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Friday, May 26, 2017

Mission Accomplished - part 2 -FM Spanking story

To celebrate her successful mission of reconciling her parents , Debbie and her Mom , Sharon ,decided to do something they hadn't done since she was a kid , settle down on the big sofa together for a movie and share a big bowl of popcorn.

It was a simple activity but warmed both their hearts with pleasant memories. Of course a certain part of Sharon's anatomy was still warm from the spanking Frederick had given her so she carefully settled onto a soft pillow while Debbie placed the DVD in the player.

"McLintock! With John Wayne? You've got to be kidding Mom. I thought you said we were watching a 'girlie' movie?" Debbie whined.

Her Mom contorted her face in an exaggerated grimace and wiggled her bottom carefully onto the pillow , " Oh my poor's still so sore from that spanking your Dad gave me...too bad he isn't here to rub some more aloe vera on it....and by the way young lady this is a 'girlie' movie.....Every woman should watch'll see."

As the movie progressed , Debbie realized why her Mom liked the movie so much , and as the plot unfolded she was actually enjoying watching Maureen O'Hara and Stephanie Powers overact themselves to inevitable spankings.

The two of them cackled loudly when Beckie received her well deserved comeuppance , and later when the young couple were discovered together necking in a bale of hay.
"That's gotta be the first engagement that started off with a spanking!" GW announces and Debbie poked her Mom.
"......and you and Dad must be the first reconciliation that started with a spanking!" she teased.
Sharon laughed and rubbed her bottom . "Maybe a good spanking would work for you and Dexter!" she said.
Debbie scowled , "You just had to go and ruin the evening by bringing Dexter up didn't you Mom.
I told you before ...Dexter  and I are finished. I've tried talking and reasoning with him but it's no use!" she said with genuine regret.

Debbie and Dexter had been best friends all through high school and started dating seriously when they began college.
Admittedly they were an odd couple , she the flirty , bubbly tomboy and Dexter the conservative , churchgoing nerd , but they were truly in love.

In fact when Debbie started getting in with the party crowd and was getting herself into trouble it was Dexter who had the courage to bring her to her senses , straightening her out and propelling her on what turned out to be the right path on life with the Marines.

Dexter came from a strict Baptist family where discipline was common and he applied the same approach to his spoilt and stubborn girlfriend by putting her over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

The discipline was just what Debbie needed and she longed for those spankings and dearly missed them when she left for the Marines .

She and Dexter kept in contact for a while during her training ,but gradually lost touch as theu both became busy , as he started  up his successful software company which made him a very wealthy at a young age.
When they eventually had a chance to get together , they both had changed so much they had a huge disagreement.Despite Debbie's best efforts to mend their relationship , things had become worse.

Freed from their relationship for the first time , it was Dexter who strayed this time , becoming a spoilt playboy ,going to parties and generally neglecting his business.
He was not interested in any advice Debbie had to give him .

Just then , another scene in the movie seemed to tie into the topic of the mother daughter conversation.
Exasperated with his wife's stubbornness  , GW was being urged to do something.
"I'll talk to her again." he sighs and is told:
"The time for talking is over's time for action!"

The words struck a chord within Debbie .
"That is so true Debbie...talking to Dex didn't work did it?" her Mom prompted.

Debbie and her Mom laughed  and cheered on the Duke as he chased his naughty wife around town in her underwear before giving her a sound spanking in front of the whole town.
Then she melted into GW's arms.

The two women looked at each other.
"You are so right mission here is not finished! I'm going to pay a visit to Dexter right now!" she declared determinedly.
Sharon looked at her daughter  ,"....but Debbie it's almost midnight!" , but Debbie was already stepping out of her pyjamas and donned a tight t-shirt ' fatigues and army boots.
"I'm going to need to suit up for this part of the mission!" she told her Mom , scooping up the car keys.
"Here'll be needing this!" Sharon called out and handed Debbie the hairbrush

When Debbie arrived at Dexter's huge house, it was lit up  as he entertained guests at another lavish party.
Debbie parked her Mom's beat up Chevrolet amongst the expensive cars and stealthily made her way to the front door.

"Private party Ma'am. You can't go in there!" the burly security guard warned.
Ignoring him , Debbie forged forward and when he reached out to stop her he quickly found himself pinned against the door with his muscular arm twisted behind him.

