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Monday, November 21, 2016

COME HERE ! # 1- FM Cartoon

Those two familiar words that  make all husbands quake in fear ....


  1. When my wife says COME WITH ME I no I am in for it She takes me by the arm to the den Where she has a large high straight back chair she makes me put it in the middle of the room she sits down calls me over to her scolds me like a little boy takes my closes off when I am naked over her lap I go she always uses a bath brush and paddle when through with the spanking I go to the corner like a 6 year old !

  2. Not sure which is worst .... going with her to be spanked , or ....being called to her to be spanked. Either way its a humiliating walk with lots of thoughts going through your head. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great image. In our house when my wife says “Come here! Now!”, I know it means I have failed to complete some chore to her standards. That means I am in for a scolding and a detailed inspection of my substandard work. This stings for two reasons. First, It chafes my male pride to be scolded by my wife. The old me that would have argued with her has never completely disappeared, though he is kept in check. Second, I feel ashamed because I know she is right. If she decides to reinforce the tongue lashing with a spanking, she will then order me to go to the bedroom and wait for her. So I am sent rather than summoned to spanked. But “come here” is, nevertheless, a dreaded command.