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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

No Exceptions - A Spanking Story

The moment the words left her mouth , Mary raised her hand in a symbolic attempt to take them back but it was too late.
She should not have taken the phone call from her office in the first place , especially during her daughter's birthday dinner, and she certainly had no right to speak to her employees in such a manner and swear in front of her entire family.
Her angry outburst had turned heads in the busy restaurant which was filled with families and young children.

Mary's young son Marcus and his younger sister Jessica sat across from her , eyes as wide as saucers and jaws agape.
"Mommy swore Daddy!" little Jessica finally exclaimed.
Mary's husband Frederick glared ruefully at his wife , "Yes she certainly did Jessica , and it was very wrong!"
The little girl looked up at him , "Is she going to be punished?" she asked
"Oh she certainly is!" he replied.

 Mary's face flushed red  , "Frederick  please ! Don't you dare!"
Frederick regarded her sternly , "I'm sorry to embarrass you my dear , but you know very well that such behaviour is not tolerated in this family ánd will be dealt with in the traditional manner - no exceptions!" he scolded.

Then he turned to address the children  , "There is no reason to let your Mother's poor behaviour ruin Jessica's birthday celebration , so let's have some dessert shall we?" he grinned to cheers from the children.

With  the children occupied with their treats , Mary leaned to whisper in her husband's ear.
"Please take it easy on me tonight Frederick. I have to be seated all day at meetings tomorrow." she pleaded.
Her husband remained stoic.
"You will be punished with the severity you deserve my darling ....and you will just have to deal with any issues you have with sitting on a sore bottom.....and let me assure you that it will be very , very sore!"
Mary sighed and felt a strange tingle of anticipation in her bottom.

It was a subdued journey home with Mary's mind pre-occupied with her pending ordeal she would endure later that evening.
It would be the dreaded hairbrush for sure , and Frederick always made sure to apply it firmly but  lovingly , leaving an impression that would last for days .
She knew her husband's threat about her having  a very sore bottom was not an idle one.

By the time the family returned home , the children still had not forgotten the incident at the restaurant.
"Are you going to give Mommy a spanking Daddy?"  Jessica asked innocently.
Frederick smiled and an embarrassed Mary replied before he could .
"Don't be silly it's time for you children to get ready for bed . I did behave badly at your birthday dinner and I'm very sorry sbout that. Daddy and I will have a about it once you're tucked in bed . Now off you go,  tomorrow is a school day !" she told the kids firmly.
"AW Mommy! Do we have to?It's still early." Marcus sighed in disappointment.

Frederick finally spoke , "Actually , I believe the children should be allowed  to stay up a little longer so they can see first hand the consequences for rudeness  and using  foul language my dear!" He declared to everyone's surprise - especially Mary's!

"Frederick! Don't be front of the childten? You can't be serious!" she replied incredulously.
Marcus and Jessica looked at each other in disbelief.

"Sit here on the sofa kids , while Mommy  fetches the hairbrush. Then you can watch her get the  spanking she deserves." he told them.

Mary's jaw dropped.
"Please no darling ......don't spank me in front of the children....please?" she pleaded.
Ignoring her pleas , Frederick had already placed a straight back chair in the middle of the room.

"I'm sorry my dear but the children do need to see this . It will act as a
strong deterrent for them.  Now do as you are told and fetch the hairbrush please." he told her , taking his seat on the chair.

The children waited quietly , eager  with anticipation until their Mother returned with the large ebony hairbrush .
In the past , they had heard tell-tale smacks and yelps coming from their parents' bedroom when their Mother had displeased their Father and it certainly sounded like he was giving her a good spanking.

"We heard lots of smacks and ouches Mommy. Did Daddy give you a spanking ?" little Jessica had asked the following morning , and Mary replied with a curt , " Of course not darling." , but her rubbing and  ginger movements suggested otherwise.

Now they would have  a front row seat to see their Mother spanked!

Frederick took the hairbrush from Mary and signalled her to lie across his lap.
Mary crawled over , and Frederick adjusted her position so her head was low and legs dangled.
Mary held onto her husband's legs for balance ,closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth.

Frederick turned to the children,
"Watch carefully children. This is what happens when you behave badly and swear in this family - and remember - there are no exceptions !" he declared.