"I need to talk to Dexter . I won't be long so I suggest you stand down Private Collins!" she whispered in the man's ear.
He recognized her voice, "Debbie?
The two knew each other from marine training camp and he had left to pursue private security.
"I need 5 minutes Private!" she reasoned , in full military mode.
The man nodded and nursed his arm when Debbie released her grip.
"Thanks!" Debbie nodded , her eyes scanning the room to locate her target.

It was not difficult to identify Dexter.
He loved to dress extravagantly and there he was dressed in a lime green shirt , surrounded by admirers.

Gritting her teeth, the marine Sergeant surged through the throng of party goers.
She soon caught Dexter's eye as she approached.
He stood looking at his ex girlfriend in disbelief , an attractive blonde on one arm and a willowy brunette on the other.
"Debbie!" he exclaimed.

Debbie stood , nipples pressing against her tight t-shirt, legs apart and her blonde hair tied in a pony tail and stuffed into a  ball cap. Tucked into her belt was her Mom's hairbrush.

"We need to talk Dexter." she said ominously.
The two ladies on his arm looked anxiously at him and he smiled defiantly at her.
"This is not a good time Debbie....and you are hardly dressed for this occasion ." he smirked to giggled from his two girlfriend's.
Debbie looked at each of the ladies , "Time for you to go ladies!" she told them.

The tall brunette suddenly sprang forward and lunged at Debbie, "I'll take care of this bitch Dexter! " she seethed.
Making a cat like move , Debbie easily subdued her assailant sob, unable to move , she resorted to spitting in Debbie's face.

Almost pleased at the reaction , Debbie tightened her hold , "Naughty, naughty!". she scolded.
Then , tucking the young lady under her arm , she hoisted the brunette's expensive , glittering dress up to her waist ,revealing a boyish ,thong clad bottom.

Dexter stood frozen while Debbie kept spanking the young lady's bare bottom until it was bright red.
Releasing her assailant , Debbie stared at the stunned blonde clinging to Dexter.
"I suggest you leave or you'll get the same!"
The blonde watched the brunette dancing around , rubbing her sore , red bottom and slipped away .

Debbie's gaze was now fixed firmly on Dexter .
Putting both hands up to placate his determined ex , Dexter decided to retreat.
What followed next was a scene which was strangely familiar to John Wayne ' s pursuit of Maureen O'Hara in McLintock.

Debbie closed down her prey as he dodged frantically around tables , around the bar , even onto the stage with the band still playing.
Along the way , Debbie was followed by an enthusiastic mob of young ladies who cheered and urged her on all the way.

Tiring , Dexter took cover behind a huge pillar and began a game of cat and mouse with his pursuer.
Debbie had a glint in her eye.
She knew Dexter had run out of places to hide.

Panicking , he foolishly tried to run past her for the safety of the men's washroom.
Undaunted Debbie followed along as Dexter pushed the bathroom door closed and snapped  the lock shut.
Leaning against the door , he breathed a sigh of relief.

Without missing a beat , Debbie launched a leg smashing an army boot against the lock sending the door...and Dexter flying.
When Debbie reached Dexter he sat helplessly on the bathroom floor trying to regain his senses.
Reaching down , she hauled him to his feet and stared at him.
Dexter cringed when Debbie pulled the hairbrush from her belt.
"Please wouldn't? Not here...please!" he pleaded , his gaze directed at the implement.

Ignoring him ,Debbie dragged Dexter along behind her until she located a convenient place to sit.
As Dexter stood frozen , Debbie began undoing his pants.
A throng of curious ladies had gathered now
"I don't know what he did but you give it to him girl!" one of them called out.

There was a boisterous cheer when Debbie unceremoniously yanked a humiliated Dexter's pants to his ankles and tipped him over her awaiting lap.

Adjusting his position to her liking, Debbie pinned Dexter's arm behind his back and threw a leg over both of his to lock him down.
Then she  hoisted his shirt revealing a pair of elegant , silk  boxers.
"Nice undies Dex!" a lady called out to more cheers.

Tightening her grip on the brush , Debbie considered whether downing Dexter's shorts.  He certainly deserved to be spanked bare did Maureen O'Hara !
"Take 'em down!" the crowd chanted.
Debbie took a moment to enjoy the sight of Dexter's cute tushie. She was quite enjoying herself now.

