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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Doctor's Orders - FM Spanking Story

Lord Reginald Chumley II slowly turned the handle to his bedroom door and carefully opened it , trying to reduce the inevitable squeaking from its hinges.

In his hands he held the shoes he had removed to avoid the noise of the expensive leather
soles on the marble steps of the staircase leading upstairs in Chumley Manor.
Walking down the long hall to his room he took care to avoid each of the ancient floorboards which he knew creaked under pressure.

He had successfully made this walk many times over the years , but was still concerned not to awake his housekeeper Mona and his loyal butler Bentley.

They were both  under the impression young Reginald  was resting in his room , recovering from some sort of mystery illness which had suddenly rendered  him bedridden.
Reginald had insisted they call Doctor Florence Davenport , instead of his regular Physician .

Mona had worked for the Chumley's all her life and knew Reginald better than anybody.
She had known him since he was a baby  , changed his diapers and catered to all his spoilt childish needs for all of his 32 years , so she knew right away that his reasons for demanding Dr. Davenport's presence were not medical.

Reginald was a scoundrel and a renowned ladies man.
He did not have to try that hard for attractive ladies to be swooning over him with his charm , good looks and, of course his wealth and status.

However ,Dr. Davenport was not your typical Victorian woman .
It was an achievement in itself for a woman to become a successful doctor at a time when women were not yet even allowed to vote.
She was bright , intelligent , confident , strong - and very , very beautiful.

Reginald had met her at the Ball to raise money for the hospital of which he was one of the sponsors.
Unlike most women , Florence was not impressed by the pompous Reginald's advances ,  and frustrated him by spurning all his attempts.

Undaunted , Reginald  had pestered her for a week with invitations to dinner , sending her flowers and gifts , but to no avail.

Then the devious young man had an idea as to how to bring the beautiful Doctor Davenport to his doorstep.
He learned that she specialized in tropical diseases so , having just recently returned from Elephant hunting in Africa , he sensed an opportunity.

Reggie spent hours in Chumley Manor's expansive library studying symptoms of tropical diseases he hoped he could mimic.

Then he put his plan to action by creating a temporary , artificial fever and a quite unusual rash on his chest and face.
He instructed Bentley to summon Doctor Davenport as quickly as possible and be sure to tell her the details of his symptoms.

Doctor Florence took notes as Bentley described his Lordship's odd illness.
At first his story  made some sense, but once she studied her notes, Florence soon realized that either Lord Chumley was faking or  he had a tropical disease so rare even she had not heard of it.
Despite her scepticism,  Florence made her way to Chumley Manor to examine the patient.

She found Reginald doing a good job of sweating and moaning in the bed,  but noticed a sudden change in his demeanour once she entered the room.
She went through an  examination and soon came to the conclusion that Lord Chumley was no sicker than she was.
However , he needed to be taught a lesson so she began devising a plan of her own.

"I believe you may have a very rare strain of Malaria your Lordship , but I can't tell for sure until I examine your blood." she told him , taking out the largest syringe she could find.
Reginald looked worried at the mere sight of it
"I'm afraid this strain can be very contagious, so it is very important that you remain here with lots of bed rest for the next 48 hours.." she continued , filling the syringe with a saline solution and squirting it for effect.

"48 hours? But...but...I have  a social calendar....I can't stay here!" he exclaimed.
Florence stared at him like an angry nanny.
"Well unless you want to be responsible for starting a malaria epidemic I suggest you do as I tell turn over please!"
Reginald stared in fright at the large syringe.
"Turn over? What for? Surely you don't intend to?" he babbled.

Florence tried not to smile , "This will reduce the symptoms but it must be injected into a specific area so please turn over!" she repeated.
Reginald was sweating for real now ,but reluctantly rolled over onto his tummy.

Hidden from her patient's view , Doctor Davenport smiled and roughly yanked down Reginald's pyjama bottoms.
She took a moment to enjoy the view of his dimpled , boyish backside.
She found it very cute.
For a moment she was tempted to give those white cheeks the stinging smacks they deserved, but instead she refocused on the needle.

"I'm afraid this is going to hurt...a lot !" she warned before stabbing the needle deep into Reginald's backside.
He let out a girlish yelp and bucked on the bed.

A red-facef Reginald restored his pyjamas and  sat gingerly on the bed.
Florence enjoyed that.
She wagged a finger at him , "I'll be back tomorrow to check your symptoms?  but if they haven't changed I'm afraid you'll need a few more injections like that! she chuckled , "Now remember - you are quarantined!" she added.

Doctor Davenport packed her bag and left Reginald pouting and rubbing his rear.
"Is he ok?"Mona asked .
"Apart from a pain in his butt from that needle he's as healthy as a horse Mona." Florence replied.

Mona shook her head in resignation , "That boy needs to be taught a lesson. I've a good mind to fetch my hairbrush and give him what he deserves!"

Florence grinned , "Don't worry Mona. I'll make sure Lord Reginald gets what coming to him but I'll need your help."
She whispered into the older woman's ear , causing her to smile broadly."I'd be glad to Doctor." Mona replied.

