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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Humbled Husbands - FM Spanking Comic


  1. Now that's more like. Husbands over there wife knee. Panties down and getting it with the hairbrush.

  2. Getting what they deserve!Enjoy Jan.

  3. I love the way you tell the story economically in 6 panels. 1. The husbands’ boasts about “wearing the pants”, overhead by their annoyed wives, at a party. Men who really wore the pants would not feel the need to make the boast. Herein lies the story’s erotic tension. Male ego asserts itself, making their humbling more than just an erotic game. 2. The wives publicly scold their husbands. The amusement of the female witness, and the nervousness of her husband is a nice touch.3 and 4. Back home the wives carry out the spanking threats implied at the party. Thei husbands’ cheeks are as red as their bums because the male ego that prompted their foolish boasts makes their humiliation real. I would speculate that, although this part of the drama unfolds in the privacy of their homes, the men are conscious of the woman at the party who must suspect what is happening now. 5 & 6. Having reasserted their authority through spanking, the wives enjoy the perks of power, assigning domestic chores that in traditional marriages might have been considered “women’s work.” That completes the story. Spanking alone would be an erotic game. But sparking combined with domestic servitude makes the humbling a full time reality with real benefits for the wives.