Then he raised his hand high , bringing it down smartly on the seat of Mary's tight dress with a loud 'SMACK!'
Mary shuddered and let out a loud "OW!"
Frederick raised his hand and proceeded to deliver hard , firm spanks to Mary's bottom , alternating from one cheek to the other.
As he spanked , Frederick scolded and berated his wife for her poor behaviour.
'SMACK! ' ' SMACK! '  ' SMACK! '
"Swearing and rudeness will not be tolerated in this house you understand young lady?"
"OOOOW! " " OUCH! " " Yes Sir!"

Mary let out a series of "OUCHES" and "OW's" and  struggled , kicking her legs  and tightening her grip on Frederick's legs.

After about two dozen or so  good hard spanks , Frederick paused and reached for the hem of his wife's dress.
"NO! Please dear....don't raise my dress....not in front of the children....please!" Mary protested feeling the cool air on her thighs as her husband hoisted her dress up over the curves of her hips and tucked it neatly into the small of her back.

Marcus and Jessica giggled at the sight of their Mother's fancy undergarments .
Mom's plump , round bottom was encased in a pair of sheer black , high cut panties and framed with a pair of  black stockings and  matching garter belt.
Frederick drank in the sight of his wife's delectable appendage ,but soon returned to the business at hand.

The spanks administered to the seat of Mary's dress had generated muffled thuds , but her sheer panties were like a second skin and the smacks were now loud , crisp and sharp.

Mary's yelps of protest also increased in , and her squirming and kicking became more frantic.
Frederick picked up the pace , spanking harder and faster.
Mary was in genuine distress now and embarrassed that her children could see her being punished like a naughty child.

Frederick's hard palm connected again and again with his wife's jiggling bottom.
The redness in her cheeks began to show through the sheer material of her panties and  real tears made her mascara run.
Her meticulously pinned up hair was now fanning wildly into her face.

"OOOW!" "OUCH!" "PLEASE STOP!" I'M SORRY!" "OOOOW!" Mary wailed as the loud smacks of a spanking filled the room.
Marcus and Jessica were mesmerized.
Dad was really giving it to Mom good !There was no way they would ever swear if this is what they had coming.

Mary gasped for breath , puffing her cheeks when Frederick finally stopped spanking her poor bottom.
The children looked on in wide-eyed disbelief when their Father's fingers gripped the waistband of Mom's skimpy undies.

Without ceremony,  he slipped them down just enough to reveal his wife's bare  twin globes in all their glory.
Marcus and Jessica had never seen a bare bottom as red as their Mother's was right now.
It looked like it was on fire and must feel like it!

Frederick picked up the brush and Mary winced when he rubbed its bristles against her tender cheeks.
"That's unfortunate my dear!" Frederick chuckled with glee.

Then he raised the brush and snapped it against his wife's already roasted cheeks again and again.
Mary was wailing like a baby now , flailing around uncontrollably , her feet kicking so wildly now that she no longer cared that her most private parts were visible for all to see.
Frederick continued spanking  until his wife's cheeks were white hot and all the fight was gone from her.

Gazing over at the children he knew they had learned a valuable had their Mother!
He helped Mary stagger to her feet and the two of them embraced warmly.

While Frederick  put the chair away , Mary hastily restored her clothing and her modesty.
"Do you have anything to say?" Frederick asked her.
Mary wiped tears from her face and looked at Marcus and Jessica.
"Children , I apologize for losing my temper , being rude and exposing you to such foul language.  I'm so sorry if I spoiled your birthday Jessica." she sobbed.
Jessica put both arms out and gave her Mother a big hug.
"Of course not Mommy. It was the best birthday ever!" she gushed.
Marcus joined his sister in giving his Mother a big  hug.

"I hope we have all learned a lesson from this !" Frederick reminded them all.
Little Jessica put up a hand , "Yes but what does ' no exceptions' mean Daddy?"
Marcus grinned at his sister , "It means it applies to everybody silly ." he told her.
Jessica pondered the answer for a moment.
"So what happens if Daddy is naughty?" she asked curiously.

This time it was Frederick's face that flushed red.
Mary smirked and rubbed her sore bottom.
"If Daddy behaves badly ,Mommy will give Daddy a spanking honey.......only  Daddy gets spanked much harder !" she declared earnestly.
"Isn't that so darling?" she asked her husband.
"Er...uhm...ah...yes dear.....much harder!" Frederick answered to giggles from the children.

Frederick's embarrassment was well grounded.
A leather razor strap and a three tailed tawse hung on  hook in the bedroom closet , reserved exclusively for his bare backside when needed.
By the determined look in Mary's eyes he knew she was already scheming for an opportinity to apply the leather to his behind... sooner rather than later......