She gave his seat a playful slap.
"For now I'll let you keep your boxers on Dexter....but you"ll be getting a proper bare bottom spanking once we're alone!"
A collective sigh of disappointment  filled the room .

Debbie raised the brush high over her head and snapped it crisply against her boyfriend's scantily clad rear.
The crowd cheered as Debbie spanked away and Dexter kicked and howled in protest.

The spanking was not a lengthy one , but thorough enough to have Dexter wailing and begging for mercy.
Satisfied forvnow , Debbie tossed him off his lap and Dexter knelt before her, grimacing and rubbing his rear.
"Show is over folks!" she announced , and then turning to Dexter , "Lets go somewhere private  to talk Dexter shall we?"
Dexter winced , " Yes Ma'am!"

The next morning , Sharon gasped when she looked at the headline in the local paper , 'Local Entrepreneur gets his comeuppance!'
Underneath the headline was a photo of her daughter with Dexter sprawled , pants down over her lap.
"OMIGOSH! She really did it !" she gushed proudly.

Frederick had arrived early to move back in with his wife and looked over her shoulder, "She did what sweetie?" he asked.
"WOW! I guess he had that coming ! " he commented.

Sharon took another look at the picture and then at her husband.
"You've had it coming for quite a while !", she warned him.
The usually confident Frederick cowered and busied himself unpacking a box.
"Whatever do you mean dear?" he replied clearing his throat nervously.

Sharon hungrily eyed her husband's muscular rear as he leaned over the moving boxes.
She rose , wound up and gave it a hearty slap , taking Fred by surprise.
"OUCH! What was that for?" he asked indignantly ,straightening up , arching his back  and grabbing his butt with both hands.

Sharon's eyes narrowed and she placed both hands on her hips , " You know perfectly well what for mister!" she scolded with a wagging finger.

Frederick grinned impishly at her , "Too bad Debbie borrowed the big hairbrush!" he teased.
His wife flashed him a smirk.
"I don't need the hairbrush dear....I just unpacked your belts and laid a nice thick one on out the bed...just for you!"
She pointed to the staircase , "Upstairs Frederick.Its your turn for a good licking!"
Frederick offered no resistance , "Yes Ma'am."

Back at Dexter's mansion , he lay face down on the bed ,a naked Debbie perched on his back applying cooling lotion to his soundly paddled rear end.

The previous night's public spanking was only the beginning for Dexter and he was soon back over his girlfriend's formidable lap again , bare bottom this time , for the spanking of his life.
Debbie had almost worn out the brush on his behind and he was thoroughly repentant.

"OUCH! " Dexter yelped when Debbie playfully slapped his tender bottom.
Sliding  off his back , she flipped him over onto his back , "OOOOW! " he moaned when his tender skin rubbed against the bed.
Debbie just laughed and climbed onto him.
"I'm going to ride you one more time before we visit my parents!" she announced.

"Can't I be on top hun?" Dexter pleaded anxiously .
Debbie shook her head ,spilling her blonde mane over her shoulders , "No way mister! I want you to be reminded that I'm the one responsible for giving you that sore bottom!" she purred.

By the time Dexter and Debbie arrived at her parent's house , Frederick lay spreadeagled , face down on the bed ,while Sharon cracked the leather belt enthusiastically against his bare rump.

Unashamedly , she released  all the anger and frustration which had built up since their separation on her husband's bare backside.... and was relishing every minute.
Her husband's wrists and ankles were firmly tied to the bed so there was little he could do to stop the thrashing aside from pleading and apologizing.
As she spanked,  she scolded Frederick , emphasizing each point with a hefty whack with the strap.

Sharon was no novice at disciplining her husband's backside and her technique was well honed.
She delivered 10 whacks at a time before moving to the other side to make sure both cheeks received equal treatment.

Debbie stood at the foot of the stairs and listened to the commotion from upstairs.
She was not surprised in the least.
Her Mom had told her about some of the mean and childish things her Dad did during the separation and she intended to confront him .

She also confided to Debbie that she often spanked her Dad.
Unlike her relatively public chastisements , Frederick's punishments were more severe and always carried out when the kids were out of the house.
Debbie had always suspected this was the case as she noticed her Dad sitting gingerly at the dinner table on occasion.

