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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentines Day is Coming - Tips for the Guys

My first tip is to remind you guys that Valentine's day is next week and that our ladies will expect us to give them gifts that are Romantic , Enjoyable and , if possible , Practical. 

My second tip is to remind you that your gift(s) MUST meet the first two criteria as a minimum , with the third earning you bonus points ( which we can all use.) DO NOT give her a gift that is only practical as this is guaranteed to land you in the Doghouse.  

The  Husband in this cartoon hit the ball right out of the park when choosing his Wife's gift. There is nothing more romantic than a lady with a glowing red bottom , which she enjoyed so much that she is asking , very respectfully I might add , for another trip over her Hubby's lap. Afterwards , the brush can return to her dressing table to be used for more practical grooming purposes.....until the next time!

1 comment:

  1. I hate to be so honest but I the one who gets but across her lap on St. Valentines day. It is a traditional dya for spanking me.