Saturday, December 31, 2016

Disciplining The Butler - F/M Spanking Cartoon


  1. Not doubt the butler will have the last laugh. Witnessing his punishment will make the maid so horny that she'll want him to roger her in the servants' quarters later in the evening.

  2. She certainly looks like she is enjoying herself Q.

  3. Another delightful cartoon, with a few details that reveal a complex interplay of psychological forces. The way the butler reflexively covers his bum shows he is no stranger to her ladyship’s haibrush. He knows it’s going to hurt. That he begs her not to spank him in front of the housemaid suggests, however, that this is a new twist. The butler would be at the top of the hierarchy of servants and he is undoubtedly used to bossing the housemaid around. That’s why the maid smiles and looks gloatingly at him in anticipation of seeing him humbled at a woman’s hands. Her ladyship’s imperious manner is wonderful. Having the haibrush brought to her on a tray emphasizes her social privilege. Her blithe dismissal of the butler’s pleading “not in front of the housemaid” implies that his feelings are of no significance to her, but one can surmise that her disinterested appearance masks the sadistic pleasure she will get from adding a new level of humiliation to his discipline. Her ladyship’s stern face and rigid posture imply a purely businesslike approach to discipline. She is just running a tight ship. Thus she has raised her dress for the purely practical purpose of not mussing it up when she takes the butler across her lap to spank him. But her stockings, suspenders, and high leather boots tell another story. She’s not just running a tight ship; she’s enjoying herself.

    1. A further thought: this could be a wonderfully sexy D/s cosplay scene in which her ladyship’s is the dominant playing with her two submissives. The way the maid is dressed, with her garters showing, supports this interpretation. I would love to play that game.