"Sounds like Mom is giving  it to Dad pretty good up there. Best give them a minute." Debbie chuckled.
Dexter stood wincing at the sound of the other man's strapping whilev Debbie hummed and busied herself , smiling when the strap found a tender spot producing a loud yelp.

Satisfied that her husband was truly sorry , Sharon ended his thrashing in the usual way.
Seating herself on his broad back she delivered a final flurry of spanks to the most tender areas of his year.
By the time she was done , she had painted a painful mosaic of flaming welts and blisters on Fred's behind.

As she released Frederick's bindings, his head turned and smiled upon seeing she was also naked.
Fred winced and moaned when his wife  flipped him on his back and mounted him.
"I'm on top for this one Frederick....hold on!" she grinned , lowering herself onto his growing erection.

A very satisfied , reconciled couple emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later.
"Debbie ! Dexter! What are you doing her?" Sharon gushed with surprise.

Excitedly she ushered the young couple to the kitchen table. While the two ladies settled quickly into their seats, the two men continued to stand.
Mother and daughter chatted excitedly for a few moments before noticing  their reluctance to sit.

Sharon raised a brow , "Sit down you two!" she said more as an order than a request.
Fred grimaced and rubbed his rear , "You know very well I can't sit down Sharon !" he whined.
Sharon's eyes narrowed and she pointed a finger at the chair , " Are you defying me Frederick? I SAID SIT!"
Debbie turned to Dexter , "That goes for you two mister!"
"Really ...I'd rather stand if that's Ok honey." Dexter replied meekly.
Debbie reached for the hairbrush now sitting prominently on the table and he quickly complied.

The two women made no effort to hide their amusement as they watched the  two men agonizingly sit down beside them.

Then Debbie continued , "We have a couple of announcements to make.  Firstly , yesterday my team leader called to confirm my new posting- right here in town!  Secondly , Dexter and I are getting married!"
The dual announcement was met with squeals of glee and lots of hugging and kissing.

Debbie handed her Mom the hairbrush, "You'll be needing this back Mom!" she grinned.
Dexter blushed upon viewing the implement responsible for making his bottom so sore but was pleased that it was returning to its rightful owner .

Sharon looked at her husband who was also looking very contrite, "Well I certainly could have used it half an hour ago dear, but luckily I do have other means of dealing with my naughty boy...don't I sweetie?" She grinned.

Frederick took the implement from his wife , "Don't get too big for your boots missie, you have a lot of cleaning up to do in the house today and this is just the incentive you need !" he warned her.

Turning to Dexter , he offered the brush to him.
"You're going to have your hands full with this young lady Dexter so you're going to need this as much as I do."
Dexter rolled the brush in his hand and looked at Debbie who smiled unevenly.

Sharon chuckled at her daughter's sudden embarrassment.
"You can use our room you two ,  first room on the right. There's a nice straight backed chair that will come in handy" Sharon said , rubbing her own bottom for emphasis.
Dexter rose and took hold of Debbie's wrist., "Lets go Sergeant's time for me to debrief you!"he smirked.


  1. I remember while growing up years back my dad had got into trouble with Mom it was on a Saturday morning mon was scolding dad in the tv room she had her hairbrush in her hand told dad to follower her to the bedroom me and my older sister were watching tv we turned down the sound so we could hear we heard dad saying he was sorry mom told dad to pull his pants and undershorts off we then heard a long spanking then she sent him to the corner and she grounded him for the weekend ! Janet !

    1. There is something thrilling about overhearing a spanking isn't there Janet.

  2. I don't normally like women in military gear but Debbie's outfit in the first pic is HOT!

    1. I had a few thoughts about what Debbie should wear and decided it had to be military .Glad you like it Q.

  3. Hi, I have utmost respect respect for my wife. She is an army vet and did 2 tours in Iraq. When she returned home she was discharged and we renewed our life as man and wife. Trouble is I got to acting pretty single. To make a long story short one night when I came in late she took me by the ear and put across her knee and pull my pants down and administered a first rate spanking with a hairbrush. She lectured me on my behavior and instructed me on what would happen if I didn't act like a man instead of a little boy. There certainly would be other spankings to follow. Through many grunts, tears and promises to be a (good little boy) she finally turned me loose. She has spanked again but I am phsically to weak to stop her. Robert