The children did not have to wait long for the next show
"But said 'no exceptions' " Jessica told him.
Mary stood stood grinning as she leaned against the doorway with arms folded.
"That's correct Jessica - no exceptions !'" she confirmed.
Her husband struggled for an excuse.
"I know dear.....but it's not the same situation ....the way that lady was driving she could have killed us all..I had to warn her....." he reasoned  , pleading his case.

"But you told us there is  no excuse for swearing  and calling people rude names Dad." Marcus reminded him.
Frederick opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by his wife's wagging finger.
"'no exceptions'  ..that  sounds pretty clear to me Frederick."  she said firmly , clearly enjoying herself.

"Is Daddy going to get the hairbrush Mommy ?" Jessica asked.
"Oh no dear. Your father deserves something much harsher than that and I have just the thing!" she replied and then ,turning to her husband said , "Go upstairs and fetch the big strap Frederick!"

Her husband's eyes widened.
"B..bring it here?" he babbled , realising his wife's intentions.
Mary scowled at him , "You heard me mister! Fetch that strap. Have a seat are going to see what happens to Daddy's who lose their temper and swear at people!"

Mary was in no rush to deal with her errant husband so made herself a cup  of tea as he scurried off to fetch the strap  while the children  settled excitedly on the sofa.

When he returned Frederick was contrite and humbled , genuinely fearing his impending chastisement.

Without saying a word , Mary looked right through him as she took the strap from him.
Humming a tune to herself , she studied the leather and teasingly slapped it against her palm.

Frederick shuddered  at the very sight of the fearsome implement in his wife's hand.
Still slapping the leather against her palm , Mary  stood close to him and took a firm grip on his ear to pull his head closer to hers.

"OUCH! '"Frederick yelped and the children giggled.
"You know very well that swearing , tantrums and rude behaviour will not be tolerated in this house mister don't you?" she scolded , pinching his ear.
Frederick winced , "YES MA'AM!" he yelped.

".....and what happens to bad boys in this house? " his wife prompted ,giving his ear yet another yank.
"AIOOW! They get the strap Ma'am!" he yelped loudly.

Marcus and Jessica sat on the sofa , entranced at the sight of their petite Mother taking charge of their much larger Father .
Mary was relishing every minute of it.
Releasing her husband's, ear  ,she stood  , legs apart and hands on hips , "Well? What are you waiting for? You know the routine.....STRIP and bend over the chair!" she barked , forcefully cracking  the strap against the chair for emphasis.
Frederic looked stunned , "Strip? Completely?Here? In front of the kids?" he protested.
His wife's eyes narrowed , "Yes!Do as I say !" Mary barked.

Reluctantly , Frederic began removing his clothing ,pausing once he was down to his silk Star Wars boxers.
The children tittered and pointed at their Father's choice of underwear.
"Those too.....stop dawdling!" Mary ordered , trying hard not to giggle herself.

Redfaced , he turned around , slid down his boxers and  promptly assumed the position trying  to conceal his modesty.
His heart was pounding and his grip on the chair was deathly.

Mary on her part was truly revelling in her dominant role.
Taking her position behind her husband and to his left , she held the strap in one hand and rolled up her sleeve with the other.
Her dress was most appropriate for the occasion , almost Schoolmistress like , with heels , black stockings and a tight pencil skirt.

Taking a well rehearsed , athletic stance she swung the strap , bringing it down with a full swing and follow through against her husbands quivering cheeks.
The children were shocked by the loud sound.

Frederick did his best to take his strapping like a man , but he never could.
By the 10th powerful stroke he was hollering loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear!

Mary just shrugged , she had heard it all before and her husband's squeals did not deter her.
Unfortunately for Frederick, she was just getting started.
The strap wrapped against Frederick's bare behind again and again until Mary paused to tug his boxers down to his ankles so she could focus on strapping his upper thighs.
This part of the strapping  produced a series of blood curdling screams from Frederick which frightened the children.
By now his entire rear and thighs  were so red it looked like he was wearing a pair of skin tight crimson shorts.

Mary paused to catch her breath and decided her husbands tough hide had enough leather for one day.
Frederick was quivering and there were real tears in his eyes.
Mary paced behind him for a moment , slapping the strap against her thigh , before reaching down and restoring her husband's boxers.
"You may stand up now young man." Mary told him.

To everyones amusement , Frederick performed a high stepping dance and furiously clutched his scorched cheeks with both hands.
"OK that's enough of that silly dancing ...stand still!" Mary ordered , bringing his performance to an abrupt halt.

