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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reminiscing about the Strap - Part 2

"OOW!" "YEOOW! "
Danny stepped back and examined Gina's bare behind.
"That's 25 hard ones Gina...I think that should be enough .... your butt is really red."he told his wife.

Gina grimaced and looked over her shoulder at him, "No way! Keep going!"she demanded.
Her husband made another attempt to reason with her,".....but your sisters will be here soon, and you're already gonna be awful sore at dinner....."

Gina took a deep breath,"That's exactly the point dear. I need to erase all that guilt before they start teasing me with those strapping stories. The fact that I'll be sitting on a well strapped behind will make me feel much better." she reasoned.
Danny tightened his grip on the strap and stepped back.
"OK Honey....if that's what you want"

This time he really wound up , snapping the leather full force against his wife's jiggling cheeks. 
The sheer force propelled her forward and up on her toes .
Danny continued whacking non stop ,  Gina's bottom started wiggling to avoid the blows and her cries turned into loud shrieks that the neighbours must have heard.

Her blazing red raw bottom now had visible raised welts from the strap and genuine tears were forming in her eyes but she gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the edge of the bed she was bent over.
Danny delivered a volley of 3 powerful whacks which finally broke her.
"YEOOOUCH! OOOOW! OOOOH! OK!  OK!  ENOUGH ! That's Enough!  STOP !"she wailed earnestly.

The room was strangely silent apart from both of them breathing heavily.
"Aw Gawd!" Gina moaned , slowly rising and glancing back to inspect her derriere. , ".....that's gonna be sore for days.....thanks honey!"
Danny was already anxiously on standby with the aloe vera to sooth Gina's burning skin , but to his surprise and disappointment she waved him away, " No way....I want this bottom to stay just the way it is."

Her tiny panties offered no relief either as they left her entire bottom exposed as she wiggled her hips to squeeze into her tight skinny jeans.
Danny looked on with concern , "Having been on the receiving end of a good strapping , I'd advise you that's  not going to be the most comfortable attire for dinner sweetie." he advised.

Gina winced when the harsh denim brushed against her tender skin.
The scratchy irritation in her appendage worsened when she moved , forcing her to walk rather stiffly.
She put both hands back to massage her seat but it brought little relief.
"Now I can understand why you don't want  to sit after a spanking Danny!" she told him.

By the time Gina's sisters and their husbands arrived , Gina's bottom was just as very sore and tender and her ginger movements in the kitchen did not escape the notice of sister Maria.
"Gina , you're walking  like Steve does after I've thrashed his backside.Have you been a naughty girl?" Maria teased.

Gina proudly wore her well strapped bottom like a badge of honour .
"Very naughty.......would you like to see?"she replied.
The two sisters stepped into the nearby powder room where Gina carefully peeled down her Jeans and proudly displayed her red and we'll marked bottom.
"WOW! Danny really gave it to you good....Steve would never give it to me that hard!"her sister exclaimed.
Gina grinned , "Well maybe he should then! The strap is still laid out on the bed if you would care to try before dinner." she challenged.
Maria folded her arms boldly and grinned mischieviously , "Well I have been quite bitchy lately , and I think we sisters should show some solidarity with you!" she responded,  and called younger siblings Josie and Mary to join them in the kitchen.

After a brief huddle and a lot of giggling , Maria spoke , "OK it's agreed then .....we'll go by age .....oldest first, so I'm up," and Maria raised a hand to beckon her husband , "Steve! I need you to come with me to the bedroom please!"
Steve stiffened and his face flushed.
His face was even redder by the time he walked over to where the ladies were gathered.
"OK hun....I'm really sorry for swearing in the car but can't this wait until we get home?" he whispered to his smirking wife.
"Oh we certainly will be dealing with that when we get home honey .....but right now I need you to do something so follow me."
Taking her baffled husband by the hand , Maria turned on her heel and led him down the hall.
"Best go break the news to your hubbies girls....before the noise in that bedroom gets too loud!" Gina told her sisters.

Even with the bedroom closed , the sound of the strap cracking against Maria's bare bottom , accompanied by her loud shrieks and howls filled the house.
Josie was next in line and waited with a look of trepidation on her face , "You sure about this Jo? " her husband Mario asked her , and the two of them shuddered when a particularly hard whack produced a frenzied yelp from Maria in the bedroom.

Josie looked at her husband, "I've had it coming after drinking too much at your office party last night ...and it's too late to back off now anyway!" she replied .
Her response produced a broad smile from Mario which made her bristle , "Don't look so smug mister , don't think I didn't notice you flirting with that little blonde from accounting..."
 Mario's face flushed red , " .....but it was nothing honey....." he stammered.
Josie continued , ".......well let's have a little chat about it when we get home ....and on Monday you can explain to her why you can't sit down !" 

Moments later, the bedroom door opened and a red-faced Maria emerged , her pretty face contorted in a grimace and both hands behind her  rubbing the seat of her yoga pants. 
Steve had a comforting arm around her as they walked down the hall.and the two sisters exchanged sympathetic glances when they passed.

Youngest sibling Mary stood bravely watching Josie being led down the hall .
Her husband Dan consoled her. "Don't worry Sweetie....I'll take it easy on you...." he began before his wife angrily interrupted him.
"You will do no such thing Dan . You will give it to me as hard - or harder - as my sisters got you understand?" she raged.
 "If you say so honey...", Dan dutifully replied .
 Mary smiled with satisfaction at her husband's prompt obedience , " ......but not as hard as you're going to get it you when we get home!" 
Both of them flinched at the sound of the strap connecting with Josie's bare bottom .

 Not long after  , the four sisters gathered giggling and laughing in the kitchen comparing notes about their well strapped behinds .
In contrast ,their husbands sat rather subdued at the table , perhaps contemplating what was in store for them later when there would be payback for sure. 

Gina called out to the men , "Grab a plate guys...we gals are too sore to sit so we've decided to eat buffet style!"
 This time there was no talk about those childhood strappings  during the meal -  but lots of talk about more recent strappings !
The three younger  sisters now agreed that Gina's debt was finally paid , so there would be no more  teasing her about the past. 

When the meal ended , Gina handed her phone to Danny , "I need you to take a pic of me and my sisters  dear." she asked with an impish grin. The four sisters lined up against the kitchen island while Danny aimed the camera , "Ready girls?" he asked. 
"Not quite!" , the sisters giggled in unison , turning around and collectively leaning over the counter top . Pants were duly lowered , skirts hoisted , and undies downed to reveal a quartet of shapely , freshly strapped female bottoms! 
A stunned Danny almost dropped the camera at the sight.
The ladies squealed , hooted , hollered and wiggled their bottoms as Danny clicked away.

Gina took the camera from Danny and the still bare bottomed sisters gathered around to look at the pics while their men looked on in bemusement.
"I think we're ready for the cold cream now sis!" Maria told Gina who turned to address the men.
"OK guys , take a seat ! Danny , fetch the big jar of cold cream from the bedroom , we're going to need lots of it!"  


  1. That strap is getting a workout! By my count, besides Danny, there are four shapely female backsides that have been thoroughly leathered. There's going to be some hell to pay though for Steve, Mario and Dan tonight it seems. Three angry wives dealing with their sorry husbands in the privacy of their own homes. Also, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Danny isn't doing some howling of his own later on.

  2. You can be sure that Gina will not be letting Danny off the hook Wallace as the sisters will likely be exchanging pics of their husbands well strapped behinds!

  3. This has been a delightfully odd story about submissive husbands strapping their wives.

  4. Not as odd as you may think Verz!