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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Spanking on the Cards - MF Spanking Cartoon


  1. Hi Q...I left it open to interpretation as to who will be doing the spanking...

  2. My interpretation: the game is strip poker. The rule is that the loser gets spanked. Having lost, the wife has to shed her last article of clothing, her panties, and fetch the hairbrush to be spanked. She is steamed at having lost and at hubby’s gloating. You can see that from the way she glares at him. Her feisty, competitive spirit makes this power exchange all the sexier. In my imagination, this lost bet is a temporary reversal of the normal pecking order. I say that because the husband looks like a mild mannered guy, and the wife doesn’t look like she is used to being the one to submit. So the wife’s expression may be saying, “Fine, you get to spank me now. But just you wait, mister!”