Frederick stood still as commanded and listened to the sound of Mary's heels on the kitchen floor before she stood before him.
In her right hand was a big bar of home made soap , "Open wide!" she ordered , trying to hide her satisfied smirk.
"Aw no! " Frederick sighed.
After a brief pause , Frederick opened his mouth and Mary shoved the nasty tasting soap deep inside , almost gagging him.
"Keep that in your mouth and think about all those filthy names you called that poor lady!" she scolded.
"YETH MANG!" Frederick gurgled , prompting the kids to titter again.

Mary was far from finished.
Taking a hold of her husband's ear , she sat down on the chair and guided him over her lap.
It was time for a good old fashioned spanking over her knee.

She decided to permit Frederick some modesty by keeping his boxers intact , but gave him no quarter in regards to the sound spanking she proceeded to administer.
She spanked his backside briskly until her palm could take no more , all the while listening to Frederick's gurgles as he dealt with the soap in his mouth.
On top of an already tenderized behind the spanking really smarted.

"You may stand now!" Mary declared , releasing her grip on her husband.
Frederick' stood again , his face flaming red and contorted in a grimace.
He sputtered and coughed when Mary reached up and removed the soap from his mouth.
Then she stood before him with arms folded , "Are you ready to apologize now Frederick?" she asked him , almost sympathetically.
It took Frederick a moment to compose himself , "I apologize to you and the children for losing my temper , yelling and swearing at that poor lady today. I'm really sorry and promise it will never happen again." he said with head bowed.

Mary put a finger on his chin and raised his head to look at her , "Now go  to the bedroom and wait for me.... I'll be up in a minute!" she told him .

Then addressing the children she said , "I expect that was an important lesson for you children and you understand that  there will be NO EXCEPTIONS when it comes to discipline in this house. Now off you go and set the table for dinner while I go upstairs and speak privately to your Father." she added.

It was a good 15 minutes or more until Mary and Frederick  returned to serve dinner.
They both had a loving glow about them , holding each other closely and stealing the occasional smooch when they thought the kids weren't looking.
"Be a dear and fetch your Father a nice soft pillow to sit on Jessica , I'm afraid his poor bottom will be very sore for quite a while." Mary teased.
They all laughed at Frederick's exaggerated antics to carefully  lower himself onto his seat , "Perhaps I should stand for dinner...." he winced.
Mary smiled at him , "No chance! Everyone sits at the dinner table exceptions ."


  1. WOW excellent spanking tale. Especially Frederick getting turned over her knee after the strapping. The humiliation would be awful. Love it when the smart ass Mr. gets it. Jan

    1. A woman always gets her revenge.Glad you liked it Jan.

  2. I should tell you this cause you will enjoy it to much. I was supposed to pick up my Dad where he left his car to get repaired. Well I totally forgot. When he got to my house he took me right over his knee put my dress up and panties down and started spanking me. I haven"t been spanked by him since I was I was 18. One problem was my husband was home along with a friend. My husband who I spank on a regular basis was enjoying seeing me get knowing that I was embarrassed. He then fetched my dad the hairbrush and he continued my spanking and lectured me on being a self center brat who need this for sometime. He finally let me up and I was crying and rubbing my bottom telling me to go to bed spanking me the whole way to the bed room. Dad told me if I got out he would come back and repeat my punishment. My husband took him to get his car and when he returned he said that dad would be calling to make sure I was being good. I've so smug about spanking my husband I have forgotten what a good parental trip over the knee felt like. Jan

    1. I'm surprised your Dad didn't instruct your husband to give you another spanking when he got you home!Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another great story! You've introduced us to yet another interesting family. With the "no exceptions" policy in place, and the fact that the children are fully aware of the home discipline situation, Frederick and Mary should be in for some sore bottoms and embarrassing moments in the future (if you choose to keep the storyline going). I particularly enjoyed the part where Mary rolls up her sleeve and takes a solid stance before laying the heavy strap across her husband's bare backside. He's very brave and obedient to take it like that in front of the whole family....and then to follow with a mouth soaping...very humbling! Nice illustration of Mary with her big round bottom bared. I wish there was one of Frederick getting it also. Thanks for the post.

    1. Mary made sure she got her revenge ...with interest.Frederick should have seen it coming. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  4. Glenmore, With the 4th of July this would be a good time to spank some naughty adult boys for playing with fireworks. I done it last year but I think you good make it a great story. Jan

    1. Hi Jan
      Being irresponsible with fireworks in certainly a spank able of fence in my book.