed her husband the brush as he stood sobbing and rubbing his injured rear.
"You can brush your hair now and get dressed. You're taking me out for breakfast.....and don't keep me waiting or I'll be back in here with the strap.....and don't think I won't!" she warned , turning on her heel.


  1. Cute. I love the idea of post-shower spankings with a shower brush.

    1. A smart wife knows that a spanking will smart a lot more on a wet bottom....and even more if she uses a long handled bath brush!

  2. When I have really messed up, my wife will wait until I step out of the shower the next morning. A wet bottom being spanked brings quick results. Going out for breakfast does not happen often, I'm too sore to sit, but have gone and tried not to squirm. Jack

    1. Our ladies love watching us squirm on a sore bottom , especially in a public place like a restaurant where we can do little about it.

    2. Our ladies love to tease and watch us squirm on a sore bottom , especially in a public place like a restaurant !

  3. Any of us who have had the brush coming out of the shower know that it just adds a whole other level of pain. Obviously Tina wants to teach him a good lesson. Personally, I'll take the strap anytime over the hairbrush, but that's just me. The grey hair everywhere (wink) would indicate that they have been at this for some time, so you would think that by now, Jack would know better than to disrespect his wife.

    1. Tina obviously caught Jack at a time when he was unprepared ....and vulnerable.Like the rest of us he will never learn!

  4. My mother spanked me on my bare bottom when I was home from the Navy. Like Jack I had just gotten out of the shower and had put lotion on my body for my dry skin. She applied the hairbrush to my bare bottom scolding all the way thru. Then to add to my humiliation my sister showed up and urged mother on. I felt like a child when she let me up off her lap bawling and dancing around. As listened to my sisters laughs and teasing mother marched me to the corner smacking my bottom the whole with the hairbrush. Tommy

  5. A husband fresh out of the shower - like having your corn already shucked or your shrimp already peeled - AND washed. Just ready to go.

    Carl H

  6. Great story - perhaps there'll be a sequel where Tina give Jack that long, painful strapping!?

  7. The spanking adventures of Tina and Jack will continue...stay tuned.

  8. My partner and I dread the brush above everything else (including the cane). I'd much rather go over the sofa for a long hard strapping!

    1. The very mention or sight of it strikes fear into all husband's....and our wives know that!Even the threat of the brush will make you shape up fast.

  9. Excellent post. I will be facing a few of these issues as well..