Doctor Davenport turned to leave ,but paused , motioning  a hand to Mona , " Oh...and Mona....I'll be needing that hairbrush , so keep it handy please !" she grinned.

That evening  Mona watched out of the upstairs window as
Reginald sneaked outside and into his carriage.
It was Saturday night and Reginald was not going to miss a night of  gambling , drinking and womanizing.
He would figure out a plan to bed the lovely Doctor Davenport when she visited him the next day.

It was approaching 3am the next morning when Reginald finally returned.
Assuming nobody had seen him leave,  he used his normal route to return to his room before Mona  rose to prepare  him breakfast .

It was only as he opened the bedroom door , that he noticed the glimpse of light from underneath .
Once inside , he gently closed the door , feeling very pleased with himself .
Then he heard the sound of a light switch being flicked and the main light came on.

"WHAT!" Reginald exclaimed , spinning around to see Doctor Florence Davenport standing by the door.
In her hand was an item he had seen - and felt - many times in his youth.....the dreaded hairbrush.
Florence tapped the back of the brush menacingly against her palm.
"Good evening Lord Chumley ! It appears you have made a miraculous recovery." she said in a low , threatening voice.

Reginald's jaw dropped as he took in the sight before him.
Here was the gorgeous Florence Davenport standing right before him in his room.
She was dressed in a white Doctor's coat which extended to the middle of her shapely thighs, high heeled boots and black stockings.
A stethoscope was draped around her neck.

"Dr. Davenport...." he blurted , stumbling for a response , ".....yes...I feel much better....must have been that injection you gave me..."
Dr. Davenport shook her head and sighed loudly.
"These tropical diseases can be very tricky you see Reginald , so it's time for the next stage in your treatment , and I can assure you I intend to give you the FULL treatment you deserve!" she said , advancing toward him.

"But before I proceed with your treatment , I would be amiss if I neglected to give you a thorough physical examination so please take off your clothes- all of them!" she ordered.

Lord Chumley's eyes widened.
"WHAT? NOW? HERE?" he babbled.
Florence scowled at him and waved the brush.
"If you know what's good for you then do as I say.... STRIP! EVERY STITCH! NOW!"
Her dominant tone sent a chill through Reginald and he found himself promptly complying , hurriedly yanking at his expensive garments until they were in a pile on the ground before him.

His face flushed red and both hands dropped  to cover his most private parts.
He had never felt so vulnerable but in a strange way he also felt excited to be under the command of this powerfully confident woman.
"Don't be so shy Reginald. You're not the first naked man I've seen and you won't be the last!" she teased him with a wry smile.

Standing close to him , she stared into his eyes as she took the stethoscope and placed the cold metal on his chest.
She listened to his breathing which was quickening by the minute.
Putting the stethoscope back around her neck ,she cast her gaze downwards.
"Move those hands!" she barked at him and immediately he moved them to his side.

Reginald gasped as Florence took a firm grasp of his testicles.
"Look to the side and cough!" she ordered.
Apparently satisfied , she released her grip.
Opening her bag , she retrieved a jar of vasoline .
"Turn around and bend over!" she demanded.
Reginald gulped as he watched her take a gob of vasoline between her fingers.

Tentatively he turned around and assumed the position.
He flinched as her fingers spread vasoline around his anus and then he let out a gasp when she thrust her finger deep inside him.
Sensing his discomfort she moved her digit inside him , lingering and keeping it there much longer than needed before roughly withdrawing it to Reginald's relief.
She was quite enjoying giving the arrogant , pompous Lord Chumley such a well earned humbling.

Reggie moved to rise.
"I'm not finished yet...stay in position!" ,the pretty doctor ordered in a firm voice .
A concerned and curious  Reginald turned his head to see Doctor Davenport preparing the huge syringe she had jabbed him with earlier.
"OH NO!" he moaned , recalling the painful procedure.

Florence returned her attention to her patient's bare backside , ' it was rather cute!' she mused to herself.
The earlier injection had left a large , round bruise the size of a quarter on Reginald's right buttock.
Now she would enjoy giving him a matching bruise on his left cheek.

"This will hurt even more than the previous one  Reginald!" she advised him with  a sense of glee in her voice.
Reginald's cheeks clenched at the warning and he let out a girlish squeal when Florence jabbed the needle deep  into his cheek.

Rising up he looked back at his rear to examine the damage and winced as he rubbed the injured area.
Doctor Davenport smiled as she put the syringe away and picked up the hairbrush.

She noted the ominous expression on Reginald's countenance at the sight of the brush.
Florence turned to face him.
"Mona told me you have had quite a few encounters with this Reginald.In fact , she said you even gave it a cute little name , 'Betty Blister' , I believe?" she teased .
"Uh Huh!" Reginald mumbled , his head bowing.

Florence took a seat on the chair and looked up at him.
"It's time for your special treatment Reginald!" she announced enthusiastically.

