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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Strict Julie's Paddling ?

This may be what Julie's paddling might look like .......

The first meeting  between spanker , spankee and witness....

Half- way through ?


  1. Oh my gosh! My butt is so red!!!

  2. Dear Julie, I don't know how you got yourself in this fix but a least your going to receive your spanking from another woman. My husband was commenting on how you need a good trip over a lap so I decided to give him a good dose. So I took him by the the ear bared his bottom and put him over my knee and administered a good solid spanking in front of his sister. I spanked him till the tears flowed and he cried like a baby. Then his sis took over and he kept bawling like a girl. When his bottom was totally red he got to spend a good hour in the corner. Needless to say he doesn't think you need a spanking anymore. Janet

  3. Julie's blog has an informative update!