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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Lesson From Mom - FM Spanking Comic


  1. Been there, had that happen, only it was me, not the cane, hairbrush over the lap and sure enough when we got home my wife insured my bottom would be warm and stinging, and yes red for several days.

  2. My husband learned quickly, my mother could care less seeing his privates, she enjoyed seeing him act like a naughty little boy after she finished spanking him. I waited a couple of days before I gave him a spanking, wanted to make him think about it. My Mom and him have had a few private discussions since then, men are such slow learners, I now spank him once we get home, has done wonders.

  3. Gotta love a bit of mother in law spanking action :D

  4. How funny ! This rings true over the years...

    Similarly, my mom has often gotten her old rattan switch out in front of our husbands and talked about how she strictly raised her two daughters (my sister and me ) back in the 1960s. Lots of banter and fun - all in good taste. Not quite as bad as this mom in the sketch though !

    Isn't it wonderful how a strict upbringing is so much funnier in hindsight ! Sister and I have to remind our husbands that mom always used this cane on our bare bottoms, back in the day ! ....which of course makes them all laugh and prank around even more ! Oh dear !