Reginald felt an erection stir in his loins when he eyed the Doctor's shapely , stocking covered thighs.
However, when he moved to lie across her lap she put a palm up to stop him.
Staring at his erection she scolded him.
"NO! NO! NO! I will not have you squirming and grinding  on my lap with that thing! "
Reginald looked confused.

Florence pointed to the floor.
"In front , both hands on the floor and your legs back here." she told him .
She intended to deliver his spanking while he was in the humiliating , exposed 'Wheelbarrow' position.
The position would allow Florence to concentrate her spanks on Reginald's sit spots and easy access to the tender area between his cheeks.

Awkwardly , Reginald moved into the position and immediately felt vulnerable with his legs wide apart and his private parts fully exposed to Florence.
She could not resist giving his manly cheeks a few playful swats.
She was going to enjoy this.
"Time for Betty Blister to go to work!" she declared , raising the big brush high over her head.

"OW!" "OUCH!" "OOOW! "
Florence snapped the brush against Reginald's bare skin with venom.
It was not long before he was indeed bucking and squirming in front of her as the hard spanks rained down on him.
Betty Blister was indeed a fearsome implement and Florence realised why it had been given that name.
Betty was certainly going to leave blisters on Reginald's behind.

The spanking continued until all the fight was gone from him and he was bawling like a baby as he pleaded for mercy.
Florence was relishing  the power she was exercising over this proud man and continued to deliver hard whacks alternating from cheek to cheek.
As a finale , she exposed the virgin  area between Reginald's cheeks and delivered sharp , rapid fire spanks which had him kicking and squealing.

Out of breath , Florence stopped spanking and took a moment to study her handiwork.
Reginald's entire rear was a multitude of colours and textures and the tell tale blisters and raised welts were already forming.
This was a backside that would be sore and marked for the next few days

"You may get up now. Your treatment is complete." Florence told him.
A sorry and sobbing Reginald staggered to his feet and immediately cupped both palms to his burning red cheeks.

Florence remained seated and retrieved a jar from her bag.
Prying Reginald's palms away she examined his backside with pride.
"Get over my lap!" she ordered.
Reginald was aghast.
"Please no bottom is so sore!" he whined.

Florence smiledvwith a degree of sympathy.
"This will bring you some relief." she grinned patting her lap and showing  him the cooling lotion.
Reginald felt his erection reviving at the sight of Florence ' s inviting lap.
She had unbuttoned the lower part of her Doctor's coat to reveal a tempting glimpse of her smooth white thighs.

As Reginald lay over her , she parted her legs allowing his erection to nestle between those thighs  before closing them tight like a clam.
Reginald gasped.
Florence began applying the soothing cream to Reginald's tortured behind as her thighs contracted and teased his erection.

The combination of soft female hands caressing his nether regions and thighs stroking his penis soon sent him into a frenzy he had trouble controlling.
Florence chuckled to herself , quite aware of the effect she was having on Reginald.

Taking a finger , she seductively eased it inside his anus again once the throbbing in Reginald's member became intense , she released her grip at just the right moment.
He groaned as he exploded on her lap and her finger continued to explore inside him.

Florence removed her finger and gave Reginald a few moments to regain some composure.
"You may get up now." she told him and he slowly slid off her lap.

Rising from her seat , Florence buttoned up her coat and returned the cream to her back.
Studying herself in the mirror , she fixed her hair, smiling at the sight of a thoroughly humbled Reginald behind her.

"I suggest you get some rest now Lord Chumley.
Try sleeping on your tummy and avoid horseback riding for the next few days....I'll be back to finish your treatment next week!" she teased.
"Finish my treatment?" Reginald asked incredulously.
Florence smiled and turned to leave , scooping up the hairbrush.
"I'll be leaving this with Mona until I return !" she beamed.

A thoroughly amused Mona was waiting outside when the Doctor exited the room.
"It's time you went back to using this Mona!" she smiled and handed Mona the brush.

The diminutive Mona grinned and puffed out her chest before entering Reginald's room.
Standing with one hand on her hip she waved the brush at Reginald.
"Get into your pyjamas and I'll bring you some hot milk.....and if you give me any trouble you'll find yourself over my knee for a date with Betty Blister!" she warned.


  1. Glen - Outstanding story, I just love it when bad boys get turned over a ladies lap. This really cures the problem with over inflated egos would you agree. Oh boy what a story and am looking forward of the hairbrush spankings OTK. Jan

    1. It's always enjoyable when a comeuppance is a spanking Jan...although the good Doctor gave him more than he bargained for!

  2. Great story, and the doctor looks so sexy in that uniform!

    1. Thanks Q. She is one of my favourites too so you may see more of her!

  3. A date with Betty Blister? Sounds like just the thing Reginald needs in his life. Even though he is the head of Chumley Manor, I see no reason why Mona can't continue to deal with him as she did when he was a boy. It's for his own good. Hope the story continues, and that Reginald finds himself over Mona's knee bawling his eyes out.

    1. Can Reginald be reformed? Will he bed the lovely Dr Davenport? Can Mona and Betty Blister keep him in line?Stay tuned for the next episode...